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autoradiogram; autoradiograph; autoradiography; autoreceptors; autoregulation; autoreinfection; autoreproduction; autorrhaphy; autoscopic phenomenon; autosensitise; autosepticaemia; autoserotherapy; autoserum; autoserum therapy; autosexualism; autosite; autosmia; autosomal; autosomal dominant; autosomal gene; autosomal recessive; autosomatognosis; autosomatognostic; autosome; autostylic; autosuggestibility; autosuggestion; autosynnoia; autosynthesis; autotelic; autotemnous; autotetraploid; autotherapy; autotomy; autotopagnosia; autotoxaemia; autotoxic; autotoxicosis; autotoxin; autotransfusion; autotransplant; autotransplantation; autotriploid; autotroph; autotrophic; autotrophy; autotype; autotypography; autovaccination; autoxidation; autozygous; autumn; autumnal; autumn fever; auxano-; auxanogram; auxanographic; auxanographic method; auxanography; auxanology; auxanometer; auxesis; auxetic growth; auxiliary; auxiliary abutment; auxilin; auxiliomotor; auxilytic; auxin; auxins; auxo-; auxocardia; auxochrome; auxodrome; auxoflore; auxogluc; auxostat; auxotonic; auxotox; auxotroph; auxotrophic; auxotrophic mutant; auxotrophic strains; auxotyping; A-V; avail; available arch length; avalanche conduction; avalvular; A-V anastomosis; avascular; avascularization; avascular necrosis; avascular necrosis staging; avatar; A-V band; A-V block; A-V bundle; A-V canal; A-V conduction; A-V conduction abnormalities; A-V difference; A-V dissociation; Avellis; Avellis' syndrome; avena; avenacinase; avenacosidase; avenge; avenger; avengeress; avenin; avenious; avens; aventurine; avenue; average; average flow rate; average megawatt; average pulse magnitude; avermectin B2 O-methyltransferase; averruncator; aversion therapy; aversive behaviour; aversive conditioning; aversive control; aversive stimulus; aversive therapy; aversive training; aves; A-V extrasystole; aVF; A-V fistula; aviadenovirus; avian; avian achondroplasia; avian adenovirus type 1 proteinase; avian diphtheria; avian encephalomyelitis virus; avian erythroblastosis; avian erythroblastosis virus; avian herpesvirus 1; avian herpesvirus 2; avian infectious encephalomyelitis; avian infectious laryngotracheitis virus; avian influenza; avian influenza virus; avian leukaemia-sarcoma complex; avian leukaemia virus; avian leukosis; avian leukosis-sarcoma virus; avian lymphomatosis virus; avian malaria; avian monocytosis; avian myeloblastosis; avian myeloblastosis virus; avian neurolymphomatosis virus; avian pneumoencephalitis virus; avian reticuloendotheliosis; avian sarcoma; avian sarcoma virus; avian trichomoniasis; avian viral arthritis virus; aviation; aviation medicine; aviation otitis; aviator's disease; aviator's ear; avibirnavirus; avicula; avicularia; aviculture; avidin; avidin-biotin immunofluorescence; avidity; avidity antibody; avifauna; avignon berry; avihepadnavirus; A-V interval; avipoxvirus; avirulent; avision; avitaminosis; avivement; A-V junction; A-V junctional rhythm; A-V junctional tachycardia; aVL; AVM; A-V malformation; A-V node; avocado; avocation; Avogadro; Avogadro's constant; Avogadro's hypothesis; Avogadro's law; Avogadro's number; Avogadro's postulate; avoid; avoidance-avoidance conflict; avoidance conditioning; avoidance learning; avoidance training; avoidant disorder of adolescence; avoidant disorder of childhood; avoidant personality; avoided costs; avoirdupois; avoset; AVP; aVR; A-V shunt; A-V strabismus syndrome; avulsed wound; avulsion; avulsion fracture; A-V valves; AW; awake; awareness; A wave; away; awl; awlwort; awn; awned; awry; ax; axe; Axenfeld, K Theodor; axenic; axenic culture; axerophthol; axes; axial; axial ametropia; axial aneurysm; axial angle; axial cataract; axial current; axial filament; axial hyperopia; axially; axial muscle; axial neuritis; axial pattern flap; axial plane; axial plate; axial point; axial projection; axial section; axial skeleton; axial surface; axial view; axial walls of the pulp chambers; axifugal; axil; axile; axilla; axillars; axillary; axillary anaesthesia; axillary arch; axillary arch muscle; axillary artery; axillary cavity; axillary dissection; axillary fascia; axillary fold; axillary fossa; axillary glands; axillary hair; axillary line; axillary lymph nodes; axillary nerve; axillary nerve injury; axillary neuropathy; axillary node; axillary plexus; axillary region; axillary sheath; axillary space; axillary sweat glands; axillary thermometer; axillary triangle; axillary vein; axilla thermometer; axinite; axinomancy; axio-; axiobuccal; axiobuccogingival; axioincisal; axiolabial; axiolabiolingual; axiolabiolingual plane; axiolingual; axiolinguocervical; axiolinguoclusal; axiolinguogingival; axiom; axiomatic; axiomatical; axiomatically; axiomesial; axiomesiocervical; axiomesiodistal; axiomesiodistal plane; axiomesiogingival; axiomesioincisal; axion; axio-occlusal; axioplasm; axiopodium; axiopulpal; axioversion; axipetal; axiramificate; axis; axis bulbi externus; axis bulbi internus; axis corpuscle; axis, crystallographic; axis cylinder; axis deviation; axis fracture; axis lentis; axis ligament of malleus; axis of lens; axis of symmetry; axis, optic; axis, optical;axis opticus; axis pelvis; axis, principal; axis shift; axis traction; axis-traction forceps; axisymmetry; axletree; axo-; axoaxonic; axoaxonic synapse; axodendritic; axodendritic synapse; axofugal; axograph; axokinin; axolemma; axolotl; axolysis; axon; axonal; axonal degeneration; axonal guidance; axonal polyneuropathy; axonal process; axonal terminal boutons; axonal transport; axon degeneration; axoneme; axon hillock; axonin; axon loss polyneuropathy; axonogenesis; axonography; axonopathy; axonotmesis; axon reflex; axon terminals; axopetal; axoplasm; axoplasmic transport; axopod; axopodium; axosomatic; axosomatic synapse; axostyle; axostyles; axotomy; axstone; axunge; ay-9944; ayahuasca; Ayala; Ayala's index; Ayala's quotient; aye-aye; ayegreen; Ayerza; Ayerza's disease; Ayerza's syndrome; Ayre; Ayre brush; Ayrshire; azacitidine; azacosterol; azacrine; azacyclonol hydrochloride; azaguanine; azaheterocycle N-methyltransferase; azalea; azamethonium bromide; azaperone; azapetine phosphate; azaribine; azarole; azaserine; azaspirodecanedione; azasteroids; azatadine maleate; azathioprine; azauridine; azedarach; azeotrope; azeotropic; azeotropic mixture; azetidinecarboxylic acid; azide; azidothymidine; azimuth; azimuthal; azin dyes; azinphosmethyl; aziridines; azithromycin; azlocillin; azlocillin sodium; azo-; azobenzene; azobilirubin; azocarmine; azocarmine dyes; azocoll proteinase; azo dye; azo dyes; azoic; azo itch; azole; azoleic; azolitmin; azoospermia; azophloxin; azoprotein; Azorean disease; azores; azospirillum; azospirillum brasilense; azosulfamide; azotaemia; azotemia; azotemic; azotemic retinitis; azoth; azothermia; azotic; azotite; azotobacter; azotobacteraceae; azotobacter vinelandii; azotometer; azotous; azoturia; azovan blue; azoxymethane; azoxy procarbazine oxidase; AZT; Aztec ear; aztobacter; aztreonam; azul; AZUR; azure; azure A; azure B; azure C; azure I; azure II; azure lunula of nails; azureous; azuresin; azure stains; azurin; azurine; azurite; azurophil; azurophil granule; azurophilia; azygoesophageal recess; azygogram; azygography; azygos; azygos artery of vagina; azygos continuation; azygos continuation of interrupted ivc; azygos fissure; azygos lobe of lung; azygos pseudo-lobe; azygos vein; azygos vein principle; azygous;

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