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Letter H: "hake-hans"

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hake; hakim; halation; halazepam; halazone; Halbeisen, William; Halberstaedter, Ludwig; Halberstaedter-Prowazek bodies; halcinonide; halcyon; halcyonold; Haldane chamber; Haldane effect; Haldane, John B S; Haldane, John S; Haldane-Priestley sample; Haldane relationship; Haldane's apparatus; Haldane's evolutionary unit; Haldane's rule; Haldane transformation; Haldane tube; Hale's colloidal iron stain; halesia; Hales' piesimeter; Hales, Stephen; halethazole; half; half-a-gram stain; half amplitude pulse duration; half and half nail; half-axial projection; half axial view; halfbeak; half blood; half-blooded; half-bred; half-breed; half-chair form; half cystine; half-deck; halfer; half-fish; half-glass spectacles; half-hapten; half-hearted; half-inferior; half-life; half-moon; half-ray; half-reactions; half register; half-tetrad analysis; half-time; half-value layer; halfway house; halibut; halibut liver oil; halichondriae; halide; halieutics; haliographer; haliography; haliotis; haliotoid; haliphagia; halisauria; halisteresis; halisteretic; halite; halitosis; halituous; halitus; hallachrome; Halle, Adrien; hall effect; Haller, Albrecht von; Haller cell; hallermann's syndrome; Hallermann-Streiff-Francois syndrome; Hallermann-Streiff syndrome; Hallermann, Wilhelm; Haller's annulus; Haller's ansa; Haller's arches; Haller's circle; Haller's cones; Haller's habenula; Haller's insula; Haller's line; Haller's plexus; Haller's rete; Haller's tripod; Haller's tunica vasculosa; Haller's unguis; Haller's vas aberrans; Haller's vascular tissue; Hallervorden, Julius; Hallervorden-Spatz syndrome; Hallervorden syndrome; Halle's point; Hallgren, Bertil; Hallgren's syndrome; Hallopeau, Francois; Hallopeau's disease; hallostemonous; halloysite; hallucal; hallucination; hallucinations; hallucinatory neuralgia; hallucinogen; hallucinogenesis; hallucinogenic; hallucinogens; hallus; hallux; hallux dolorosus; hallux extensus; hallux flexus; hallux malleus; hallux rigidus; hallux valgus; hallux varus; halm; halo; haloalcohol hydrogen-halide lyase; haloalkylamines; haloanisone; haloarcula; haloarcula marismortui; halobacteria; halobacteriaceae; halobacteriales; halobacterium; Halobacterium halobium; halobacterium salinarium; halo blight; halo cast; halococcus; Halococcus morrhuae; halo current; halo effect; halofenate; haloferax; haloferax mediterranei; haloferax volcanii; halogen; halogen acne; halogenation; halogenoderma; halogens; Halogeton; haloid; halomancy; halo melanoma; halometer; halones; halo nevus; haloperidol; haloperidol reductase; halophil; halophile; halophilic; halophyte; haloprogin; halorhodopsin; haloscope; halo sign; halo sign of hydrops; halosteresis; halothane; halothane effect; halothane-ether azeotrope; halothane hepatitis; halotolerant; halo traction; halotrichite; halo vision; haloxyline; Halstead, Ward; Halsted's law; Halsted's operation; Halsted's suture; Halsted, William Stewart; halter; halteres; Halteridium; halvans; halysin; halysites; halzoun; ham; hamadryad; hamadryas; hamamelis; hamartia; hamartoblastoma; hamartochondromatosis; hamartoma; hamartoma syndrome, multiple; hamartomatous; hamartophobia; hamate bone; hamate fracture; hamatum; hamaxophobia; Hamburger, Hartog; Hamburger's law; Hamburger's phenomenon; hame; Hamilton, Frank Hastings; hamilton period; Hamilton's pseudophlegmon; Hamilton-Stewart formula; Hamilton-Stewart method; haminura; hamite; Hamman, Louis; hamman-rich syndrome; Hamman's disease; hamman sign; Hamman's murmur; Hamman's sign; Hamman's syndrome; Hammarsten, Olof; Hammarsten's reagent; hammer; hammer finger; hammerhead; hammerkop; hammermill; hammer nose; Hammerschlag, Albert; Hammerschlag's method; hammer toe; hammock; hammock bandage; hammock ligament; Hammond's disease; Hammond, William; hamous; Hampton, Aubrey Otis; hampton hump; Hampton line; Hampton manoeuvre; Hampton's hump; Hampton technique; hamster; hamster test; Ham's test; hamstring; Ham, Thomas Hale; hamular; hamular notch; hamular process of lacrimal bone; hamular process of sphenoid bone; hamulus; hamulus cochleae; hamulus lacrimalis; hamulus laminae spiralis; hamulus of spiral lamina; hamulus ossis hamati; hamulus pterygoideus; Hancock, Henry; Hancock's amputation; hand; Hand, Alfred; hand-and-foot syndrome; H and D curve; hand deformities; hand eczema; handed; handedness; handfish; hand-foot-and-mouth disease; hand-foot-and-mouth disease virus; handicap; hand injuries; handling (psychology); handmaiden; handpiece; hand pile; hand ratio; hand-schueller-christian disease; hand-schueller-christian syndrome; Hand-Schuller-Christian disease; handsel; handsome; handspike; hand strength; hand surgeon; handwashing; hand-winged; handwriting; HANE; Hanes plot; hangbird; hanger; hanging; hanging-block culture; hanging drop; hanging drop slide; hanging septum; hangman's fracture; hangnail; Hanhart, Ernst; Hanhart's syndrome; hank; hanker; Hanks dilators; Hanks, Horace Tracy; Hanks' solution; Hanlon, C Rollins; Hannes Alfven; Hannover, Adolph; Hannover's canal; Hanot's cirrhosis; Hanot, Victor; Hansemann macrophage; hansen disease; Hansen, Gerhard; Hansen's bacillus; Hansen's disease; hansenula;

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