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Letter C: "CPK-crer"

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CPK; cpm; C polysaccharide; CPPB; CPPD; CPPV; CPR; C protein; cps; Cr; crab; crab hand; crabs; Crabtree effect; Crabtree, Herbert; crab yaws; crack; crack cocaine; cracked heel; cracked-pot resonance; cracked-pot sound; cracked tooth syndrome; crackle; crackling jaw; crackling rale; cradle; cradle cap; Crafoord clamp; Crafoord, Clarence; craft palsy; Craigia; Cramer, Friedrich; Cramer wire splint; cramp; Crampton, Charles; Crampton, Sir Philip; Crampton's line; Crampton's muscle; Crampton test; cramp,writer's; Crandall's syndrome; crania; craniad; cranial; cranial arteritis; cranial base; cranial bones; cranial capacity; cranial cavity; cranial dystonia; cranial epidural space; cranial flexure; cranial fontanels; cranial fossa, posterior; cranial index; cranial irradiation; cranialis; cranial mononeuropathy III; cranial mononeuropathy vi; cranial mononeuropathy vii; cranial nerve I; cranial nerve II; cranial nerve III; cranial nerve IV; cranial nerve IX; cranial nerve neoplasms; cranial nerves; cranial nerve V; cranial nerve VI; cranial nerve VII; cranial nerve VIII; cranial nerve X; cranial nerve XI; cranial nerve XII; cranial neuropore; cranial root of accessory nerve; cranial roots; cranial sinuses; cranial sutures; cranial synchondroses; cranial vault; cranial vertebra; craniamphitomy; Craniata; craniectomy; cranio-; cranio-aural; craniocardiac reflex; craniocarpotarsal dysplasia; craniocarpotarsal dystrophy; craniocele; craniocerebral; cranioclasia; cranioclast; craniocleidodysostosis; craniodiaphysial dysplasia; craniodidymus; craniofacial; craniofacial abnormalities; craniofacial angle; craniofacial appliance; craniofacial axis; craniofacial dysjunction fracture; craniofacial dysostosis; craniofacial fixation; craniofacial notch; craniofacial surgery; craniofacial suspension wiring; craniofenestria; craniognomy; craniograph; craniography; craniolacunia; craniology; craniomalacia; craniomandibular disorders; craniomeningocele; craniometaphysial dysplasia; craniometer; craniometric; craniometric points; craniometry; craniopagus; craniopagus occipitalis; craniopagus parasiticus; craniopathy; craniopharyngeal; craniopharyngeal canal; craniopharyngeal duct; craniopharyngioma; craniophore; cranioplasty; craniopuncture; craniorrhachidian; craniorrhachischisis; craniosacral; craniosacral system; cranioschisis; craniosclerosis; cranioscopy; craniospinal; craniospinal ganglia; craniospinalia ganglia; craniostenosis; craniostosis; craniosynostoses; craniosynostosis; craniotabes; craniotome; craniotomy; craniotonoscopy; craniotrypesis; craniotympanic; cranium; cranium cerebrale; cranium viscerale; crapulent; crasement; craseur; crash cart; crassamentum; Crassulacean acid metabolism; crater; crater arc; crateriform; craterization; cravat bandage; craw-craw; Crawford, Brian; crayfish; crazing; crazy chick disease; CRD; C-reactive protein; cream; cream of tartar; crease; crease wound; creatinaemia; creatinase; creatine; creatine kinase; creatine kinase isoenzymes; creatine phosphate; creatine phosphokinase; creatininase; creatinine; creatinine clearance; creatinine clearance test; creatinine coefficient; creatinine deiminase; creatinuria; creativeness; Crede, Karl; credentialing; Crede's manoeuvres; Crede's methods; creek; creep; creeping eruption; creeping myiasis; creeping palsy; creeping thrombosis; creeping ulcer; creep recovery; C region; cremaster; cremasteric; cremasteric artery; cremasteric fascia; cremasteric reflex; cremnocele; cremnophobia; crena; crena ani; crena clunium; crena cordis; crenarchaeota; crenate; crenation; crenocyte; crenocytosis; Crenosoma vulpis; crenulate; creola bodies; creophagy; creosol; creosote; crepitant; crepitant rale; crepitation; crepitus; crepuscular; Cre recombinase;

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