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hantaan virus; hantavirus; hantavirus infections; hantavirus pulmonary syndrome; h antigen; hanuman; hapalonychia; hapantotype; haphalgesia; haphazard; haphazard sampling; haphephobia; haplo-; haplodont; haploid; haploidiploidy; haploidisation; haploid number; haploid set; haploidy; haplology; haplomi; haplomitosis; haplophyte; haploprotein; haplorhini; haploscope; haploscopic; haploscopic vision; Haplosporidia; haplotype; haplotypes; happed; happiness; happy puppet syndrome; Hapsburg jaw; Hapsburg lip; hapten; haptenic inhibition; hapten inhibition of precipitation; haptens; hapteron; haptic hallucination; haptics; haptodysphoria; haptoglobin; haptoglobins; haptometer; haptonema; haptotaxis; haptotropism; hapuku; Har; Harada; Harada's disease; Harada's syndrome; hara-kiri; harbor; hard; hardbeam; hard cataract; hard chancre; hard corn; harden; hardened pelvis; Harden-Young ester; harder; harderian; harderian gland; hardfern; hard grass; hardhack; hardhead; hard-hearted; hardiness; Harding; Harding-Passey melanoma; hardness; hardness scale; hard pad disease; hard pad virus; hard palate; hardpan; hard papilloma; hard paraffin; hard pulse; hard rays; hard science; hard soap; hard sore; hardtail; hard tarter; hard tissue; hard tubercle; hard ulcer; hardware; hardware disease; hard water; hardwoods; hardy; Hardy, George; Hardy, LeGrand; Hardy-Rand-Ritter test; Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium; Hardy-Weinberg law; hare; harebell; harefoot; hare-hearted; hareld; harelip; harem; hare's-ear; hare's eye; hare's-foot fern; hare's-tail; harfang; hariali grass; haricot; harier; harle; harlech group; harlequin chromosome; harlequin eye; harlequin foetus; harlequin ichthyosis; harlequin reaction; harlot; harlotry; harmaline; harmel; harmidine; harmine; harmonia; harmonic; harmonical; har monically; harmonic mean; harmonic suture; harmonious correspondence; harmony; harmost; harmotome; harness; harness cask; harp; harpa; harpaxophobia; harpoon; harpress; harpy; harridan; harrier; Harrington; Harrington-Flocks test; harringtonines; harrington rod insertion; Harris and Ray test; Harris' haematoxylin; Harris, Henry; Harris, Henry A; Harris' lines; Harris' migraine; Harrison, Edward; Harrison's groove; Harris, R; Harris, Seale; Harris syndrome; Harris test; Harris, Wilfred; harrow; hart; hartbeest; Hartel, Fritz; Hartel technique; harten; Hartman, LeRoy; Hartmann, Alexis; Hartmann, Arthur; hartmannella; Hartmann, Henri; Hartmann's curette; Hartmann's operation; Hartmann's solution; Hartman's solution; Hartnup; Hartnup disease; Hartnup disorder; Hartnup syndrome; Hartree-Fock approximation; harts clover; hart's-ear; hartshorn; hart-tongue; hartwort; harvest; harvest bug; harvester; harvester ant; harvesting; harvestman; Harvey; Harvey Cushing; Harvey sarcoma virus; hasamiyami; Haser; Haser's formula; Hashimoto; Hashimoto's disease; Hashimoto's struma; Hashimoto's thyroiditis; hashish; hask; haslet; Hasner; Hasner's fold; Hasner's valve; Hassall; Hassall-Henle bodies; Hassall's bodies; Hassall's concentric corpuscle; Hasselbalch; hastate; hastated; hastile; hastings; hastings sands; hastive; hasty; hatch; hatch-boat; hatchery; hatchet; hatchet excavator; hatchettite; hatching; Hatch Slack Kortshak pathway; hate; hateful; HAT medium; hatred; hatstand; hatteria; Haubenfelder; Hauch; Haudek, Martin; Haudek's niche; hauerite; haughtiness; hausen; Hauser, G; haustellata; haustellate; haustellum; haustorium; haustra; haustra coli; haustral; haustra of colon; haustration; haustrations of colon; haustrum; haustus; hautboy; hauynite; HAV; Haverhill fever; Haverhillia multiformis; Havers, Clopton; Havers' glands; haversian; haversian canals; haversian lamella; haversian spaces; haversian system; HAVRIX; haw; hawaii; hawebake; hawfinch; hawk; hawkbill; hawkbit; hawk moth; hawkweed; Hawley appliance; Hawley, C; Hawley retainer; Haworth conformational formula; Haworth perspective formula; Haworth, Sir Walter Norman; hawthorn; Hawthorne effect;

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