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In addition to the online medical dictionary, here is a form for looking up medical words or terms as well as links to other helpful online dictionaries.

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  Medicine dictionaries and glossaries indexed by the OneLook® search engine:

  1. Stedman's Online Medical Dictionary, 27th Edition: [94482 words, 27Oct2004, More info]
  2. The On-line Medical Dictionary: [140883 words, 14Feb2006, More info]
  3. Medical Dictionary: [16086 words, 15Feb2006, More info]
  4. Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary: [116082 words, 2Jan2006, More info]
  5. Orthodontic Terms: [209 words, 28Jul2003, More info]
  6. Technical and Popular Medical Terms: [18884 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
  7. Tutorial in Dermatologic Pathology: [55 words, 28Jul2003, More info]
  8. ABTA Brain Tumor Patients: [284 words, 28Jul2003, More info]
  9. Alternative Medicine: [1677 words, 21Sep2003, More info]
  10. Acronyms For Health Information Resources: [5572 words, 16Feb2006, More info]
  11. Allergy Glossary: [670 words, 20Feb2006, More info]
  12. Alzheimer's Association Medical Glossary: [204 words, 17Feb2006, More info]
  13. Asthma Medical Glossary: [93 words, 28Jul2003, More info]
  14. Base Autisme: [185 words, 16Feb2006, More info]
  15. Breast Health Glossary: [45 words, 3Mar2006, More info]
  16. Breast Cancer Talking Dictionary: [916 words, 16Jan2006, More info]
  17. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Glossary: [134 words, 17Feb2006, More info]
  18. Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology: [728 words, 3Mar2006, More info]
  19. Dental Terminology: [135 words, 28Jul2003, More info]
  20. Dental and Oral Health Glossary: [61 words, 31Mar2003, More info]
  21. Diabetes Dictionary: [424 words, 15Feb2006, More info]
  22. Diabetes: [217 words, 16Feb2006, More info]
  23. Dictionary of Cancer Terms: [4194 words, 4Mar2006, More info]
  24. Dictionary of Sexology: [674 words, 23May2003, More info]
  25. Dictionnaire de Bactériologie Vétérinaire: [624 words, 18Oct2002, More info]
  26. Dictionnaire de la Réadaptation: [3672 words, 18Oct2002, More info]
  27. Digestive Diseases Dictionary: [451 words, 16Feb2006, More info]
  28. Endometrial Cancer Glossary: [31 words, 17Feb2006, More info]
  29. Eye Dictionary: [73 words, 20Feb2006, More info]
  30. Glossary of Lymphoma Terms: [255 words, 20Feb2006, More info]
  31. Glossary of Herbs, Botanicals and Other Products: [413 words, 16Feb2006, More info]
  32. Glossary of Terms in Parapsychology: [419 words, 31Mar2003, More info]
  33. Glossary of HIV/AIDS Related Terms: [1210 words, 16Feb2006, More info]
  34. Glossary of Skeletal Anatomy: [48 words, 28Jul2003, More info]
  35. Gray's Anatomy (1918): [2504 words, 9Apr2006, More info]
  36. Inflammatory Bowel Disease Glossary: [67 words, 4Mar2006, More info]
  37. Kidney Patient Guide Glossary: [66 words, 3Mar2006, More info]
  38. KidsHealth Glossary of Medical Words: [294 words, 16Feb2006, More info]
  39. LASIK Eye Surgery Glossary: [54 words, 16Feb2006, More info]
  40. Lexique Dermo-Cosmetologique: [220 words, 28Nov2003, More info]
  41. Lay Terms for Consent Forms: [279 words, 3Mar2006, More info]
  42. Lexique des Remèdes Homéopathiques: [6510 words, 3Mar2006, More info]
  43. Medline plus Illustrated Medical Encyclopedia: [8892 words, 21Feb2006, More info]
  44. MT Desk Medical/Drugs/Surgical Terms: [5897 words, 3Mar2006, More info]
  45. Medical of ER: [373 words, 7May2003, More info]
  46. Medical Etymology Anatomy: [176 words, 28Nov2003, More info]
  47. Mental Health Glossary: [120 words, 21Feb2006, More info]
  48. National Immunization Program Glossary: [151 words, 16Feb2006, More info]
  49. Neurotrauma Glossary: [1034 words, 4Mar2006, More info]
  50. Obesity, Physical Activity, and Weight-control Glossary: [40 words, 4Mar2006, More info]
  51. Oncology Terms: [53 words, 28Nov2003, More info]
  52. Oral Health Definitions for Non-Dentists: [41 words, 21Sep2003, More info]
  53. Diccionario Médico-Biológico: [710 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
  54. Parents' Common Sense Encyclopedia: [684 words, 16Feb2006, More info]
  55. Petit Lexique de Termes Médicaux: [1696 words, 28Nov2003, More info]
  56. Prostate Cancer Interactive Glossary: [872 words, 20Feb2006, More info]
  57. Public Information: [243 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
  58. RxList The Internet Drug Index: [208 words, 21Feb2006, More info]
  59. Skin Cancer Information: [113 words, 4Mar2006, More info]
  60. Sleep Disorder Dictionary: [26 words, 7May2003, More info]
  61. Sociologie: [168 words, 20Oct2002, More info]
  62. Terms in the field of Psychiatry and Neurology: [341 words, 16Feb2006, More info]
  63. The Glossary For Testicular Cancer and Related Conditions: [169 words, 29Aug2002, More info]
  64. University of Maryland Glossary of Medical Terms: [1026 words, 2Jan2005, More info]
  65. Vitamin Glossary: [297 words, 16Jan2006, More info]
  66. Vocabulary of Loss: Suicide, Grief, and Ethics: [273 words, 16Feb2006, More info]
  67. [6952 words, 4Mar2006, More info]
  68. Fertility and Reproductive Health Terms: [262 words, 28Jul2003, More info]

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