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FAQs on Real Physician Dictation

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FAQs on Real Physician Dictation

Q: Who benefits from ABSOLUTE EXPERIENCE® In Medical Transcription?

A:  A student in any stage of learning MT through a school or home study program. Its never too soon to begin practicing. A graduate MT needing hands-on experience in an effort gain employment. A medical professional who wishes to cross-train into the MT field. A former MT who wishes to re-enter the MT field but needs to "brush up" on skills. Current MTs who wish to broaden their spectrum of experience to new medical specialties. MT Instructors who understand the advantages of providing their students with real physician dictation. MT Service Owners who wish to test potential employees without releasing their clients' confidential dictations.

Last, but not least, we've had a number of foreign medical students training in the USA listen to our dictations to learn the dictation process. (For the sake of MTs everywhere let's hope it makes a difference!)

Q: Are there any additional advantages to choosing ABSOLUTE EXPERIENCE®?

A:  There are several reasons why ABSOLUTE EXPERIENCE® is an essential part of MT training. First, the CD-ROM set includes many medical specialties allowing for concentrated practice and the ability to gain momentum while transcribing. Secondly, the dictations increase in their degree of difficulty as you progress through each specialty which challenges you until the end. Once you make it through to the end of the dictations you will have accomplished more than you might realize such as a faster typing speed, enhanced researching and problem-solving skills, and other enhanced skills such as formatting and self editing. While all of this is happening you will also be expanding your knowledge of medical terms, abbreviations, and medications.

Q: Do the dictations come with transcript keys?

A: Yes! The complete 4 CD-RO set of dictations allow you to compare your work with our transcript keys (included) which are prepared according to AAMT® guidelines. The transcripts keys should be used when all other forms of reference available to you have been exhausted in order to get the most from your practice.

Q: When should ABSOLUTE EXPERIENCE® be utilized?

A: If you have typing skills, grammar skills, and knowledge of medical terminology you can begin to transcribe in a basic format. Hospitals and physicians in private practice typically have a format they need you to follow. With that in mind you can begin transcribing very early in the learning process in a basic format, although the transcript keys that accompany our dictations are fully formatted as a guide. In the beginning the terminology will slow you down as you will be (should be) seeking regular assistance from your medical dictionary and other references. Your typing speed and knowledge of terminology will improve simultaneously with practice.

Q: Is Absolute Experience® part of any Medical Transcription course?

A: We provide practice dictation to hundreds of private and public MT schools throughout North America. Absolute Experience is also used by many high school Vo-Tech programs to give their students an early competitive edge, as well as a number of work rehabilitation facilities and organizations for the visually impaired.

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