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Please click on a link below to see what job listings are available at various job sites. These sites do not necessarily have categories devoted specifically to medical transcription jobs. If you follow a link you will be on a site over which we have no control. Playing Mother: Please be cautious about paying for access to job listings. There are a lot of pay-for-access-to-job-listing scams on the Internet, where they take as little as 9.95 as a monthly listings-access fee, but the listings rarely change, or the jobs were filled long-ago, or the links lead to dead job sites, or listings and/or links are totally fabricated. A safe place to look for available jobs and leave your resume is at This is run by medical transcriptionists known to Medword and their operation is beyond reproach, in our opinion. Except for, we do not endorse any of the sites below, but there's no harm in looking.


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