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desegmentation; desensitisation; desensitise; desensitization; desensitization, allergy; desensitization, immunologic; desensitization, psychologic; deserpidine; desert; desert climate; desert fever; desert rheumatism; desert sore; desetope; desferrioxamine mesylate; desflurane; deshydraemia; desiccant; desiccate; desiccated liver; desiccated pituitary; desiccation; desiccative; desiccator; design; design denture; designer drugs; designer oestrogen; desinent; desipramine; desipramine hydrochloride; desired future condition; deslanoside; desm-; desman; Desmarres' dacryoliths; Desmarres, Louis; desmectasia; desmid; desmidian; desmin; desmine; desmins; desmitis; desmo-; desmobacteria; desmocalmin; desmocollin; desmocranium; desmodont; Desmodus; desmodynia; desmogenous; desmoglein; desmognathous; desmography; desmoid; desmoid tumour; desmolases; desmology; desmomyaria; desmon; desmopathy; desmoplakin; desmoplaquin; desmoplasia; desmoplastic; desmoplastic cerebral astrocytoma; desmoplastic fibroma; desmoplastic malignant melanoma; desmoplastic trichoepithelioma; desmoplastic tumours; desmopressin; desmosine; desmosome; desmosomes; desmosterol; desmoteric medicine; desmotubule; desmoyokin; desogestrel; desolate; desolvation; desonide; desoxalic; desoximetasone; desoxycorticosterone; desoxycortone; desoxy sugar; despair; despeciated antitoxin; despeciation; desperate; D'Espine, Jean; D'Espine's sign; despoil; despond; despotat; despumation; desquamate; desquamation; desquamative; desquamative inflammatory vaginitis; desquamative interstitial pneumonia; desquamative pneumonia; desquamatory; dessert; desthiobiotin; destine; destiny; destitute; destrin; destructionist; destructive distillation; destructiveness; destrudo; destruxin; desudation; desulfhydrases; desulfinase; desulfoglucosinolate sulfotransferase; Desulfotomaculum; Desulfotomaculum nigrificans; desulfovibrio; desulfovibrio vulgaris; desulfo xanthine dehydrogenase; desulfurases; desulfurococcaceae; desulphurate; desulphuration; desulphurisation; desulphurize; desynapsis; desynchronous; detachable balloon; detached cranial section; detached craniotomy; detached retina; detachment; detail; detect; detection; detector; detector coil; detent; detergent; detergents; deterioration; determinant; determinant group; determinate; determinate cleavage; determination; determinative; determine; determinism; determinist; deterministic model; detersive; detest; detestation; detonate; detonating; De Toni-Fanconi syndrome; De Toni, Giovanni; detoxicate; detoxication; detoxification; detoxification reaction; detoxify; detractress; detrital; detrition; detritivore; detritus; detrusor; detrusor compliance; detrusor hyperreflexia; detrusor muscle of urinary bladder; detrusor pressure; detrusor sphincter dyssynergia; detrusor stability; detumescence; deturgescence; deuce; deut-; deutencephalon; deuteranomaly; deuteranope; deuteranopia; deuterio-; deuterium; deuterium oxide; deutero-; deuterogenic; deuteromycetes; deuteromycetes penicillium; Deuteromycota; deuteron; deuteropathic; deuteropathy; deuteroplasm; deuteroporphyrin; deuteroporphyrins; deuterosome; deuterotocia; deuterotoky; deuterozooid; deuthydroguret; deuto-; deutogenic; deutohydroguret; deutomerite; deuton; deutoplasm; deutoplasmic; deutoplasmigenon; deutoplasmolysis; deutoplastic; deutosulphuret; deutoxide; Deutschlander; Deutschlander's disease; deutzia; DEV; deva; devascularization; devata; DEVDase; develin; develop; developable; developed countries; developer; developing countries; development; developmental age; developmental anatomy; developmental anomaly; developmental biology; developmental brain tumours; developmental delay; developmental disabilities; developmental disability; developmental grooves; developmental lines; developmental milestones; developmental psychology; Deventer; Deventer's pelvis; deviance; deviant; deviation; deviational nystagmus; deviation to the left; deviation to the right; device; device approval; device, assistive; Devic, Eugene; Devic's disease; devil; devil bird; devilfish; devil's darning-needle; devil's grip; devilwood; Devine exclusion; Devine, Sir Hugh; deviometer; devise; devitalise; devitalised; devitalised tooth; devitalization; devitrification; devolution; devon; devonian; Devonshire colic; devote; devour; devout;

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