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Dear Steven and Phil,

"I purchased your EMS unit approx. 3 weeks ago. In this time frame I have reduced my pain medication by over 40% and that was with the use of just 2 electrodes. Now that I am being upgraded to using 4 electrodes, I know the results will be greater. Being a sufferer of Fibromyalgia and living in constant pain for almost 1 year, the EMS has been the first real alternative to taking prescription pain pills and being in a fog most of the time. I have found the use of the EMS to be extremely simple. When I dress in the morning for work, I attach the electrodes to the painful area and operate the unit on a "need" basis. When I called your office after receiving the unit I did have questions. Steven and Phil were so sweet and more than helpful. They made sure I understood the workings and functions of the EMS before concluding the telephone conversation. I can honestly say these 2 gentlemen are compassionate, caring and an asset to any patient in need of their equipment. I highly recommend PCP Medical to anyone suffering with Fibromyalgia and seeking a natural alternative to pain pills."

Thank you both Steven and Phil,

Anne Siegel

I would like your company to know how much of a life changer your TENS C2100 Unit has been for me and my family. In 1997 my van was hit head-on with 300 pounds of unsecured clay that flew forward and hit me, I was going 40 MPH when it happened. Before the accident I used the clay to voluntarily teach ceramics to special education students at Tehachapi Unified School District. I have been married 26+ years to the love of my life. We have 3 children, 2 in college and our youngest is a senior in Tehachapi High. Since the accident our income has dropped to "low income". This has proven that money isn't everything, but you sure need it to live. To get to the point of this letter is to tell you that I was lucky enough to have a pain management Doctor recommend a TENS unit to me. At the time of his recommendation I was a mess, completely out of control with pain. I was on many pain relievers including triplicates. Nothing the Doctor tried seemed to help me. In 1999 I had 2 - 7inch rods, 8 - 4inch bolts and 8 brackets placed in my back. In 2000 I had to have a plate placed in my neck. At that point in my life I was ready to give up. I was unable to relieve my constant pain and spasms. I hate to say that even with multiple medications and the best Doctor in Kern County and the best surgeon at UCLA, I couldn't stand it. I used a walker when I was up to it. I never gave up hope. I prayed for help to relieve the horrible pain and my prayers were answered. When I received my TENS C2100 I was extremely debilitated. The first time I put it on I couldn't believe it. My uncontrollable pain was reduced immediately. I use my TENS everyday. I have been able with the help of my TENS to ride a horse again. I am able to rollerblade again. I can now ride my bike again. I walk at least 3 miles a day (my dogs thank you too). Best of all my medication has been reduced to next to nothing, compared to prior to the TENS unit. Thank you so much for your wonderful, life changing TENS unit. It has given my family and me our lives back. I have also lost 60 pounds because I am able to do things that my Dr. and Surgeon are shocked by. My family wanted you to know how much it means to them to have their mom back. Thank you seems so inadequate for helping me get my life back. God Bless You.

A TENS user for life.


Karen E. Campbell

Tehachapi, California 93561

I was 'rear-ended' just one year ago and suffered neck, back and shoulder injuries. I sought treatment from a chiropractor for nearly six months. During that time I was introduced to the Century 2100 for 'at home' follow-up treatment, particularly for my sciatic nerve that was aggravated by the accident and continues to be a source of pain.

I have often thought that my 'accident' a year ago was almost a "blessing in disguise". I was hurt, my new car suffered damage and up until my treatment, I had never heard of 'electrode' therapy for pain. I've had the sciatic nerve problem for a number of years and previously the Dr would prescribe pain pills, etc, but nothing that got rid of the pain.

I use my Century 2100 Tens Unit several times a week, and there are days that I can barely get out of bed without a lot of pain. I put the electrodes on, wear them as long as I want, and after a couple hours I remove them and feel much relief without ever taking any pain medication. (I've even gone to my daily "Curves" workout) with the unit on....some days I have more pain than others, but I'm thankful that I found the electro-therapy and how it has changed my life.

I take NO pain medication for my back and know that I'll have relief no matter where I am or what I'm doing. I'm a mosaic artist, so whether I'm in the studio, at my desk or out in the garden I now can carry-on with my life. I tell everyone I know how much this has helped me. Hopefully this will be useful to someone else that has 'tried-it-all' for pain relief.

Rosemary Rizzo

(Altamonte Springs, FL)

I have a chronic back problem. I have been to numerous specialists and pain clinics. I found out that my condition is inoperable due to a pre-existing lung problem. I was in constant pain in the sciatic area and down my legs. After taking many types of narcotics to no avail, one specialist advised me to get a TENS EMS UNIT. He wrote the prescription and I got one. Now, thanks to my unit I am relatively pain free when wearing it. I don't know why or how, but it works for me. This unit is not a "gadget". It is a medically prescribed device that does work for chronic back pain.

Maryellen B. Smith,

Southampton, N.J.


I was involved in a head-on collision in 1968 and suffered injuries to my head, both knees and both elbows. The doctor who treated me and stitched me up was afraid that due to these injuries, I could possibly be wheelchair bound by the time I reached my 30s - 40s. Apparently due to a physically active lifestyle, this did not happen. However, a couple months ago I suffered excruciating pain from what I thought was a stiff neck. X-rays showed that advanced arthritis had set in, as well as evidence of trauma to the neck area. I was prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medication, but they only helped up to a point. The pain was so bad that some days I could barely move. I ordered the Arista SD Plus Tens machine and have been using it everyday with fantastic results! The relief from the pain has been a godsend and I ( and my wife!) want to thank you for a wonderful product and your prompt and courteous service. A Tens may not be the answer for every person that suffers from pain, but for me it has worked beyond expectations.

Robert Phillips in Cambridge, MD

My experience with the Tens is astonishing! I had a bad back and could not walk and had to crawl to the bathroom. Using the unit has released the spasms and has relaxed my muscles so the spasms have stopped. The Electric Pads give small electric current which you control. I even drive with this unit on. Now I can stand up straight!!

Thank You. Thank goodness for the Tens Unit.

Barbara Steinhardt

I just had to write and thank you. Since I purchased an interferential from you last month I have had the first relief from my back pain in ten years. I've been to many doctors and had tons of tests, taken pills and tried injections that didn't do a thing. From your helpful conversation on the phone when you convinced me to try the interferential when I was so skeptical, I have been so happy I took your advice.

Thank you so much.

Larry Baker

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Consumer Product Use Warning

TENS & EMS units and other units on the Medword site are sold with the understanding that the consumer will only use the products for their intended purpose. Medword, its agents, suppliers, and manufacturers only warrant that these units will perform the functions stated. No medical cure should be inferred and Medword does not hold forth that these units will perform any other physical effect than that which is stated. For user safety and optimum results, we strongly recommend the usage of these units and placement of electrodes be under the supervision of a Chiropractor, Podiatrist, Physical Therapist, Doctor of Osteopathy, Medical Doctor, Dentist, Nurse Practitioner, PH.D., or Doctor of Acupuncture. Units should not be used if the person has: a pacemaker; a heart condition; epilepsy, and/or; is pregnant.

  1. Do not use electrical stimulation over carotid sinus nerves (throat), eyes, or nose.
  2. The long-term effects of chronic use of electrical stimulation are unknown.
  3. This device is a symptomatic treatment and suppresses the sensation of pain, which would otherwise serve as a protective mechanism.
  4. Do not immerse device in water or other liquids.
  5. The use of heat or cold producing devices, such as electric heating blankets, heating pads, or ice packs, may impair the performance of the electrode or alter the patient's circulation/sensitivity and increase the risk of injury to the patient.
  6. Units should not be used if the person has: a pacemaker; heart condition; epilepsy, and/or; is pregnant.

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