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a1-acid glycoprotein; a1-antitrypsin; a1-lipoprotein; a1PI; a1-trypsin inhibitor; a2-neuraminoglycoprotein; A2 thalassaemia; AA; aaa disease; Aad; AAF; AAMC; AAR; aardvark; aardwolf; Aaron, Charles; Aaron's rod; Aaron's sign; Aarskog, Dagfinn; Aarskog-Scott syndrome; Aarskog syndrome; AASH; AAV; Ab; ab-; abaca; abacterial thrombotic endocarditis; abactinal; abacus; abada; Abadie; Abadie's sign of tabes dorsalis; abalone; abampere; abandon; abandoned; A bands; abanga; abapical; abapical pole; abarognosis; abarticulation; abasia; abasia-astasia; abasia trepidans; abasic; abattis; abattoirs; abaxial; abaxile; abba; Abbe apertometre; Abbe, Ernst; Abbe, Ernst K; Abbe flap; Abbe limit; Abbe operation; Abbe, Robert; Abbe's condenser; Abbe's law of limiting resolution; Abbe substage apparatus; Abbe test plate; Abbe theory of image formation; abbokinase; Abbott, Alexander; Abbott, Edville; Abbott's artery; Abbott's method; Abbott's stain; Abbott's tube; Abbott, W. Osler; abbreviate; abbreviated injury scale; abbreviations; ABC leads; abcoulomb; ABC process; AB-C protease; abc transporters; abdomen; abdomen, acute; abdomen obstipum; abdominal; abdominal abscess; abdominal adhesions; abdominal angina; abdominal aorta; abdominal aortic aneurysm; abdominal aortic coarctation; abdominal aortic plexus; abdominal apoplexy; abdominal ballottement; abdominal canal; abdominal cavity; abdominal delivery; abdominal dropsy; abdominales; abdominal external oblique muscle; abdominal fibromatosis; abdominal fissure; abdominal fistula; abdominal guarding; abdominal hernia; abdominal hysterectomy; abdominal hysterotomy; abdominalia; abdominal injuries; abdominal internal oblique muscle; abdominal lipectomy; abdominal migraine; abdominal muscle deficiency syndrome; abdominal muscles; abdominal myomectomy; abdominal nephrectomy; abdominal ostium of uterine tube; abdominal pad; abdominal pain; abdominal panniculectomy; abdominal part of aorta; abdominal part of oesophagus; abdominal part of thoracic duct; abdominal part of ureter; abdominal pool; abdominal pregnancy; abdominal pressure; abdominal pulse; abdominal reflexes; abdominal regions; abdominal respiration; abdominal ring; abdominal sac; abdominal salpingectomy; abdominal salpingo-oophorectomy; abdominal section; abdominal typhoid; abdominal wall fat pad biopsy; abdominal zones; abdomino-; abdominocardiac reflex; abdominocentesis; abdominocyesis; abdominocystic; abdominogenital; abdominohysterectomy; abdominohysterotomy; abdominojugular reflux; abdominopelvic; abdominopelvic cavity; abdominopelvic splanchnic nerves; abdominoperineal; abdominoplasty; abdominoscopy; abdominoscrotal; abdominothoracic; abdominothoracic arch; abdominous; abdominovaginal; abdominovaginal hysterectomy; abdominovesical; abduce; abducens; abducens eminence; abducens nerve; abducens nucleus; abducens oculi; abducent;abducent nerve; abduct; abduction; abductor; abductor digiti minimi muscle of foot; abductor digiti minimi muscle of hand; abductor hallucis; abductor muscle; abductor muscle of great toe; abductor muscle of little finger; abductor muscle of little toe; abductor pollicis brevis; abductor pollicis longus; Abegg, Richard; Abegg's rule; abele; Abell-Kendall method; abelmosk; Abel, Rudolf; Abel's bacillus; Abelson, Herbert T; abelson leukaemia virus; Abelson murine leukaemia virus; abembryonic; abenteric; abequose synthase; abequosyltransferase; ab er-de-vine; Abernethy, John; Abernethy's fascia; aberrancy; aberrant; aberrant artery; aberrant bile ducts; aberrant bundles; aberrant complex; aberrant ducts; aberrant ductules; aberrant ganglion; aberrant goiter; aberrant haemoglobin; aberrant obturator artery; aberrant regeneration; aberrant ventricular conduction; aberrate; aberration; aberration, chromatic; aberration, spherical; aberrometer; abetalipoproteinaemia; abevacuation; abeyance; abfarad; ABG; abhenry; abhorrent; abient; abies; abietadiene cyclase; abietene; abietic; abietine; abietinic; abietite; ability; abiogenesis; abiogenetic; abiogenic; abiogenist; abiogenous; abiogeny; abiological; abioseston; abiotic; abiotic stress; abiotic transformation; abiotrophy; abirritant; abirritate; abirritation; abirritative; abl; ablactation; ablaqueate; ablaqueation; ablastemic; ablastin; ablate; ablation; ablatio placentae; ablative; able-bodied; ablegate; ablen; ablepharia; abluent; ablution; ablutomania; ABMT; abnerval; abneural; abnodation; abnormal; abnormal cleavage of cardiac valve; abnormal correspondence; abnormal heart chamber dimensions; abnormalities; abnormalities, drug-induced; abnormalities, radiation-induced; abnormality; abnormal occlusion; abnormal placental size; ABO antigens; ABO blood group; ABO haemolytic disease of the newborn; abohm; aboiement; ABO incompatibility; abolish; aboma; abomasitis; abomasum; abomasus; aborad; aboral; aboriginal; aborigines; abort; aborted; aborted ectopic pregnancy; aborticide; abortient; abortifacient; abortifacient agents; abortifacient agents, non-steroidal; abortifacient agents, steroidal; abortigenic; abortion; abortion applicants; abortion, criminal; abortion, eugenic; abortion, habitual; abortion, incomplete; abortion, induced; abortionist; abortion, legal; abortion, missed; abortion, multiple; abortion rate; abortion, recurrent; abortion, septic; abortion, therapeutic; abortion, threatened; abortion, veterinary; abortive; abortively; abortive neurofibromatosis; abortive transduction; abortus; abortus bacillus; aboulia; ABP; ABPA; ABR; abrachia; abrachiocephalia; abrachiocephaly; abrade; abraded wound; Abrahams, Robert; Abrahams' sign; abram-man; Abrams, Albert; Abrams' heart reflex; abranchial; abranchiata; abranchiate; abrasion; abrasive; abrasive media; abrasiveness; abrasive strip; abreact; abreaction; abrin; abroad; abrupt; abrupt cessation; abruption; abruptio placentae; abruptly; Abrus; abscess; abscess, peritonsillar; abscess scan; abscess, skin; abscisic acid; abscisic acid 8'-hydroxylase; abscissa; abscission; abscission cellulase; absconsio; abscopal; abscopal effect; absence; absence seizure; absent; absent distal clavicle; absenteeism; absent nasal septum; absent state; Absidia; absinthate; absinthe; absinthial; absinthian; absinthiate; absinthiated; absinthic; absinthin; absinthism; absinthium; absinthol; absolute; absolute agraphia; absolute alcohol; absolute CD4 count; absolute configuration; absolute dehydration; absolute eosinophil count; absolute filter; absolute glaucoma; absolute gravity; absolute hemianopia; absolute hyperopia; absolute instabilities; absolute intensity threshold acuity; absolute leukocytosis; absolute oils; absolute pressure; absolute refractory period; absolute risk; absolute scale; absolute scotoma; absolute system of units; absolute temperature; absolute terminal innervation ratio; absolute threshold; absolute unit; absolute viscosity; absolute zero; absolution; absolutism; absolutist; absorb; absorbable gelatin film; absorbable gelatin sponge; absorbable surgical suture; absorbance; absorbancy; absorbancy index; absorbed dose; absorbefacient; absorbency; absorbent; absorbent cotton; absorbent points; absorbent system; absorbent vessels; absorber head; absorbing; absorptiometry, photon; absorption; absorption band; absorption cell; absorption chromatography; absorption coefficient; absorption collapse; absorption fever; absorption lines; absorption spectroscopy; absorption spectrum; absorptive; absorptive cells of intestine; absorptivity; abstinence; abstinence symptoms; abstinence syndrome; abstract; abstracting and indexing; abstract intelligence; abstraction; abstractitious; abstriction; absurd; abterminal; abtropfung; abulia; abulic; abundance; abundant; abuse; abutilon; abutment; ABVD; abvolt; abysmal; abyss; abyssal; abzyme; Ac1-proteinase; Ac2-proteinase; Ac3-proteinase; Ac4-proteinase; Ac5-proteinase; acacia; academic dissertations; academic medical centres; academies and institutes; academy; acadian; acajou; acalculia; acalculous cholecystitis; acalephae; acalephan; acalephoid; acalysinous; acampsia; acantha; acanthaceous; acanthamoeba; acanthamoeba keratitis; acanthamoebiasis; acanthella; acanthesthesia; Acanthia lectularia; acanthine; acanthion; acantho-; acanthocarpous; acanthocephala; acanthocephaliasis; acanthocephalous; Acanthocheilonema; acanthocyte; acanthocytes; acanthocytosis; acanthocytosis with chorea; acanthoid; acantholysis; acanthoma; acanthoma adenoides cysticum; acanthoma fissuratum; acanthopodia; acanthopodina; acanthopodious; acanthopteri; acanthopterous; acanthopterygian; acanthopterygii; acanthopterygious; acanthor; acanthorrhexis; acanthosis; acanthosis nigricans; acanthotic; acanthrocyte; acanthrocytosis; acanthus; acapnia; acapnial alkalosis; a cappella; acapsular; acarbia; acarbose 7-phosphotransferase; acardia; acardiac; acardiotrophia; acardius; acardius acephalus; acardius amorphus; acardius anceps; acari; acariasis; acaricide; acarid; Acaridae; acaridan; acaridiasis; acarina; acarine; acarine dermatosis; acarinosis; acarodermatitis; acarodermatitis urticarioides; acaroid; acarology; acarophobia; acarpellous; acarpous; acarus; Acarus balatus; Acarus folliculorum; Acarus gallinae; Acarus hordei; Acarus rhizoglypticus hyacinthi; Acarus scabiei; acaryote; acatalasaemia; acatalasia; acatamathesia; acataphasia; acathectic; acathexia; acathexis; acathisia; acaudal; acaudate; acaulescent; acauline; acaulous; accelerans; accelerant; accelerate; accelerated conduction; accelerated hypertension; accelerated idioventricular rhythm; accelerated phase of leukaemia; accelerated reaction; accelerated rejection; acceleration; acceleration phase; accelerator; accelerator factor; accelerator fibres; accelerator globulin; accelerator nerves; accelerin; accelerograph; accelerometer; accensor; accent; accentor; accentuation; accentuator; acceptable daily intake; acceptable risk; acception; acceptor; acceptor control; acceptor RNA; acceptor site; acceptor splicing site; acces pernicieux; access; accessible; accession; access opening; accessorius; accessorius willisii; accessory; accessory adrenal; accessory atrium; accessory auricles; accessory breast; accessory canal; accessory cartilage; accessory cephalic vein; accessory chromosome; accessory cramp; accessory cuneate nucleus; accessory flexor muscle of foot; accessory flower part; accessory fruit; accessory gland; accessory hemiazygos vein; accessory lacrimal glands; accessory ligaments; accessory meningeal branch of middle meningeal artery; accessory molecules; accessory nasal cartilages; accessory nerve; accessory nerve lymph nodes; accessory nerve trunk; accessory obturator artery; accessory olivary nuclei; accessory organs; accessory organs of the eye; accessory pancreas; accessory pancreatic duct; accessory parotid gland; accessory phrenic nerves; accessory pigment; accessory placenta; accessory plantar ligaments; accessory portion of spinal accessory nerve; accessory process; accessory quadrate cartilage; accessory saphenous vein; accessory sign; accessory spleen; accessory suprarenal glands; accessory symptom; accessory thyroid; accessory thyroid gland; accessory tragus; accessory tubercle; accessory vertebral vein; accessory visual apparatus; accessory volar ligaments; acciaccatura; accident; accidental; accidental abortion; accidental falls; accidental host; accidental hypothermia; accidental image; accidental murmur; accidental symptom; accident neurosis; accident-prone; accident proneness; accidents, occupational; accidents, radiation; accidents, traffic; accipiter; accipitres; accipitrine; acclimating fever; acclimation; acclimatisation; acclimatization; acclimatize; accole forms; accommodation; accommodation, ocular; accommodation of eye; accommodation of nerve; accommodation reflex; accommodative; accommodative asthenopia; accommodative convergence; accommodative convergence-accommodation ratio; accommodative strabismus; accompanying vein; accompanying vein of hypoglossal nerve; accomplice; accomplish; accord; accordion graft; accost; accosted; accouchement; accouchement force; accoucheur; accoucheur's hand; accoucheuse; account books; accounting; accounts payable and receivable; accredit; accreditation; accrementitial; accrementition; accrescent; accrete; accretio cordis; accretion; accretionary growth; accretion lines; accrochage; acculturation; accumbent; accumulating shear; accumulation; accumulation analysis; accumulation disease; accumulator; accuracy; accustomable; accustomably; accustomance; accustomarily; accustomary; accustomed; accustomedness; ACE; acebutolol; acecainide; aceclidine; acedapsone; acedia; acefylline piperazine; ACE inhibitor; ACE level; acellular; acellular vaccine; acelom; acelomate; acelomatous; acenaphthene; acenesthesia; acenocoumarin; acenocoumarol; acentric; acentric chromosome; acentric fragment; acephal; acephala; acephalan; acephali; acephalia; acephalic migraine; acephaline; acephalism; acephalist; acephalobrachia; acephalocardia; acephalocheiria; acephalochiria; acephalocyst; acephalocystic; acephalogasteria; acephalopodia; acephalorrhachia; acephalostomia; acephalothoracia; acephalous; acephalus; acephalus acormus; acephalus dibrachius; acephalus dipus; acephalus monobrachius; acephalus monopus; acephalus paracephalus; acephalus sympus; acephaly; acepromazine; acerate; acerb; acerbity; aceric; acerola; acerose; acerous; acervuline; acervulus; acescent; acestoma; acesulfame; acesulphame; acetabula; acetabular; acetabular artery; acetabular branch; acetabular fossa; acetabularia; acetabular labrum; acetabular lip; acetabular notch; acetabulectomy; acetabulifera; acetabuliferous; acetabuliform; acetabuloplasty; acetabulum; acetal; acetaldehyde; acetaldehyde dehydrogenase; acetaldehyde oxidase; acetamide; acetaminophen; acetaminophen deacetylase; acetaminosalol; acetanilid; acetanilide; acetanilide esterase; acetarious; acetarsol; acetarsone; acetary; acetate; acetate-CoA ligase; acetated; acetate kinase; acetate replacement factor; acetate-succinate CoA-transferase; acetate thiokinase; acetazolamide; acetenyl; acetic; acetic acid; acetic aldehyde; acetic amide; acetic anhydride; acetic fermentation; aceticoceptor; acetic phosphoric anhydride; acetic solution; acetify; acetimeter; acetimetry; acetin; aceto-; acetoacetate; acetoacetic acid; acetoacetyl-acyl carrier protein synthase; acetoacetyl-CoA; acetoacetyl-CoA reductase; acetoacetyl-CoA synthetase; acetoacetyl-CoA thiolase; acetoacetyl-coenzyme A; acetoacetyl-succinic thiophorase; Acetobacter; acetobacteraceae; acetoclastic bacteria; acetoclastis; acetogenic bacteria; acetohexamide; acetohexamide reductase; acetohydroxamic acid; acetoin; acetoin-2,6-dichlorophenolindophenol oxidoreductase; acetoin dehydrogenase; acetokinase; acetol; acetolactate synthase; acetol dehydrogenase; acetolysis; acetomenaphthone; acetometer; acetonaemia; acetonaemic; acetone; acetone body; acetone-butanol fermentation; acetone carboxylase; acetone chloroform; acetone compound; acetone fixative; acetone-insoluble antigen; acetone monooxygenase; acetone test; acetonitrile; acetonitriles; acetonuria; aceto-orcein stain; acetophenazine maleate; acetophenetidin; acetosoluble albumin; acetosulfone sodium; acetous; acetoxyacetylaminofluorene; acetrizoate sodium; acetrizoic acid; acetum; aceturate; acetyl; acetyl-activating enzyme; acetyladenylate; acetylajmaline acetylesterase; acetylase; acetylation; acetylcarbromal; acetylcarnitine; acetyl chloride; acetylcholine; acetylcholine chloride; acetylcholine receptor antibodies; acetylcholinesterase; acetyl-CoA; acetyl-CoA-1-alkyl-2-lyso-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine acetyltransferase; acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase; acetyl-CoA acylase; acetyl-CoA acyltransferase; acetyl-CoA:alpha-glucosaminide acetyltransferase; acetyl CoA-(beta-aminoethyl)-L-cysteine omega-N-acetyltransferase; acetyl-CoA c-acetyltransferase; acetyl-CoA c-acyltransferase; acetyl-CoA carboxylase; acetyl CoA carboxylase phosphatase; acetyl CoA-deacetylcephalosporin C acetyltransferase; acetyl-CoA deacylase; acetyl-CoA hydrolase; acetyl-CoA ligase; acetyl-CoA - lysine N6-acetyltransferase; acetyl-CoA synthetase; acetyl-CoA thiolase; acetyl-coenzyme A; acetyl-coenzyme A-deacetylvindoline 4-O-acetyltransferase; acetyl-coenzyme A-salutaridinol-7-O-acetyltransferase; acetylcysteine; acetyldigitoxin; acetyldigitoxins; acetyldigoxin; acetyldigoxins; acetylene; acetylene-allene thioester isomerase; acetylene hydratase; acetylesterase; acetylgalactosamine; acetylgalactosamine deacetylase; acetylgalactosaminylgalactosylgalactosylglucosylceramide beta-D-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase; acetylgalactosaminyl-O-glycosyl-glycoprotein beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase; acetylglucomannan esterase; acetylglucosamine; acetylglucosaminidase; acetylmethadol; acetyl methylcarbinol; acetylmuramyl-alanyl-isoglutamine; acetylornithinase; acetylornithine deacetylase; acetyl phosphate; acetylpolyamine amidohydrolase; acetylpolyamine deacetylase; acetyl reduction assay; acetylsalicylic acid; acetylserotonin; acetylserotonin n-methyltransferase; acetylspermidine deacetylase; acetyl sulfisoxazole; acetyltannic acid; acetylthiocholine; acetyl transacylase; acetyltransferase; acetyltransferases; acetyl value; A chain; achalasia; Achard, E. Charles; Achard syndrome; Achard-Thiers syndrome; achate; achatina; ache; acheilia; acheilous; acheiria; acheirous; Achenbach syndrome; Achenbach, Walter; achene; achenium; acheron; achiasmatic; achievement; achievement age; achievement motive; achievement test; Achilles; Achilles bursa; Achilles reflex; achilles tendon; achilles' tendon; achillobursitis; achillodynia; achillorrhaphy; achillotenotomy; achillotomy; achilous; aching; achiote; achiral; achiropody; achlamydate; achlamydeous; achlorhydria; achlorhydric anaemia; achlorophyllous; acholeplasma; Acholeplasma axanthum; Acholeplasma granularum; acholeplasma laidlawii; acholeplasmataceae; acholia; acholic; acholous; acholuria; acholuric; acholuric jaundice; achondrogenesis; achondroplasia; achondroplastic; achondroplastic dwarfism; achoo syndrome; achordal; achordate; achoresis; Achorion; AChR; achrestic anaemia; achroacyte; achroacytosis; achrodextrin; achromacyte; achromasia; achromat; achromatic; achromatically; achromatic aplanatic condenser; achromatic apparatus; achromaticity; achromatic lens; achromatic objective; achromatic threshold; achromatic vision; achromatin; achromatinic; achromatism; achromatization; achromatize; achromatocyte; achromatolysis; achromatophil; achromatophilia; achromatopsia; achromatopsy; achromatosis; achromatous; achromaturia; achromia; achromia parasitica; achromia unguium; achromic; achromocyte; achromoderma; achromophil; achromophilic; achromotrichia; achroodextrin; achroous; achylia; achylia gastrica; achylia pancreatica; achylous; achymous; acicula; acicular; aciculate; aciculite; acid; acid agglutination; acidaminuria; acid anhydride hydrolases; acid-ash diet; acid-base balance; acid-base equilibrium; acid-base imbalance; acid carboxypeptidase; acid cell; acid cholesterol ester synthetase; acid-citrate-dextrose; acid deoxyribonuclease; acid dextran; acid dextrin; acid dissociation constant; acid dyspepsia; acidemia; acid etch; acid etch cemented splint; acid-etched restoration; acid etching, dental; acid-fast; acid-fast stain; acid fuchsin; acid gland; acid hydrolysis; acidic; acidic amino acid; acidic anhydride; acidic dyes; acidiferous; acidifiable; acidific; acidification; acidified serum test; acidifier; acidify; acidimeter; acidimetry; acid indigestion; acid intoxication; acidity; acid loading test; acidly; acid maltase; acidness; acidocyte; acidogenic fermentation; acidophil; acidophil adenoma; acidophil cell; acidophile; acidophil granule; acidophilic; acidophilic leukocyte; acidophilus; acidophilus milk; acidosis; acidotic; acid oxide; acid perfusion test; acid phosphatase; acid phosphatase test for semen; acid protease; acid radical; acid rain; acid reaction; acid red 87; acid red 91; acid reflux test; acid rigor; acid salt; acids, carbocyclic; acid seromucoid; acids, heterocyclic; acids, noncarboxylic; acid soluble spore protein; acid stain; acid sulfate; acid tartrate; acid tide; acidulant; acidulate; acidulated phosphate fluoride; acidulent; acidulous; aciduria; aciduric; acid wave; acierage; acinaceous; acinaciform; acinar; acinar carcinoma; acinar cell; acinar cell tumour; acinesia; acinetae; acinetiform; acinetobacter; acinetobacter calcoaceticus; acinetobacter infections; acini; acinic; acinic cell adenocarcinoma; acinic cell carcinoma; aciniform; acinitis; acinose; acinotubular gland; acinous; acinous carcinoma; acinous cell; acinous gland; acinus; acipenser; acitretin; aciurgy; ackee poisoning; aclarubicin; aclasia; aclasis; acleistocardia; aclinic; acme; acmesthesia; acnaemia; acne; acne albida; acne artificialis; acne bacillus; acne cachecticorum; acne ciliaris; acne conglobata; acne cosmetica; acne decalvans; acne erythematosa; acneform; acneform syphilid; acne frontalis; acne fulminans; acne generalis; acnegenic; acne hypertrophica; acneiform; acneiform eruptions; acne indurata; acne keloid; acne keratosa; acne medicamentosa; acne necrotica; acne neonatorum; acne papulosa; acne punctata; acne pustulosa; acne rosacea; acne scrofulosorum; acne simplex; acne syphilitica; acne urticata; acne varioliformis; acne venenata; acne vulgaris; acnode; acoelomate; ACOG; acokanthera; acolasia; acologic; acology; acolous; acolyctine; acolyte; acomia; aconative; aconitase; aconitate hydratase; aconite; aconitia; aconitic acid; aconitine; acontia; acopic; acorea; acorn; acorn-shell; acorn-tipped catheter; Acosta, Joseph de; Acosta's disease; acotyledon; acotyledonous; acouasm; acouchy; acoumeter; acousma; acousmatamnesia; acoustic; acoustic agraphia; acoustic aphasia; acoustic area; acoustic cell; acoustic crest; acoustic enhancement; acoustic impedance; acoustic impedance tests; acoustic lemniscus; acoustic lens; acoustic maculae; acoustic meatus; acoustic nerve; acoustic nerve diseases; acoustic neurilemoma; acoustic neuroma; acousticofacial crest; acousticofacial ganglion; acousticopalpebral reflex; acousticophobia; acoustic papilla; acoustic pressure; acoustic radiation; acoustic reference level; acoustics; acoustic schwannoma; acoustic shadow; acoustic spots; acoustic striae; acoustic tetanus; acoustic tolerance; acoustic trauma deafness; acoustic tubercle; acoustic vesicle; ACP; ACP-acetyltransferase; ACP-malonyltransferase; ACPS; acquiesce; acquired; acquired agammaglobulinaemia; acquired bronchiectasis; acquired centric relation; acquired character; acquired cuticle; acquired drives; acquired eccentric relation; acquired epileptic aphasia; acquired haemolytic anaemia; acquired haemolytic icterus; acquired hyperlipidaemia; acquired hyperlipoproteinaemia; acquired hypogammaglobulinaemia; acquired ichthyosis; acquired immunity; acquired immunodeficiency disease; Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; acquired leukoderma; acquired leukopathia; acquired megacolon; acquired methemoglobinaemia; acquired mutation; acquired nevus; acquired pellicle; acquired platelet function defect; acquired reflex; acquired sensitivity; acquired toxoplasmosis; acquired trichoepithelioma; acquisition; acquisitiveness; acquisitus; ACR; acral; acral lentiginous melanoma; acrania; acranial; acranius; acraspeda; Acrel, Olof; Acrel's ganglion; acremonium; acribometer; acrid; acridine; acridine dyes; acridine orange; acridine yellow; acridly; acridness; acridone synthase; acrid poison; acriflavine; acrimonia; acrimony; acrinol; acrisorcin; acrisy; acrita; acritan; acrite; acritical; acritochromacy; acro-; acroagnosis; acroanesthesia; acroarthritis; acroasphyxia; acroataxia; acroblast; acrobrachycephaly; acrocarpous; acrocentric; acrocentric chromosome; acrocephalia; acrocephalic; acrocephalopolysyndactyly; acrocephalosyndactylia; acrocephalosyndactyly; acrocephalosyndactyly type 1; acrocephalous; acrocephaly; acrochordon; acrocinesia; acrocinesis; acrocontracture; acrocyanosis; acrocyanotic; acrodactylum; acrodermatitis; acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans; acrodermatitis continua; acrodermatitis enteropathica; acrodermatitis hiemalis; acrodermatitis perstans; acrodermatitis vesiculosa tropica; acrodermatosis; acrodont; acrodynia; acrodynic erythema; acrodysesthesia; acrodysostosis; acrodysplasia; acroedema; acroesthesia; acrofacial dysostosis; acrofacial syndrome; acrogen; acrogenous; acrogeria; acrognosis; acrohyperhidrosis; acrokeratoelastoidosis; acrokeratosis; acrokeratosis verruciformis; acroleic acids; acrolein; acroleukopathy; acrolith; acromegalia; acromegalic; acromegalic gigantism; acromegalogigantism; acromegaloidism; acromegaly; acromelalgia; acromelic; acromelic dwarfism; acromesomelia; acrometagenesis; acromial; acromial angle; acromial arterial network; acromial artery; acromial articular facies of clavicle; acromial articular surface of clavicle; acromial branch of suprascapular artery; acromial branch of thoracoacromial artery; acromial end of clavicle; acromial extremity of clavicle; acromial plexus; acromial process; acromial reflex; acromicria; acromioclavicular; acromioclavicular disk; acromioclavicular dislocation; acromioclavicular joint; acromioclavicular ligament; acromioclavicular sprain; acromiocoracoid; acromiohumeral; acromion; acromion presentation; acromioscapular; acromiothoracic; acromiothoracic artery; acromphalus; acromyotonia; acromyotonus; acronine; acronychal; acronyctous; acro-osteolysis; acropachy; acropachyderma; acroparesthesia; acroparesthesia syndrome; acropathy; acropetal; acrophobia; acropigmentation; acropleurogenous; acropodium; acropustulosis; acroscleroderma; acrosclerosis; acrosin; acrosomal cap; acrosomal granule; acrosomal vesicle; acrosome; acrosomin; acrospire; acrospiroma; acrospiroma, eccrine; acrospore; acrostealgia; acrostichoid; acrosyndesis; acrotarsium; acroteleutic; acroteric; acrotheca; acrotic; acrotism; acrotomous; acrotrophodynia; acrotrophoneurosis; acrylate; acrylic; acrylic acids; acrylic resin; acrylic resin base; acrylic resin tooth; acrylonitrile; acryloyl-CoA reductase; act; ACTe; ACTH; ACTH-producing adenoma; ACTH stimulation test; ACTH suppression test; acth syndrome, ectopic; actihaemyl; actin; actinal; actinaria; actin filament; acting out; actinia; actinic; actinic cheilitis; actinic conjunctivitis; actinic dermatitis; actinic granuloma; actinic keratitis; actinic keratosis; actinic prurigo; actinic ray; actinic reticuloid; actinide; actinide elements; actinides; actiniform; actinin; actinism; actinium; actin kinase; actin N-acetylaminopeptidase; actino-; actinobacillosis; actinobacillus; actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans; Actinobacillus equuli; actinobacillus infections; Actinobacillus lignieresii; actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae; actinobacteria group; actino-chemistry; actinodermatitis; actinogram; actinograph; actinohematin; actinoid; actinolite; actinolitic; actinology; Actinomadura; Actinomadura africana; Actinomadura madurae; actinomere; actinometry; actinomorphic; actinomycelial; actinomyces; Actinomyces bovis; Actinomyces israelii; Actinomyces naeslundii; Actinomyces odontolyticus; Actinomyces pyogenes; actinomyces viscosus; actinomycetaceae; actinomycetales; actinomycetales infections; actinomycetes; actinomycin; actinomycin C; actinomycin D; actinomycin F1; actinomycin lactonase; actinomycoma; actinomycosis; actinomycosis, cervicofacial; actinomycotic; actinomycotic appendicitis; Actinomyxidia; actinoneuritis; actinophage; actinophytosis; Actinopoda; actinosin; actinosome; actinostome; actinotherapy; actinotrocha; actinozoa; actinozoal; actinozoon; actinula; action; action current; action potential; action tremor; activase; activate; allied reflexes; alligation; alligator; alligator forceps; alligators and crocodiles; alligator skin; allis; Allis forceps; Allis, Oscar; Allis' sign; alliteration; allium; allmouth; allo-; alloalbuminaemia; alloantibody; alloantigen; allobarbital; allocentric; allochetia; allochiria; allocholane; allocholesterol; allochroic; allochroism; allochroite; allochromasia; allochthonous; allocortex; allodeoxycholic acid; allodiploid; allodynia; alloerotic; alloeroticism; alloerotism; alloesthesia; allogamous; allogamy; allogeneic; allogeneic antigen; allogeneic bone marrow transplant; allogeneic graft; allogeneic inhibition; allogeneic transplant; allogenic; allogotrophia; allograft; allograft immunity; allograft rejection; allograph; allogroup; allohexaploid; allohydroxylysine; alloisocitrate dehydrogenase; alloisoleucine; alloisomer; allokeratoplasty; allokinesis; allolactose; allolalia; allolevivirus; allomaleic acid; allomeric function; allomerism; allomerous; allometron; allomone; allomones; allomorph; allomorphic; allomorphism; allongement; allonomous; allopath; allopathic; allopathic keratoplasty; allopathist; allopathy; allopatric; allopatric speciation; allopatry; allopentaploid; allophanamide; allophanate hydrolase; allophanic acid; allophasis; allophenic; allophore; allophthalmia; alloplasia; alloplast; alloplasty; alloploid; alloploidy; allopolyploid; allopolyploidy; allopregnane; allopsychic; allopurinol; allorhythmia; allorhythmic; all or none; all or none law; all-or-nothing phenomenon; allose; allosensitization; allosome; allosteric; allosteric enzyme; allosteric site; allosterism; allostery; allotetraploid; allotherm; allothreonines; allotope; allotopia; allotransplantation; allotrichia circumscripta; allotriodontia; allotriogeustia; allotriophagy; allotriosmia; allotriploid; allotrope; allotrophic; allotropic; allotropic personality; allotropism; allotropize; allotropy; allotype; allotypic; allotypic determinants; allotypic marker; allowance; alloxan; alloxanate; alloxan diabetes; alloxanic; alloxantin; alloxazine; alloxuraemia; alloxuria; alloy; alloys; allozyme; all souls' day; allspice; allspice oil; all-trans-retinal; allulose; alluvial; alluvion; alluvium; ally; allyl; allyl alcohol; allylamine; allylbarbital; allyl cyanide; allylene; allylestrenol; allylglycine; allylisopropylacetamide; allyl isothiocyanate; allylmercaptomethylpenicillin; allyl sulfide; allysines; almacantar; alma mater; almanacs; almandine; Almeida, Floriano Paulo de; Almeida's disease; Almen, August Teodor; almendron; Almen's test for blood; almitrine; almond; almond nucleus; almond oil; almshouses; almsman; almucantar; almude; aloe; aloe-emodin; aloes wood; aloetic; aloetin; alogia; alogian; aloin; alomancy; alonely; alongside; aloof; alopecia; alopecia adnata; alopecia areata; alopecia cicatrisata; alopecia congenitalis; alopecia disseminata; alopecia leprotica; alopecia marginalis; alopecia medicamentosa; alopecia mucinosa; alopecia pityrodes; alopecia presenilis; alopecia senilis; alopecia symptomatica; alopecia syphilitica; alopecia totalis; alopecia toxica; alopecia triangularis; alopecia triangularis congenitalis; alopecia universalis; alopecic; alopecy; alose; alouatta; alouatte; alouattinae; aloxiprin; alp; alpaca; Alpers, Bernard; Alpers disease; Alpert syndrome; alpestrine; alpha; alpha1-2,alpha1-3,alpha1-6-mannosidase; alpha-1,3-mannosylglycoprotein beta-1,4-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase; alpha-1,4-glucan lyase; alpha 1-4-mannosyltransferase; alpha(1-6)mannosidase; alpha 1,6-mannosyltransferase; alpha-1 antichymotrypsin; alpha-1 antitrypsin; alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency; alpha-1-proteinase deficiency; alpha2-8-KDN-transferase; alpha(2,8)-sialyltransferase; alpha-(4-O-methyl)-D-glucuronidase; alpha-acetolactic acid; alpha-actinin; alpha-adrenergic blocking agent; alpha-adrenergic receptors; alpha alcoholism; alpha-allocortol; alpha-allocortolone; alpha-allopregnanediol; alpha, alpha-phosphotrehalase; alpha,alpha-trehalose phosphorylase; alpha-amanitin; alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid; alpha-amino acid; alpha-amino acid esterase; alpha-aminoacyl-peptide hydrolases; alpha-aminoadipic acid; alpha-aminoadipyl-cysteinyl-valine synthetase; alpha-amino-beta-ketoadipic acid; alpha-aminoglutaric acid; alpha-aminoisobutyric acid; alpha-aminosuccinic acid; alpha-amylase; alpha angle; alpha-antitrypsin deficiency; alphabet; alpha,beta-ketoalkene reductase; alphabetically; alpha-blocker; alpha blocking; alpha cell; Alpha cells; alpha cells of anterior lobe of hypophysis; alpha cells of pancreas; alpha chain disease; alpha channeling; alpha-chloralose; alpha-chlorohydrin; alpha-chymotrypsin-induced glaucoma; alpha-cortol; alpha-cortolone; alpha-dextrin endo-1,6-alpha-glucosidase; alpha-d-galactosidase; alpha-d-glucosidase; alphadione; alpha-D-mannose-beta-1,2-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase; alpha-D-xylosidase; alpha emission; alpha-endorphin; alpha error; alpha-farnesene; alpha-fetoprotein; alpha-fetoproteins; alpha fibres; alpha-fucosidase; alpha-galactosidase; alpha-globulin; alpha-glucan branching glycosyltransferase; alpha-glucan phosphorylase; alpha glucosidase; alpha-glucosidases; alpha granule; alpha helix; alphaherpesvirinae; alpha-hydroxyethylthiamin pyrophosphate; alpha-hydroxyglycine amidating dealkylase; alpha-hydroxymethyl-alpha'-(N-acetylaminomethylene)succinic acid hydrolase; alpha interferon; alpha-keto acid dehydrogenase; alpha-keto acid dehydrogenase complex; alpha-ketoadipate dehydrogenase; alpha-ketoarginine decarboxylase; alpha-ketobutyrate dehydrogenase; alpha-ketodecarboxylase; alpha-ketoglutaramic acid; alpha-ketoglutarate; alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex; alpha-ketoglutarate permease; alpha-ketoisocaproate oxygenase; alpha-ketosuccinamic acid; alpha-lactyl-thiamin pyrophosphate; alpha-l-iduronidase; alpha-linolenic acid; alpha-macroglobulins; alpha-mannosidase; alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase; alpha methyl dopa; alpha-methyltyrosine; alpha-msh; alpha mucase; alpha-(N-acetylaminomethylene)succinic acid hydrolase; alpha-N-acetyl-D-glucosaminidase; alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase; alpha-N-acetylglucosaminidase; alpha-N-acylamino acid hydrolase; alpha-naphthylthiourea; alpha-neoagarooligosaccharide hydrolase; alpha-oxidation; alpha particle; alpha particles; alpha-phenoxyethylpenicillin potassium; alpha-phenoxypropylpenicillin potassium; alpha-pinene oxide lyase; alphaprodine; alpha-prodine hydrochloride; alpha radiation; alpha ray; alpha rhythm; alpha-ribazole; alpha-santonin-1,2-reductase; alpha-sarcin; alphasone acetophenide; alpha-streptococci; alpha substance; Alpha tests; alpha thalassaemia; alpha-tocopherol; alpha-tubulin acetylase; alpha units; alphavirus; alpha viruses; alphavirus infections; alpha wave; al-phitomancy; alphos; alpia; alpidem; alpine; Alpine scurvy; Alport, Arthur Cecil; Alport's syndrome; Alport syndrome; Alp protease; alprazolam; alprenolol; alprenolol hydrochloride; alprostadil; ALS; alseroxylon; also; Alstrom, Carl-Henry; Alstrom's syndrome; ALT; altar; ALT:AST ratio; altazimuth; alteplase; alteration; alterative; alterative inflammation; altercursive intubation; altered self hypothesis; alteregoism; alterity; altern; alternans; alternansucrase; alternant; alternaria; alternate; alternate binaural loudness balance test; alternate cover test; alternate day strabismus; alternately; alternating current; alternating light test; alternating mydriasis; alternating pulse; alternating strabismus; alternating tremor; alternation; alternation of generations; alternative; alternative hypothesis; alternative inheritance; alternative medicine; alternative mRNA splicing; alternative oxidase; alternative oxidase pathway; alternative pathway; alternative splicing; alternative therapy; alternative tremor; alternator; alternocular; alteromonas; Alteromonas putrefaciens; althea; altheine; Altherr, Franz; althesin; altiscope; altitude; altitude chamber; altitude disease; altitude erythraemia; altitude sickness; altitudinal; altitudinal hemianopia; Altmann-Gersh method; Altmann, Richard; Altmann's anilin-acid fuchsin stain; Altmann's fixative; Altmann's granule; Altmann's theory; alto; altretamine; altrical; altrices; altrigendrism; altrose; altruism; altruistic; Alu; aludel; alu elements; alu-equivalent family; alu family; alula; alular; alum; alum compounds; alumen; alum-haematoxylin; alumina; aluminate; aluminated; aluminium; aluminon; aluminosis; aluminum; aluminum acetate; aluminum acetotartrate; aluminum acetylsalicylate; aluminum ammonium sulfate; aluminum aspirin; aluminum bismuth oxide; aluminum breakthrough; aluminum carbonate; aluminum chlorate nonahydrate; aluminum chloride hexahydrate; aluminum compounds; aluminum diacetate; aluminum group; aluminum hydrate; aluminum hydroxide; aluminum hydroxide gel; aluminum magnesium silicate; aluminum monostearate; aluminum nicotinate; aluminum oleate; aluminum oxide; aluminum penicillin; aluminum phenolsulfonate; aluminum phosphate; aluminum phosphate gel; aluminum potassium sulfate; aluminum salicylate; aluminum silicate; aluminum silicates; aluminum subacetate; aluminum sulfate octadecahydrate; alumna; alum root; alum shale; alum stone; alunite; alunogen; alu sequence; Alu sequences; alveary; alvei; alvelous; alveoalgia; alveola; alveolalgia; alveolar; alveolar abscess; alveolar adenocarcinoma; alveolar air; alveolar angle; alveolar arch of mandible; alveolar arch of maxilla; alveolar-arterial oxygen difference; alveolar atrophy; alveolar body; alveolar bone; alveolar bone loss; alveolar border; alveolar canals; alveolar cell; alveolar cell carcinoma; alveolar crest; alveolar dead space; alveolar duct; alveolar duct emphysema; alveolar foramina; alveolar gas; alveolar gas equation; alveolar gingiva; alveolar gland; alveolar hydatid cyst; alveolar index; alveolar macrophage; alveolar macrophage elastase; alveolar mucosa; alveolar osteitis; alveolar part of mandible; alveolar pattern; alveolar periosteum; alveolar point; alveolar process; alveolar proteinosis; alveolar ridge; alveolar ridge augmentation; alveolar sac; alveolar septum; alveolar soft part sarcoma; alveolar supporting bone; alveolar ventilation; alveolar yoke; alveolate; alveolectomy; alveoli; alveolingual; alveoli pulmonis; alveolitis; alveolitis, extrinsic allergic; alveolo-; alveolobuccal groove; alveolobuccal sulcus; alveolocapillary block; alveolocapillary membrane; alveoloclasia; alveolodental; alveolodental canals; alveolodental ligament; alveolodental membrane; alveololabial; alveololabial groove; alveololabialis; alveololabial sulcus; alveololingual; alveololingual groove; alveololingual sulcus; alveolonasal line; alveolopalatal; alveoloplasty; alveoloschisis; alveolotomy; alveolus; alveolus dentalis; alveoplasty; alveus; alveus hippocampi; alveus of hippocampus; alveus urogenitalis; alvinolith; alymphia; alymphocytosis; alymphoplasia; alyssum; Alzheimer, Alois; alzheimer disease; Alzheimer's dementia; Alzheimer's disease; Alzheimer's sclerosis; Alzheimer type I astrocyte; Alzheimer type II astrocyte; AMA; amacratic; amacrine; amacrine cell; amadavat; amadou; amalgam; amalgamate; amalgamation; amalgamator; amalgam carrier; amalgam matrix; amalgam strip; amalgam tattoo; amanita; Amanita muscaria; amanita phalloides; amanitine; amanitins; amantadine; amantadine hydrochloride; Am antigens; amara; amarantaceous; amaranth; amaranth solution; amaranthum; amarine; amaroid; amaroidal; amarum; amaryllideous; amaryllis; amasthenic; amastia; amastigote; amate; amathophobia; amativeness; amatoxin; amaurosis; amaurosis congenita of Leber; amaurosis fugax; amaurotic; amaurotic cat's eye; amaurotic mydriasis; amaurotic nystagmus; amaurotic pupil; amaxophobia; amazia; amazon; amazon stone; ambageusia; ambal; Ambard, Leon; Ambard's constant; Ambard's laws; ambenonium chloride; amber; amber codon; amber fish; Amberg, Emil; ambergris; Amberg's lateral sinus line; amber mutant; amber mutation; amber seed; amber suppressor; amber tree; ambi-; ambident anion; ambident ligand; ambidexterity; ambidextrism; ambidextrous; ambient; ambient air quality; ambient behaviour; ambient cistern; ambigenous; ambiguity; ambiguous; ambiguous atrioventricular connections; ambiguous codon; ambiguous external genitalia; ambiguous nucleus; ambilateral; ambilevous; ambiparous; ambipolar diffusion; ambisense expression strategy; ambisexual; ambisinister; ambisinistrous; ambitus; ambivalence; ambivalent; ambivert; ambly-; amblyaphia; amblygeustia; amblygon; Amblyomma; Amblyomma americanum; Amblyomma cajennense; Amblyomma hebraeum; Amblyomma maculatum; Amblyomma variegatum; amblyopia; amblyopia ex anopsia; amblyopic; amblyopy; amblyoscope; amblypoda; ambo-; amboceptor; amboceptor unit; ambomalleal; ambos; Amboyna button; amboyna wood; ambreate; ambreic; ambrein; ambrite; ambrosia; ambrosin; ambrotype; ambroxol; Ambu bag; ambucetamide; ambulacral; ambulacriform; ambulacrum; ambulance; ambulances; ambulant; ambulant erysipelas; ambulant oedema; ambulator; ambulatory; ambulatory anaesthesia; ambulatory automatism; ambulatory care; ambulatory care facilities; ambulatory care information systems; ambulatory electrocardiography; ambulatory plague; ambulatory schizophrenia; ambulatory surgery; ambulatory typhoid; ambuphylline; ambury; ambuscade; ambuscadoed; ambush; ambustion; ambystoma; Ambystoma mexicanum; ambystomatidae; amcinonide; amdinocillin; amdinocillin pivoxil; amebean; amebiasis; amebicides; amebocyte; ameboid; ameboid cell; ameboididity; ameboidism; ameboid movement; ameboma; amebula; amebule; ameburia; ameiosis; amelanotic; amelanotic melanoma; amelia; amelioration; ameloblast; ameloblastic adenomatoid tumour; ameloblastic fibroma; ameloblastic fibrosarcoma; ameloblastic layer; ameloblastic odontoma; ameloblastic sarcoma; ameloblastoma; ameloblastomatous craniopharyngioma; ameloblasts; amelodental junction; amelodentinal; amelogenesis; amelogenesis imperfecta; amelogenin; amen; amenable; amend; amende; amenia; amenorrhea; amenorrhoea; amenorrhoea-galactorrhoea syndrome; amenorrhoeal; amensalism; ament; amentaceous; amentia; amential; amentiferous; amentiform; American Cancer Society; american dental association; american heart association; american hospital association; American Law Institute formulation; American Law Institute rule; american medical association; american nurses' association; American Red Cross; american samoa; american speech-language-hearing association; American tarantula; American trypanosomiasis; American Type Culture Collection; americas; americium; amerism; ameristic; Ames assay; Ames, Bruce; Ames test; ametabola; ametabolian; ametabolous; amethopterin; amethyst; ametria; ametriodinic acid; ametropia; ametropic; amharic; AMI; amia; amiable; amiantaceous; amianthoid; amianthus; amic; amicrobic; amicroscopic; amidase; amidases; amidation site; amide; amide linkage; amide oximes; amides; amide synthases; amidin; amidine; amidine-lyases; amidinohydrolase; amidinotransferase; amido; amido black; amido black 10B; amidogen; amidohydrolases; amidonaphthol red; amidophosphoribosyltransferase; amidopyrine; Amidostomum anseris; amidoximes; amidoxyl; amifostine; amikacin; amikacin sulfate; amiloride; amiloride hydrochloride; amimia; aminacrine; aminacrine hydrochloride; aminate; amination; amine; amine oxidase; amine oxidase (copper-containing); amine oxidase (flavin-containing); amine oxidase (pyridoxal-containing); amine oxidoreductases; Amine Precursor Uptake and Decarboxylation; aminergic; amines; amine sulfotransferase; amine tetrazolium reductase; amino-; aminoacetic acid; aminoacetonitrile; amino acid; amino acid activating enzyme; amino acid activation; amino acid analysis; amino acid chloromethyl ketones; amino acid dehydrogenases; aminoacidemia; amino acid isomerases; amino acid naphthylamidases; amino acid neurotransmitters; amino acid oxidases; amino acid oxidoreductases; amino acid permease; amino acid reagent; amino acid receptor; amino acids; amino acids, branched-chain; amino acids, cyclic; amino acid sequence; amino acids, peptides, and proteins; amino acid substitution; amino acid transmitter; aminoacid-tRNA ligases; aminoaciduria; aminoaciduria, renal; aminoacridines; aminoacyl; aminoacyl adenylate; aminoacylase; aminoacyltransferases; aminoacyl-tRNA; amino acyl-tRNA ligases; aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases; aminoadipic d-semialdehyde synthase; aminoadipic semialdehyde synthase; amino alcohols; aminobenzene; aminobiphenyl compounds; aminobutyric acids; aminocaproic acid; aminocarbonyl; aminocarboxylic acid; aminocitric acid; aminodeoxychorismate lyase; aminodeoxychorismate synthase; aminoethanoic acid; aminoethylphosphonic acid; aminoglutethimide; aminoglycoside; aminoglycoside 3'-phosphotransferase; aminoglycoside 6-adenylyltransferase; aminoglycoside acetyltransferase; aminoglycoside N1-acetyltransferase; aminoglycoside N(3')-acetyltransferase; aminoglycoside N(6')-acetyltransferase; aminoglycoside phosphoribosyltransferase; amino group; aminohippuric acids; aminohydrolases; aminoimidazole carboxamide; aminoisobutyric acids; aminolevulinic acid; aminolysis; aminomethyltransferase; aminometradine; aminometramide; aminooligopeptidase; aminooxyacetic acid; aminopenicillins; aminopeptidase; aminopeptidases; aminophenazone; aminophenols; aminopherases; aminophylline; aminopromazine; aminopropionic acid; aminopropionitrile; aminopterin; aminopyridines; aminopyrine; aminopyrine n-demethylase; aminoquinolines; aminorex; aminosalicylic acids; amino sugar; amino sugars; amino-terminal; amino-terminal residue; aminotransferase; aminotransferases; aminotriazole; aminotripeptidase; aminuria; amiodarone; amioid; amioidei; amithiozone; amitosis; amitotic; amitriptyline; amitriptyline hydrochloride; amitrole; AML; amlodipine; ammelide aminohydrolase; ammeter; ammite; ammodyte; Ammon; ammonaemia; Ammon, Friedrich von; ammonia; ammonia assimilation; ammoniac; ammoniacal; ammoniacal urine; ammonia detoxication; ammonia fixation; ammonia-lyases; ammonia monooxygenase; ammonia rash; ammoniated; ammoniated mercuric chloride; ammoniated mercury; ammoniated tincture; ammonio-; ammonite; ammonitiferous; ammonitoidea; ammonium; ammonium benzoate; ammonium bromide; ammonium carbonate; ammonium chloride; ammonium compounds; ammonium ferric sulfate; ammonium ichthosulfonate; ammonium iodide; ammonium mandelate; ammonium molybdate; ammonium nitrate; ammonium sulfate; ammonium sulphate precipitation; ammoniuria; ammonolysis; ammonotelia; ammonotelic; ammonotelism; Ammon's fissure; Ammon's horn; Ammon's prominence; ammotherapy; ammunition; amnemonic agraphia; amnesia; amnesiac; amnesia, retrograde; amnesic; amnesic aphasia; amnestic; amnestic psychosis; amnestic syndrome; amnio-; amniocardiac vesicle; amniocele; amniocentesis; amniochorial; amniochorionic; amniocyte; amnioembryonic junction; amniogenesis; amniogenic cells; amniography; amnioma; amnion; amnionic; amnionitis; amnion nodosum; amnion ring; amniorrhexis; amniorrhoea; amnioscope; amnioscopy; amniota; amniotic; amniotic adhesions; amniotic amputation; amniotic bands; amniotic band syndrome; amniotic cavity; amniotic corpuscle; amniotic duct; amniotic ectoderm; amniotic fluid; amniotic fluid embolism; amniotic fluid syndrome; amniotic fold; amniotic raphe; amniotic sac; amniotome; amniotomy; amobarbital; A-mode; amodiaquine; amodiaquine hydrochloride; amoeba; Amoeba buccalis; amoebacide; Amoeba coli; Amoeba dentalis; Amoeba dysenteriae; Amoeba histolytica; amoebaism; Amoeba meleagridis; Amoeba proteus; amoebea; amoebian; amoebiasis; amoebiasis cutis; amoebic; amoebic abscess; amoebic colitis; amoebic dysentery; amoebic granuloma; amoebicidal; amoebicide; amoebic vaginitis; amoebida; amoebiform; amoebiosis; amoebism; amoebocyte; amoeboid; amoeboid movement; Amoebotaenia; amok; amomum; amongst; amoret; a-mornings; amorosa; amorph; amorpha; amorphagnosia; amorphia; amorphic allele; amorphism; amorphosynthesis; amorphous; amorphous fraction of adrenal cortex; amorphous insulin zinc suspension; amorphous phosphorus; amorphozoa; amorphozoic; amorphus; amorphy; Amoss, Harold; Amoss' sign; amotio placentae; amotus; amount; amoxapine; amoxicillin; amoxicillin-potassium clavulanate combination; AMP; AMP-activated protein kinase kinase; AMPA receptor; AMP deaminase; ampelite; amperage; ampere; Ampere, Andre-Marie; Ampere's law; Ampere's postulate; amperometer; amperometric; amperometry; ampheclexis; amphetamine; amphetamine-related disorders; amphetamines; amphi-; amphiarthrodial; amphiarthrosis; amphiaster; amphibaric; amphibia; amphibian; amphibian venoms; amphibiological; amphibiology; amphibiotica; amphibious; amphiblastic; amphibole; amphibolic; amphibolic fistula; amphibology; amphiboly; amphicarpous; amphicelous; amphicentric; amphichroic; amphichromatic; amphiclous; amphicyte; amphid; amphidiploid; amphidisc; amphidromical; amphidromous; amphigamous; amphigean; amphigen; amphigene; amphigenesis; amphigenous; amphikaryon; amphileukaemic; amphilogy; Amphimerus; amphimicrobe; amphimictic; amphimixis; amphineura; amphinucleolus; amphions; amphioxus; amphipathic; amphiphilic; amphiphobic; amphiphysin; amphipneust; amphipod; amphipoda; amphipodan; amphipodous; amphiprotic solvent; amphiregulin; amphirhina; amphisbaena; amphisbaenoid; amphistome; amphistomous; amphistylic; amphitheatre; amphithymia; amphitrichate; amphitrichous; amphitrocha; amphitrophic; amphitropous; amphitypy; amphiuma; amphixenosis; ampho-; amphochromatophil; amphochromatophile; amphochromophil; amphochromophile; amphocyte; amphodiplopia; ampholyte; ampholyte mixtures; amphomycin; amphopeptone; amphophile; amphophil granule; amphophilic; amphophilous; amphoric; amphoric rale; amphoric resonance; amphoric respiration; amphoric voice; amphoriloquy; amphorophony; amphoteric; amphoteric electrolyte; amphoteric element; amphotericin; amphotericin B; amphoteric reaction; amphotonia; amphotropic packaging cell lines; amphotropic virus; ampicillin; ampicillin resistance; ample; amplectant; amplexicaul; amplexus; ampliate; amplicon; amplification; amplified fragment length polymorphism; amplifier; amplifier host; amplifiers; amplify; Ampligase; amplitude; amplitude of accommodation; amplitude of convergence; amplitude of pulse; ampoule; amprolium; amprotropine phosphate; ampule; ampulla; ampulla canaliculi lacrimalis; ampullaceous; ampulla chyli; ampulla ductus deferentis; ampulla ductus lacrimalis; ampulla duodeni; ampulla hepatopancreatica; ampulla lactifera; ampulla membranacea; ampulla of ductus deferens; ampulla of gallbladder; ampulla of lacrimal canaliculus; ampulla of milk duct; ampulla of rectum; ampulla of the semicircular canals; ampulla of the semicircular ducts; ampulla of uterine tube; ampulla of vater; ampulla ossea; ampullar; ampullar abortion; ampulla recti; ampullar pregnancy; ampullary aneurysm; ampullary crest; ampullary crura of semicircular ducts; ampullary folds of uterine tube; ampullary limbs of semicircular ducts; ampullary sulcus; ampulla tubae uterinae; ampullitis; ampullula; amputate; amputating ulcer; amputation; amputation by transfixion; amputation knife; amputation neuroma; amputation stumps; amputation, traumatic; amputee; ampyrone; ampyx; amrinone; amrinone lactate; amrita; amsacrine; Amsler, Marc; Amsler's chart; Amsler test; Amsterdam syndrome; amu; amulet; amusement; amusia; Amussat, Jean; Amussat's valve; Amussat's valvula; AMW; amychophobia; Amycolatopsis; amyctic; amyelencephalia; amyelencephalic; amyelia; amyelic; amyelinated; amyelination; amyelinic; amyeloic; amyelous; amygdala; amygdalaceous; amygdala cerebelli; amygdalase; amygdalate; amygdalic; amygdalin; amygdalin beta(1-6)glucosidase; amygdaline; amygdaloid; amygdaloid body; amygdaloid complex; amygdaloid fossa; amygdaloid nucleus; amygdaloid tubercle; amygdaloside; amyl; amylaceous; amylaemia; amyl alcohol; amylase; amylase-creatinine clearance ratio; amylases; amylasuria; amylate; amylene; amyl hydrate; amylic; amylic fermentation; amylin; amyl nitrite; amylo-; amylo-1,4:1,6-glucantransferase; amylo-1,6-glucosidase; amylobacter; amylocaine hydrochloride; amyloclast; amylodextrin; amylogenesis; amylogenic; amylogenic body; amyloglucosidase; amyloid; amyloid A-degrading serine protease; amyloidal; amyloid angiopathy; amyloid beta-protein; amyloid beta-protein precursor; amyloid bodies of the prostate; amyloid corpuscle; amyloid degeneration; amyloid kidney; amyloid nephrosis; amyloid neuropathies; amyloidogenic glycoprotein; amyloidosis; amyloidosis: bone manifestations; amyloidosis cutis; amyloidosis: gastrointestinal manifestations; amyloidosis of multiple myeloma; amyloid p component; amyloid precursor protein; amyloid protein; amyloid protein aa; amyloid protein saa; amyloid tumour; amylolysis; amylolytic; amylomaltase; amylopectin; amylopectin 1,6-glucosidase; amylopectin 6-glucanohydrolase; amylopectinosis; amylopectin synthase; amylophagia; amyloplast; amylopsin; amylopullulanase; amylorrhoea; amylose; amylosuria; amylum; amyluria; amyl valerate; amyocardia; amyoesthesia; amyoplasia; amyoplasia congenita; amyostasia; amyostatic; amyosthenia; amyosthenic; amyotaxy; amyotonia; amyotonia congenita; amyotrophia; amyotrophic; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; amyotrophy; amyotropic lateral sclerosis; amyous; amytal; amyxorrhoea; amzel; ANA; Anabaena; anabas; anabasine; anabasis; anabiosis; anabiotic; anabiotic cells; anabolic; anabolic pathway; anabolic steroid; anabolic steroids; anabolism; anabolite; anabrosis; anabrotic; anacamptic; anacamptometer; anacanthous; anacanths; anacardiaceous; anacardic; anacardiol; anacardium; anacatesthesia; anacathartic; anacharis; anachronism; anacidity; anaclasis; anaclastic; anaclastics; anaclitic; anaclitic depression; anaclitic psychotherapy; anacmesis; anaconda; anacrotic; anacrotic limb; anacrotic pulse; anacrotism; anacusis; anadenia; anadicrotic; anadicrotism; anadidymus; anadipsia; anadrenalism; anadrom; anadromous; anadromous fish; anaemia; anaemia, aplastic; anaemia, Cooley's; anaemia, dyserythropoietic, congenital; anaemia gravis; anaemia, haemolytic; anaemia, haemolytic, autoimmune; anaemia, haemolytic, congenital; anaemia, haemolytic, congenital nonspherocytic; anaemia, hypochromic; anaemia, iron deficiency; anaemia, macrocytic; anaemia, mediterranean; anaemia, megaloblastic; anaemia, myelophthisic; anaemia, neonatal; anaemia neonatorum; anaemia of chronic disease; anaemia, pernicious; anaemia, refractory; anaemia, refractory, with excess of blasts; anaemia, sickle cell; anaemia, sideroblastic; anaemic; anaemic anoxia; anaemic halo; anaemic hypoxia; anaemic infarct; anaemic murmur; anaerobe; anaerobic; anaerobic bacteria; anaerobic digester; anaerobic digestion; anaerobic respiration; anaerobic threshold; anaerobies; anaerobiosis; anaerobiotic; anaerogenic; anaerophyte; anaeroplasty; anaesthecinesia; anaesthekinesia; anaesthesia; anaesthesia adjuvants; anaesthesia, caudal; anaesthesia, closed-circuit; anaesthesia department, hospital; anaesthesia dolorosa; anaesthesia, inhalation; anaesthesia, local; anaesthesia machine; anaesthesia record; anaesthesia recovery period; anaesthesiologist; anaesthesiology; anaesthetic; anaesthetic circuit; anaesthetic depth; anaesthetic, epidural; anaesthetic ether; anaesthetic gas; anaesthetic index; anaesthetic leprosy; anaesthetics; anaesthetics, combined; anaesthetics, dissociative; anaesthetics, general; anaesthetic shock; anaesthetics, inhalation; anaesthetics, intravenous; anaesthetics, local; anaesthetic vapor; anaesthetise; anaesthetist; anaesthetization; anaesthetize; anagen; anagen effluvium; anagenesis; anagenetic; anagestone acetate; anaglyphical; anaglyptic; anaglyptograph; anaglyptographic; anaglyptography; Anagnostakis; anagogy; anagraph; anakatadidymus; anakhre; anakmesis; anakusis; anal; anal atresia; analbuminaemia; anal canal; analcime; anal cleft; anal columns; anal crypts; anal ducts; analemma; analepsy; analeptic; analeptic enema; anal erotism; anal fascia; anal fissure; anal fistula; analgesia; analgesia algera; analgesia dolorosa; analgesia, epidural; analgesia, obstetrical; analgesia, patient-controlled; analgesic; analgesic cuirass; analgesic nephritis; analgesic nephropathy; analgesics; analgesics, non-narcotic; analgesics, opioid; analgesimeter; analgetic; anal gland; anality; anallagmatic; anallantoic; anallantoidea; anallergic; anal membrane; analog; analog-digital conversion; analogous; analogue; analogy; anal orifice; analphalipoproteinaemia; anal phase; anal pit; anal plate; anal reflex; anal region; anal sac; anal sacs; anal sinuses; anal sphincter; anal triangle; anal valves; anal verge; analysand; analyser; analysis; analysis of variance; analyst; analyte; analytic; analytical; analytical chemistry; analytically; analytical psychology; analytical sensitivity; analytical specificity; analytic chemistry; analytic psychiatry; analytics; analytic study; analytic therapy; analyzation; analyze; analyzer; analyzing rod; anamnesis; anamnestic; anamnestic reaction; anamnestic response; anamnionic; Anamniota; anamniotic; anamorph; anamorphism; anamorphosis; anamorphosy; anan; ananaphylaxis; ananas; ananastasia; anancasm; anancastia; anancastic; anancastic personality; anandamide amidohydrolase; anandria; anandrous; anangioplasia; anangioplastic; anantherous; ananthous; ANAP; anapeiratic; anaphase; anaphase I; anaphase II; anaphase lag; anaphia; anaphoresis; anaphoretic; anaphrodisia; anaphrodisiac; anaphroditic; anaphylactic; anaphylactic antibody; anaphylactic intoxication; anaphylactic reaction; anaphylactic shock; anaphylactogen; anaphylactogenesis; anaphylactogenic; anaphylactoid; anaphylactoid crisis; anaphylactoid purpura; anaphylactoid shock; anaphylatoxin; anaphylatoxin inactivator; anaphylatoxins; anaphylaxis; anaphylotoxin; anaplasia; anaplasma; Anaplasma centrale; Anaplasma marginale; Anaplasma ovis; anaplasmataceae; anaplasmataceae infections; anaplasmosis; anaplastic; anaplastic astrocytoma; anaplastic carcinoma; anaplastic carcinoma of the thyroid; anaplastic cell; anaplastic large cell lymphoma; anaplasty; anaplerosis; anaplerotic; anaplerotic reaction; anapnograph; anapnoic; anapophysis; anaptic; anaptychus; anarithmia; anarthria; anarthritic rheumatoid disease; anarthropoda; anarthropodous; anarthrous; anas; anasarca; anasarcous; anastaltic; anastate; anastigmatic; anastigmats; anastole; anastomose; anastomosed graft; anastomosing fibres; anastomosing vessel; anastomosis; anastomosis arteriovenosa; anastomosis, roux-en-y; anastomosis, surgical; anastomotic; anastomotic branch; anastomotic branch of middle meningeal artery to lacrimal artery; anastomotic stricture; anastomotic ulcer; anastomotic veins; anastral; anathema; anatid herpesvirus 1; anatifa; anatifer; anatiferous; anatine; anatomical; anatomical age; anatomical airway; anatomical crown; anatomical dead space; anatomical element; anatomical neck of humerus; anatomical pathology; anatomical position; anatomical root; anatomical snuffbox; anatomical sphincter; anatomical tubercle; anatomical wart; anatomicomedical; anatomicopathological; anatomicosurgical; anatomic teeth; anatomism; anatomist; anatomy; anatomy, comparative; anatomy, cross-sectional; anatopism; anatoxic; anatoxin; anatricrotic; anatricrotism; anatripsis; anatriptic; anatrophic nephrotomy; anatropous; anaxon; anazoturia; AnCC; ancestor; ancestral; ancestress; anchor; anchorage; anchorage dependence; anchoress; anchorin; anchoring villus; anchor splint; anchovy; anchovy pear; anchusin; ancient; ancient lands; ancile; ancillary; ancillary services, hospital; ancipital; ancipitous; ancitabine; ancon; anconad; anconal; anconal fossa; anconeal; anconeus; anconitis; anconoid; ancrod; ancylo-; ancylostoma; Ancylostoma braziliense; Ancylostoma caninum; Ancylostoma ceylanicum; ancylostoma dermatitis; Ancylostoma duodenale; ancylostomatic; ancylostomatoidea; ancylostomiasis; ancylostomiasis cutis; ancyroid; andabatism; andalusite; Andernach, Johann von; Andernach's ossicles; Andersch, Carolus Samuel; Andersch's ganglion; Andersch's nerve; Anders' disease; Andersen, Dorothy Hansine; andersen sampler; Andersen's disease; Anders, James Meschter; Anderson and Goldberger test; Anderson-Collip test; Anderson, Evelyn; Anderson-Hynes pyeloplasty; Anderson, James; Anderson, Roger; Anderson splint; andersson lesion; andesine; andesite; andira; andirine; andiron; andorra; Andral, Gabriel; Andral's decubitus; andranatomy; Andre-Marie Ampere; andrenosterone; Andrews, C; andriatrics; andro-; androblastoma; androdioecious; androecium; androgen; androgen antagonists; androgen binding protein; androgen-binding proteins; androgen-dependent secretory protease; androgenesis; androgenetic merogony; androgenic; androgenic alopecia; androgenic hormone; androgenic zone; androgenital syndrome; androgenous; androgen resistance syndromes; androgens; androgens, synthetic; androgen unit; androgynae; androgynal; androgynism; androgynoid; androgynophore; androgynous; androgyny; android; androides; android pelvis; andrologist; andrology; andromania; andromeda; andromedotoxin; andromonoecious; andromorphous; andron; andropathy; andropetalous; androphobia; androphore; androspore; androst-16-en-3 beta-ol sulfotransferase; androst-5-ene-3 beta,17 beta-diol; androsta-5,16-dien-3 beta-ol synthetase; androstadienes; androstane; androstane-3,17-diol; androstanediol; androstanedione; androstanes; androstanols; androstatrienes; androstene; androstenediol; androstenediols; androstenedione; androstenedione 17-alpha-oxidoreductase; androstenes; androstenolone; androstenols; androsterone; androsterone sulfotransferase; androtomous; androtomy; androus; AnDTe; anecdotal; anecdote; anechoic; anechoic chamber; anectasis; Anel; anelectric; anelectrode; anelectrotonic; anelectrotonus; Anel's method; anemia; anemogram; anemograph; anemographic; anemography; anemology; anemometer; anemometrograph; anemone; anemonic; anemonin; anemonol; anemophilous; anemophily; anemophobia; anemorphilous; anemoscope; anemotrophy; anencephalia; anencephalic; anencephalous; anencephaly; anenterous; anenzymia; anephric; anepia; anepiploic; anergasia; anergastic; anergia; anergic; anergic leishmaniasis; anergize; anergy; aneroid; anerythroplasia; anerythroplastic; anerythroregenerative; anesthesia; anesthesiology; anesthetic; anestrous; anestrum; anestrus; anethol; anethole trithione; anethopath; anetic; anetoderma; aneuploid; aneuploidy; aneurine; aneurine hydrochloride; aneurine pyrophosphate; aneurism; aneurismal; aneurolemmic; aneurysm; aneurysmal; aneurysmal bone cyst; aneurysmal bruit; aneurysmal cough; aneurysmal murmur; aneurysmal phthisis; aneurysmal sac; aneurysmal varix; aneurysm by anastomosis; aneurysm, dissecting; aneurysmectomy; aneurysm, false; aneurysm, infected; aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva; aneurysmogram; aneurysmograph; aneurysmoplasty; aneurysmorrhaphy; aneurysmotomy; aneurysm, ruptured; aneutronic fuels; ANF; anfractuosity; angeiology; angeiotomy; angel; angel fish; angelic; angelica; angelical; angelica root; angelman syndrome; angelology; angel's wing; Angelucci, Arnaldo; Angelucci's syndrome; angelus; anger; Anger camera; Anger, Hal; Anghelescu, Constantin; Anghelescu's sign; angiectasia; angiectatic; angiectopia; angienchyma; angiitis; angiitis livedo reticularis; angina; angina cruris; angina decubitus; angina diphtheritica; angina inversa; anginal; angina lymphomatosa; angina notha; angina of effort; angina pectoris; angina pectoris decubitus; angina pectoris sine dolore; angina pectoris, variant; angina pectoris vasomotoria; angina scarlatinosa; angina sine dolore; angina spuria; angina trachealis; angina, unstable; angina vasomotoria; anginiform; anginoid; anginophobia; anginose; anginose scarlatina; angio-; angioarchitecture; angioblast; angioblastic cells; angioblastic cyst; angioblastoma; angiocardiography; angiocardiokinetic; angiocardiopathy; angiocarpous; angiocholecystitis; angiocholitis; angiocyst; angioderm; angiodiascopy; angiodynography; angiodysgenetic myelomalacia; angiodysplasia; angiodystrophy; angioedema; angioedema, hereditary; angioelephantiasis; angioendotheliomatosis; angiofibrolipoma; angiofibroma; angiofibrosis; angiofollicular mediastinal lymph node hyperplasia; angiofraphy; angiogenesis; angiogenesis factor; angiogenic; angiogenin; angioglioma; angiogliomatosis; angiogliosis; angiogram; angiographic; angiography; angiography catheter; angiography, digital subtraction; angiohyalinosis; angiohypertonia; angiohypotonia; angioid; angioid streaks; angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy with dysproteinaemia; angioinvasive; angiokeratoma; angiokeratosis; angiokinesis; angiokinetic; angioleiomyoma; angiolipofibroma; angiolipoma; angiolith; angiolithic; angiolithic degeneration; angiolithic sarcoma; angiologia; angiology; angiolupoid; angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia; angiolysis; angioma; angioma lymphaticum; angiomatoid; angiomatoid tumour; angiomatosis; angiomatosis, bacillary; angiomatous; angiomegaly; angiomonospermous; angiomyocardiac; angiomyofibroma; angiomyolipoma; angiomyoma; angiomyoneuroma; angiomyopathy; angiomyosarcoma; angiomyxoma; angioneurectomy; angioneuredema; angioneuromyoma; angioneuropathy; angioneuroses; angioneurosis; angioneurotic; angioneurotic oedema; angioneurotic oedema, hereditary; angioneurotomy; angio-osteohypertrophy syndrome; angioparalysis; angioparesis; angiopathic; angiopathic haemolytic anaemia; angiopathic neurasthenia; angiopathy; angiophacomatosis; angioplany; angioplasty; angioplasty balloon; angiopoiesis; angiopoietic; angiorrhaphy; angiorrhexis; angiosarcoma; angioscope; angioscopy; angioscotoma; angioscotometry; angiosis; angiospasm; angiospastic; angiosperm; angiospermae; angiospermatous; angiospermous; angiosperms; angiosporous; angiostenosis; angiostomous; angiostrongylosis; angiostrongylus; angiostrongylus cantonensis; Angiostrongylus costaricensis; Angiostrongylus malaysiensis; Angiostrongylus vasorum; angiotelectasis; angiotensin; angiotensin amide; angiotensinase; angiotensin-converting enzyme; angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor; angiotensin-converting enzyme secretase; angiotensin I; angiotensin II; angiotensin III; angiotensin I (Phe 8-His 9) hydrolase; angiotensinogen; angiotensinogenase; angiotensin precursor; angiotensin-related carboxypeptidase; angiotomy; angiotonia; angiotonic; angiotonin; angiotrophic; angle; angle closure glaucoma; Angle, Edward; angle of anomaly; angle of antetorsion; angle of anteversion; angle of aperture; angle of convergence; angle of declination; angle of depression; angle of deviation; angle of eccentricity; angle of emergence; angle of femoral torsion; angle of Fuchs; angle of incidence; angle of inclination; angle of iris; angle of jaw; angle of mandible; angle of mouth; angle of polarization; angle of reflection; angle of refraction; angle of repose; angle of torsion; angler; angles; Angle's classification of malocclusion; anglesite; angleworm; angling; anglomania; anglomaniac; anglophobia; anglo-saxondom; angola; angola pea; angor; angora; angor animi; angor pectoris; angostura bark; angoumois moth; angstrom; Angstrom, Anders; Angstrom scale; Angstrom's law; anguilliform; Anguillula; angular; angular acceleration; angular aldehyde; angular aperture; angular artery; angular cheilitis; angular conjunctivitis; angular convolution; angular curvature; angular methyl; angular momentum; angular notch; angular spine; angular stomatitis; angular vein; angulation; angulo-dentate; angulus; angulus acromialis; angulus costae; angulus frontalis ossis parietalis; angulus inferior scapulae; angulus infrasternalis; angulus iridis; angulus iridocornealis; angulus lateralis scapulae; angulus mandibulae; angulus mastoideus ossis parietalis; angulus occipitalis ossis parietalis; angulus oculi lateralis; angulus oculi medialis; angulus oculi nasalis; angulus oculi temporalis; angulus oris; angulus sphenoidalis ossis parietalis; angulus sterni; angulus subpubicus; angulus superior scapulae; angustifolious; angustiseptate; angwantibo; anhaline; anhaphia; anharmonic; anhedonia; anhelation; anhele; anhelous; anhepatic jaundice; anhepatogenous jaundice; anhidrosis; anhidrotic; anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia; anhinga; anhistic; anhistous; anhydrase; anhydration; anhydride; anhydrides; anhydrite; anhydro-; anhydroelastase; anhydrogitalin; anhydroleucovorin; anhydrosugars; anhydrotetracycline oxygenase; anhydrous; anhydrous alcohol; anhydrous chloral; anhydrous lanolin; aniacinamidosis; aniacinosis; anicteric; anicteric hepatitis; anicteric virus hepatitis; anidean; anideus; anidimatical; anidous; anidrosis; anidrotic; anil; anile; anileridine; anilic; anilide; anilinction; aniline; aniline blue; aniline fuchsin; aniline hydroxylase; aniline mustard; aniline oxygenase; anilingus; anilinism; anilino naphthalenesulfonates; anilinophil; anilinophilous; anilism; anility; anima; animal; animal black; animal cell culture; animal cell immobilisation; animal charcoal; animal communication; animalcule; animalculism; animal dander; animal dextran; animal graft; animal husbandry; animal identification systems; animalised cell; animal magnetism; animal model; animal pole; animal protein factor; animal psychology; animal rights; animals, domestic; animals, inbred strains; animal soap; animals, suckling; animal starch; animals, transgenic; animal structures; animals, wild; animal technicians; animal testing; animal testing alternatives; animal toxin; animal viruses; animal wax; animal welfare; animastic; animate; animation; animatism; anime; animism; animosity; animus; A-N interval; anion; anion exchange; anion exchanger; anion exchange resin; anion gap; anionic; anionic detergent; anionic detergents; anionic neutrophil activating peptide; anionotropy; anions; aniridia; anisakiasis; anisakid; Anisakidae; anisakis; anisate; anise; aniseed; aniseikonia; anisette; anisic; anisic acid; anisindione; aniso-; anisoaccommodation; anisochromasia; anisochromatic; anisocoria; anisocytosis; anisodactylous; anisodactyls; anisodactyly; anisogamy; anisognathous; anisokaryosis; anisole; anisoles; anisomastia; anisomelia; anisomeric; anisomerous; anisometropia; anisometropic; anisometropic amblyopia; anisomycin; anisopetalous; anisophyllous; anisopiesis; anisopleura; anisopoda; anisorrhythmia; anisosphygmia; anisostemonous; anisosthenic; anisotonic; anisotropic; anisotropic disks; anisotropic lipid; anisotropic membrane; anisotropine methylbromide; anisotropy; anistreplase; Anitschkow; Anitschkow cell; Anitschkow myocyte; ankerite; ankle; ankle anatomy; ankle bone; ankle clonus; ankle-foot orthosis; ankle injuries; ankle jerk; ankle joint; ankle pain; ankle reflex; ankle region; ANK repeat; ankylo-; ankyloblepharon; ankylocolpos; ankylodactyly; ankyloglossia; ankyloglossia superior syndrome; ankylomele; ankylopoietic; ankyloproctia; ankylosed; ankylosed tooth; ankylosing hyperostosis; ankylosing spondylitis; ankylosis; Ankylostoma; ankylostomiasis; ankylotic; ankyrin; ankyrin repeat; ankyrins; ankyroid; anlage; annates; anneal; annealing; annealing lamp; annectent; annectent gyrus; annelida; annelidan; annelidous; annelids; annellata; annellide; annelloconidium; anneloid; annexa; annexal; annexectomy; annexin; annexin I; annexin II; annexin III; annexin IV; annexins; annexin v; annexin vi; annexin vii; annexitis; annexopexy; annihilate; annihilationist; annihilation radiation; anniversaries and special events; anniversary; annomination; annotine; annotinous; annotto; annual; annual reports; annuent; annular; annular band; annular cartilage; annular cataract; annular illumination; annular ligament; annular ligament of the radius; annular ligament of the stapes; annular ligaments of the trachea; annular lipid; annular pancreas; annular part of fibrous digital sheath; annular placenta; annular plexus; annular pulley; annular scleritis; annular scotoma; annular sphincter; annular staphyloma; annular stop; annular stricture; annular synechia; annular syphilid; annulata; annulate; annulated; annulate lamellae; annulet; annuloid; annuloida; annuloplasty; annuloplasty ring; annulorrhaphy; annulosa; annulosan; annulose; annulospiral ending; annulospiral organ; annulus; annulus abdominalis; annulus ciliaris; annulus conjunctivae; annulus femoralis; annulus fibrocartilagineus membranae tympani; annulus fibrosus; annulus fibrosus cordis; annulus fibrosus disci intervertebralis; annulus fibrosus of intervertebral disc; annulus haemorrhoidalis; annulus inguinalis profundus; annulus inguinalis superficialis; annulus iridis; annulus iridis major; annulus iridis minor; annulus lymphaticus cardiae; annulus of fibrous sheath; annulus ovalis; annulus tendineus communis; annulus tympanicus; annulus umbilicalis; annulus urethralis; annunciation; ano; anoa; AnOC; anochlesia; anochromasia; anociassociation; anococcygeal; anococcygeal body; anococcygeal ligament; anococcygeal nerves; anocutaneous line; anodal; anodal closure contraction; anodal closure tetanus; anodal current; anodal duration tetanus; anodal opening contraction; anodal opening tetanus; anode; anode rays; anoderm; anodic; anodon; anodontia; anodontism; anodyne; anoetic; anogenital; anogenital band; anogenital raphe; anolis; anomal; anomalad; anomaliped; anomalipede; anomalism; anomalistic; anomalistical; anomalistically; anomaloflorous; anomaloscope; anomalous; anomalous atrioventricular excitation; anomalous complex; anomalous conduction; anomalous correspondence; anomalous diffusion; anomalously; anomalous mitral arcade; anomalousness; anomalous trichromatism; anomalous uterus; anomalous viscosity; anomaly; anomer; anomeric carbon; anomia; anomic aphasia; anomie; anomophyllous; anomoura; anomuran; anona; anonaceous; anonychosis; anonyma; anonymous reporting; anonymous testing; anonymous veins; anonyms and pseudonyms; anopheles; Anopheles albimanus; Anopheles albitarsus; Anopheles balabacensis; Anopheles culicifacies; Anopheles darlingi; Anopheles fluviatilis; Anopheles freeborni; Anopheles funestus; Anopheles gambiae; Anopheles labranchiae; Anopheles maculatus; Anopheles maculipennis; Anopheles minimus; Anopheles pseudopunctipennis; Anopheles quadrimaculatus; Anopheles stephensi; Anopheles sundaicus; Anopheles superpictus; anophelicide; anophelifuge; Anophelinae; anopheline; Anophelini; anophelism; anophthalmia; anophthalmos; anophyte; anopla; anoplasty; Anoplocephala; Anoplocephala perfoliata; anoplotherium; anoplura; anopsy; anorchia; anorchism; anorectal; anorectal abscess; anorectal angle; anorectal fistula; anorectal flexure; anorectal junction; anorectal lymph nodes; anorectal spasm; anorectal syndrome; anorectic; anorexia; anorexia nervosa; anorexiant; anorexic; anorexigenic; anorexy; anorgasmia; anorthic; anorthography; anorthoscope; anoscope; anoscopy; anosigmoidoscopy; anosmia; anosmic; anosodiaphoria; anosognosia; anosognosic; anosognosic epilepsy; anosognosic seizures; anospinal; anospinal centre; anosteoplasia; anostosis; anotia; ANOVA; anovesical; anovular; anovular ovarian follicle; anovulation; anovulational menstruation; anovulatory; anovulatory cycle; anoxaemia; anoxaemia test; anoxia; anoxia neonatorum; anoxic; anoxic anoxia; anoxic culture; anoxic reactor; anoxybiosis; anoxygenic photosynthesis; ANP; ANP1 kinase; ANP clearance receptors; ANP receptor; ANP receptors; Anrep; Anrep effect; Anrep phenomenon; ANS; ansa; ansa cervicalis; ansae nervorum spinalium; ansa hypoglossi; ansa lenticularis; ansa peduncularis; ansa sacralis; ansa subclavia; ansate; anseres; anseriformes; anserine; anserine bursa; anserine bursitis; ansiform; ansiform lobule; ansotomy; answer; answerable; answerless; ant; antacid; antacids; antagonism; antagonist; antagonistic effect; antagonistic muscles; antagonistic reflexes; antalgesia; antalgic; antalgic gait; antalkaline; antambulacral; antanaclasis; antaphrodisiac; apidaecins; apiin synthetase; apinealism; apiol; apiphobia; apis; apituitarism; aplacental; aplacentata; aplacophora; aplanatic; aplanatic lens; aplanatic points; aplanatism; aplasia; aplasia cutis congenita; aplastic; aplastic anaemia; aplastic lymph; apleuria; aplotomy; aplustre; Aplysia; apna; apnea; apneic; apneic oxygenation; apneic pause; apneumatosis; apneumia; apneumona; apneusis; apneustic; apneustic breathing; apnoea; apo-; apoB 100; apobiosis; apocarpous; apocarteresis; apochromatic lens; apochromatic objective; apoCII; apocleisis; apocope; apocrine; apocrine adenoma; apocrine carcinoma; apocrine gland; apocrine glands; apocrine metaplasia; apocrine miliaria; apocrine sweat glands; apocrisiarius; apocrustic; apocryphal; apocyneous; apocynin; apoda; apodal; apodan; apode; apodeme; apodemialgia; apodes; apodia; apodous; apody; apoenzyme; apoferritin; apogamia; apogamy; apogeal; apogee; apogeotropic; apograph; apohyal; apoinducer; apolar; apolar bond; apolar cell; apolar interaction; apolipoprotein; apolipoprotein A-I; apolipoprotein A-II; apolipoprotein A-IV; apolipoprotein B; apolipoprotein B-100; apolipoprotein B-48; apolipoprotein C-I; apolipoprotein C-II; apolipoprotein C-III; apolipoprotein D; apolipoprotein E; apolipoprotein N-acyltransferase; apolipoproteins; apolipoproteins a; apolipoproteins b; apolipoproteins c; apolipoproteins e; apollo; apologetical; apologetically; apologetics; apologist; apologize; apologizer; apomict; apomixia; apomixis; apomorphia; apomorphine; apomorphine hydrochloride; aponeurectomy; aponeurorrhaphy; aponeurosis; aponeurosis epicranialis; aponeurosis linguae; aponeurosis musculi bicipitis brachii; aponeurosis of external abdominal oblique muscle; aponeurosis of insertion; aponeurosis of internal abdominal oblique muscle; aponeurosis of investment; aponeurosis of origin; aponeurosis of vastus muscles; aponeurosis palatina; aponeurosis palmaris; aponeurosis pharyngea; aponeurosis plantaris; aponeurositis; aponeurotic; aponeurotic fibroma; aponeurotic reflex; aponeurotome; aponeurotomy; aponitrite reductase; apopathetic; apophlegmatic; apophlegmatism; apophlegmatizant; apophthegm; apophthegmatic; apophthegmatical; apophylaxis; apophyllite; apophysary; apophysial; apophysial fracture; apophysial point; apophysis; apophysis conchae; apophysis helicis; apophysitis; apophysitis tibialis adolescentium; apoplasmia; apoplast; apoplectic; apoplectical; apoplectic cyst; apoplectic retinitis; apoplectiform; apoplexy; apoprotein; apoprotein B100; apoprotein CII; apoptosis; aporepressor; aporia; aporioneurosis; aporosa; aporose; apositic; aposome; apostate; apostaxis; apostemate; apostemation; apostematous; aposteme; a posteriori; aposthia; apostilb; apostume; apotelesm; apothanasia; apothecaries' weight; apothecary; apothecium; apothegm; apothem; apotome; apoxesis; apozem; appalachian region; appall; appanage; apparatus; apparatus digestorius; apparatus hyoideus; apparatus lacrimalis; apparatus ligamentosus colli; apparatus ligamentosus weitbrechti; apparatus respiratorius; apparatus suspensorius lentis; apparatus urogenitalis; apparel; apparent; apparently; apparent viscosity; apparition; appeal; appearance; appellative; appendage; appendages of eye; appendages of skin; appendages of the foetus; appendalgia; appendant; appendectomy; appendical; appendiceal; appendiceal abscess; appendicectasis; appendicectomy; appendicism; appendicitis; appendiclausis; appendico-; appendicocele; appendicoenterostomy; appendicolith; appendicolithiasis; appendicolysis; appendicostomy; appendicovesicostomy; appendicular; appendicular artery; appendicular colic; appendicularia; appendicular lymph nodes; appendicular muscle; appendicular skeleton; appendicular vein; appendiculata; appendiculate; appendix; appendix ceci; appendix epididymidis; appendix epididymis; appendix epiploica; appendix fibrosa hepatis; appendix of epididymidis; appendix of the testis; appendix testis; appendix ventriculi laryngis; appendix vermiformis; appendix vesiculosa; apperception; apperceptive; apperceptive mass; appersonation; appestat; appetency; appetite; appetite depressants; appetite juice; appetite regulation; appetite stimulants; appetition; appetitive behaviour; applagin; applanation; applanation tonometer; applanometry; apple; apple domain; apple jelly nodules; apple oil; appliance; applicand; applicate; application; applicator; applied anatomy; applied anthropology; applied-b diode; applied chemistry; applique forms; apply; appointments and schedules; apportionment; apposition; appositional growth; apposition suture; apprehensive; apprentice; appressed; apprest; approach; approach-approach conflict; approach-avoidance conflict; approaching; approachless; approbativeness; AP projection; approximate; approximation; approximation suture; appui; appulse; appurtenance; apractagnosia; apractic; apragmatism; apraxia; apraxia algera; apraxic; apricot; apricot kernel oil; aprindine; a priori; aprobarbital; aprocarb; aprocta; aproctia; aproctous; aprofen; apron; aprophoria; aprosexia; aprosody; aprosopia; a-protein; aprotic; aprotinin; APS; apsidal; apsis; apt; aptamer; aptera; apteral; apteran; apteria; apterous; apteryges; apteryx; apthous ulcers; apthovirus; aptitude; aptitude test; aptitude tests; aPTT; Apt test; aptychus; APUD; APUD cell; apud cells; apudoma; apurinic acid; apurinic DNA; apurinic site; apus; ap, X-ray; apyknomorphous; apyrase; apyretic; apyretic tetanus; apyretic typhoid; apyrexia; apyrexial; apyrexy; apyrimidinic acid; apyrimidinic site; aq; aq bull; aq dest; aq ferv; aq frig; aqua; aquabirnavirus; aquacobalamin; aquacobalamin reductase; aquaculture; aqua fortis; aquagenic pruritus; aqualfs; aquamarine; aquaphobia; aquaporin; aquapuncture; aqua regia; aquarium; aquarius; Aquaspirillum; aquatic; aquatic plant; aquatic root; aqueduct; aqueductal intubation; aqueductal stenosis; aqueduct of cerebrum; aqueduct of sylvius; aqueductus; aqueductus cerebri; aqueductus cochleae; aqueductus cotunnii; aqueductus fallopii; aqueductus sylvii; aqueductus vestibuli; aqueduct veil; aquent; aqueous; aqueous chambers; aqueous flare; aqueous humor; aqueous influx phenomenon; aqueous phase; aqueous solution; aqueous vaccine; aqueous vein; aquept; aquic moisture regime; aquila; aquiparous; aquocobalamin; aquod; aquo-ion; aquosity; Ar; ara; araari; arab-; araban; arabesque; arabia; arabic; arabic acid; arabidopsis; Arabidopsis thaliana; arabin; arabinoadenosine; arabinocytidine; arabinofuranosyladenine; arabinofuranosylcytosine; arabinofuranosylcytosine triphosphate; arabinofuranosyluracil; arabinonucleosides; arabinonucleotides; arabinose; arabinose-5-phosphate isomerase; arabinoside; arabinosis; arabinosuria; arabinosyladenine; arabinosylcytosine; arabinosyl-hydroxyproline transferase; arabinosyltransferase; arabinoxylan; arabist; arabitol; arabs; arab world; araC; araceous; arachic acid; arachidic acid; arachidonate; arachidonate 12-lipoxygenase; arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase; arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase; arachidonate 8-lipoxygenase; arachidonate epoxygenase; arachidonate lipoxygenases; arachidonate monooxygenase; arachidonic acid; arachidonic acid 18-hydroxylase; arachidonic acid cascade; arachidonoyl coenzyme A lysophosphatide acyltransferase; arachidonoylethanolamide synthase; arachidonyl transacylase; arachis oil; arachnephobia; Arachnia; arachnid; arachnida; arachnidan; arachnidial; arachnidism; arachnidium; arachnid vectors; arachnitis; arachnobutyrophobia; arachnodactyly; arachnoid; arachnoidal; arachnoidal granulations; arachnoid cyst; arachnoid cysts; arachnoidea; arachnoidea mater spinalis; arachnoid foramen; arachnoid granulations; arachnoiditis; arachnoid mater; arachnoid mater cranialis; arachnoid mater encephali; arachnoid membrane; arachnoid of brain; arachnoid of spinal cord; arachnoid trabecula; arachnoid villi; arachnological; arachnologist; arachnology; arachnolysin; arachnophobia; aragonite; araguato; aralkyl; aralkyl-CoA-glycine N-acyltransferase; Aran-Duchenne disease; araneidan; araneiform; araneina; araneism; araneoidea; Aran, Francois; Arantius, Giulio; Arantius' ligament; Arantius' nodule; Arantius' ventricle; ara operon; arapaima; araphia; arara; araucaria; arbalist; arbaprostil; arbitrary; arbitration agreement; arbitratrix; arbitress; arbor; arborary; arborator; arbor dianae; arboreal; arbored; arboreous; arborescence; arborescent; arborescent cataract; arboret; arboretum; arborical; arboricole; arboriculture; arboriculturist; arborise; arborist; arborization; arborization block; arborized; arboroid; arborous; arborvirus; arbor vitae; arbor vitae uteri; arbovirus; arboviruses; arbovirus infection; arbovirus infections; arbuscle; arbuscular; arbustive; arbute; arbutin; ARC; arcade; arcadia; Arcanobacterium; Arcanobacterium haemolyticum; arcanum; arcate; arc-flash conjunctivitis; arch; archae; archaea; archaeal proteins; archaean; Archaebacteria; archaeocerebellum; archaeocyte; archaeoglobales; archaeoglobus; archaeoglobus fulgidus; archaeography; archaeological; archaeologist; archaeology; archaeopteryx; archaeostomatous; archaeozoic; archaeus; archaic; archaic-paralogical thinking; Archambault, LaSalle; archangel; arch bar; archchemic; archduke; arched crest; arched root; archegonium; archegony; archencephala; archenteric; archenteric canal; archenteron; archeocerebellum; archeokinetic; archeological; archeology; archeress; archer fish; arches of the foot; archetype; archeus; archform; archiannelida; archiater; archiblastula; archicerebellum; archicortex; archidiaconal; archil; archimandrite; archimedes; archin; archipallium; archipterygium; architect; architectonics; architectress; architectural accessibility; architectural drawings; architecture; architeuthis; architrave; arch length; arch length deficiency; arch-loop-whorl system; archo-; arch of cricoid cartilage; arch of the aorta; arch of the palate; arch of thoracic duct; archonts; archwire; arciform; arciform arteries; arciform veins of kidney; arc of buehler; arc of riolan; arcograph; arcon articulator; arc perimeter; arctation; arctic; arctic regions; arctisca; arctogeal; arctoidea; arcturus; arcual; arcuate; arcuate arteries of kidney; arcuate artery; arcuate crest; arcuate crest of arytenoid cartilage; arcuate eminence; arcuate fasciculus; arcuate fibres; arcuate fibres of cerebrum; arcuate line; arcuate line of ilium; arcuate line of rectus sheath; arcuate nuclei; arcuate nucleus; arcuate nucleus of thalamus; arcuate popliteal ligament; arcuate pubic ligament; arcuate scotoma; arcuate uterus; arcuate veins of kidney; arcuate zone; arcuation; arcus; arcus adiposus; arcus alveolaris mandibulae; arcus alveolaris maxillae; arcus anterior atlantis; arcus aortae; arcus cartilaginis cricoideae; arcus cornealis; arcus costalis; arcus costarum; arcus dentalis inferior; arcus dentalis superior; arcus ductus thoracici; arcus glossopalatinus; arcus iliopectineus; arcus inguinalis; arcus juvenilis; arcus lipoides; arcus lumbocostalis lateralis; arcus lumbocostalis medialis; arcus palatini; arcus palatoglossus; arcus palatopharyngeus; arcus palmaris profundus; arcus palmaris superficialis; arcus palpebralis inferior; arcus palpebralis superior; arcus pedis longitudinalis; arcus pedis longitudinalis pars lateralis; arcus pedis longitudinalis pars medialis; arcus pedis transversalis; arcus plantaris; arcus posterior atlantis; arcus pubis; arcus raninus; arcus senilis; arcus superciliaris; arcus tarseus; arcus tendineus; arcus tendineus fasciae pelvis; arcus tendineus musculi levatoris ani; arcus tendineus musculi solei; arcus tendineus of obturator fascia; arcus unguium; arcus venosus dorsalis pedis; arcus venosus juguli; arcus venosus palmaris profundus; arcus venosus palmaris superficialis; arcus venosus plantaris; arcus vertebrae; arcus volaris profundus; arcus volaris superficialis; arcus zygomaticus; ardanesthesia; ardent fever; ardent spirits; ardor; ARDS; area; area acustica; area centralis; area cochleae; area cribrosa papillae renalis; area gastrica; area health education centres; area intercondylaris anterior tibiae; area intercondylaris posterior tibiae; areal cover; area nervi facialis; area nuda hepatis; area of cardiac dullness; area of facial nerve; area opaca; area parolfactoria; area pellucida; area postrema; area subcallosa; areata; area under curve; area under the curve; area vasculosa; area vestibularis inferior; area vestibularis superior; areca; arecaidine; arecaine; arecoline; areflexia; arena; arenaceous; arenation; Arenaviridae; arenaviridae infections; arenavirus; arenga; arenicolite; areola; areola mammae; areola of nipple; areola papillaris; areolar; areolar choroiditis; areolar choroidopathy; areolar gland abscess; areolar glands; areolar tissue; areolated; areolation; areola umbilicus; areole; areolet; areolus; areometer; aretology; ARF; arg; argala; argali; Argas; argasid; Argasidae; Argas persicus; Argas reflexus; argentaffin; argentaffin cell; argentaffin cells; argentaffin granules; argentaffinoma; argentate; argentation; argentic; argentine; Argentinean haemorrhagic fever; Argentine haemorrhagic fever virus; argentite; argentophil; argentous; argentry; argentum; argil; argillaceous; argillite; arginase; arginase deficiency; arginine; arginine 2-monooxygenase; arginine amidase; arginine deiminase; arginine dihydrolase; arginine endopeptidase; arginine esterase; arginine glutamate; arginine hydrochloride; arginine iminohydrolase; arginine kinase; arginine oxidase; arginine phosphate; arginine succinyltransferase; arginine-tRNA ligase; arginine vasopressin; arginine vasotocin; argininosuccinase; argininosuccinate lyase; argininosuccinate synthase; argininosuccinic acid; argininosuccinic aciduria; arginyl; arginyllysine esteropeptidase; argipressin; argive; argo; argol; argon; argonaut; argonauta; Argonz; Argonz-Del Castillo syndrome; argulus; argument; argus; argus shell; Argyll Robertson pupil; argyria; argyriasis; argyric; argyrism; argyrol; argyrophil; argyrophilic cell; argyrophilic fibre; argyrosis; arhigosis; arhinia; arian; Arias-Stella; Arias-Stella effect; Arias-Stella phenomenon; Arias-Stella reaction; ariboflavinosis; aricine; ariel gazelle; Arie-Pitanguy mammaplasty; Arie-Pitanguy operation; aries; aril; arillus; arise; arista; aristate; aristolochene synthase; aristolochic acid; aristology; aristotelian; aristotelian method; Aristotle; Aristotle, Asclepliad of Stagira; Aristotle's anomaly; aristotle's lantern; aristulate; arithmetic mean; arithmomancy; arithmomania; Arizona; ark; ark shell; Arlt; Arlt's operation; arm; armadillo; armadillos; armamentarium; Armanni-Ebstein change; Armanni-Ebstein kidney; Armanni, Luciano; armarium; armature; armed macrophage; armed rostellum; armed tapeworm; armenia; armilla; Armillaria mellea neutral proteinase; Armillifer; armin; arm injuries; armored heart; armor heart; arm phenomenon; armpit; Armstrong, Arthur Riley; Armstrong, Henry; army worm; Arndt, G; Arndt-Gottron syndrome; Arndt, Rudolph; Arndt's law; arnee; Arneth classification; Arneth count; Arneth formula; Arneth index; Arneth, Joseph; Arneth stages; arnica; arnicin; arnicine; arnold-chiari deformity; arnold-chiari malformation; Arnold-Chiari syndrome; Arnold, Freidrich; Arnold, Julius; Arnold's bodies; Arnold's bundle; Arnold's canal; Arnold's ganglion; Arnold's nerve; Arnold's tract; arnotto; aroclors; arogenate dehydrogenase; aroideous; aroma; aromatase; aromatase inhibitor; aromatherapy; aromatic; aromatical; aromatic amine acetyltransferase; aromatic amine dehydrogenase; aromatic ammonia spirit; aromatic castor oil; aromatic compound; aromatic d-amino-acid decarboxylase; aromatic-l-amino-acid decarboxylases; aromatic NADH-dependent nitroreductase; aromatic series; aromatic water; aromatisation; aromatise; aromatiser; aromatous; aroph; arousal; arousal function; arousal reaction; aroyl; arpen; arquebusade; arrack; arrangement; arrant; arrayed library; arrector; arrectores pilorum; arrector pili; arrector pili muscles; arrenotokous; arrest; arrested dental caries; arrested tuberculosis; arrestin; arrestins; arrhaphia; arrhenic; arrhenic medication; Arrhenius doctrine; arrhenius equation; Arrhenius law; Arrhenius-Madsen theory; Arrhenius plot; Arrhenius, Svante; arrhenoblastoma; arrhinencephaly; arrhinia; arrhizous; arrhythmia; arrhythmias; arrhythmias, atrial; arrhythmia, sinus; arrhythmias, rapid; arrhythmias, slow; arrhythmias, ventricular; arrhythmic; arrhythmogenic; arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia; arrhythmous; arris; arrondissement; arrow grass; arrowhead; arrow point tracing; arrow poison; arrowroot; arrowwood; arrowworm; Arruga; Arruga's forceps; arsacetin; arsanilic acid; arse; arsenamide; arsenate; arsenates; arsenazo III; arseniasis; arsenic; arsenic acid; arsenical; arsenicalism; arsenical keratosis; arsenical polyneuropathy; arsenicals; arsenical tremor; arsenic-fast; arsenicism; arsenic pigmentation; arsenic poisoning; arsenic trihydride; arsenic trioxide; arsenide; arsenious; arsenite; arsenite(antimonate)-stimulated ATPase; arsenite oxidase; arsenites; arsenium; arseniuret; arseniureted; arseniureted hydrogen; arsenopyrite; arsenotherapy; arsenous; arsenous acid; arsenous hydride; arsenous oxide; arsenoxides; arsine; arsonic acid; arsonium; arsphenamine; arsthinol; art; artefact; artemia; Artemia trypsin-like proteinase; artemisia; arterenol; arteri-; arteria; arteria acetabuli; arteria alveolaris inferior; arteria alveolaris superior posterior; arteria anastomotica auricularis magna; arteria anastomotica magna; arteria angularis; arteria aorta; arteria appendicularis; arteria arcuata; arteria articularis azygos; arteria ascendens; arteria auditiva interna; arteria auricularis posterior; arteria auricularis profunda; arteria axillaris; arteria basilaris; arteria brachialis; arteria brachialis superficialis; arteria buccalis; arteria bulbi penis; arteria bulbi urethrae; arteria bulbi vaginae; arteria bulbi vestibuli; arteria caecalis anterior; arteria caecalis posterior; arteria calcarina; arteria callosomarginalis; arteria canalis pterygoidei; arteria carotis communis; arteria carotis externa; arteria carotis interna; arteria caudae pancreatis; arteria centralis brevis; arteria centralis longa; arteria centralis retinae; arteria cerebelli inferior anterior; arteria cerebelli inferior posterior; arteria cerebelli superior; arteria cerebri anterior; arteria cerebri media; arteria cerebri posterior; arteria cervicalis ascendens; arteria cervicalis profunda; arteria cervicalis superficialis; arteria cervicovaginalis; arteria choroidea anterior; arteria choroidea posterior; arteria ciliaris anterior; arteria ciliaris posterior brevis; arteria ciliaris posterior longa; arteria circumflexa femoris lateralis; arteria circumflexa femoris medialis; arteria circumflexa humeri anterior; arteria circumflexa humeri posterior; arteria circumflexa iliaca profunda; arteria circumflexa iliaca superficialis; arteria circumflexa scapulae; arteria coeliaca; arteria colica dextra; arteria colica media; arteria colica sinistra; arteria collateralis media; arteria collateralis radialis; arteria collateralis ulnaris inferior; arteria collateralis ulnaris superior; arteria comes nervi phrenici; arteria comitans nervi ischiadici; arteria comitans nervi mediani; arteria communicans anterior; arteria communicans posterior; arteria conjunctivalis anterior; arteria conjunctivalis posterior; arteria coronaria dextra; arteria coronaria sinistra; arteria cremasterica; arteria cystica; arteria deferentialis; arteria digitalis dorsalis; arteria digitalis palmaris communis; arteria digitalis palmaris propria; arteria digitalis plantaris communis; arteria digitalis plantaris propria; arteria dorsalis clitoridis; arteria dorsalis nasi; arteria dorsalis pedis; arteria dorsalis penis; arteria dorsalis scapulae; arteria ductus deferentis; arteriae alveolares superiores anteriores; arteriae alveolaris inferioris; arteriae arcuatae renis; arteriae atriales; arteriae caroticotympanicae arteriae carotidis internae; arteriae centrales anterolaterales; arteriae centrales anteromediales; arteriae centrales posterolaterales; arteriae centrales posteromediales; arteriae gastricae breves; arteriae helicinae penis; arteriae ileales; arteriae insulares; arteriae intercostales posteriores; arteriae interlobares renis; arteriae interlobulares; arteriae intestinales; arteriae jejunales; arteriae labiales anteriores; arteriae lumbales imae; arteriae malleolares posteriores laterales; arteriae malleolares posteriores mediales; arteriae mediastinales anteriores; arteriae nasales posteriores laterales; arteriae nutriciae humeri; arteriae occipitalis; arteriae palpebrales; arteriae parietales; arteriae perforantes; arteria epigastrica inferior; arteria epigastrica superficialis; arteria epigastrica superior; arteria episcleralis; arteriae pontis; arteriae pudendae externae; arteriae renis; arteriae sigmoideae; arteriae suprarenales superiores; arteriae thalamostriatae anterolaterales; arteria ethmoidalis anterior; arteria ethmoidalis posterior; arteriae thymicae; arteriae ventriculares; arteria facialis; arteria femoralis; arteria fibularis; arteria frontalis; arteria frontobasalis lateralis; arteria frontobasalis medialis; arteria gastrica dextra; arteria gastrica sinistra; arteria gastroduodenalis; arteria gastro-omentalis dextra; arteria gastro-omentalis sinistra; arteria genus descendens; arteria genus inferior lateralis; arteria genus inferior medialis; arteria genus media; arteria genus superior lateralis; arteria genus superior medialis; arteria glutea inferior; arteria glutea superior; arteria gyri angularis; arteria hepatica communis; arteria hepatica propria; arteria hyaloidea; arteria hypogastrica; arteria hypophysialis inferior; arteria hypophysialis superior; arteria ileocolica; arteria iliaca communis; arteria iliaca externa; arteria iliaca interna; arteria iliolumbalis; arteria infraorbitalis; arteria intercostalis suprema; arteria interlobulares; arteria interlobulares (hepatis); arteria intermesenterica; arteria interossea anterior; arteria interossea communis; arteria interossea posterior; arteria interossea recurrens; arteria interossea volaris; arteria ischiatica; arterial; arteria labialis inferior; arteria labialis superior; arteria labyrinthi; arteria lacrimalis; arterial arcades; arterial arches of colon; arterial arches of ileum; arterial arches of jejunum; arterial arch of lower eyelid; arterial arch of upper eyelid; arteria laryngea inferior; arteria laryngea superior; arterial blood; arterial blood gas; arterial bulb; arterial canal; arterial capillary; arterial circle of cerebrum; arterial cone; arterial duct; arterial embolism; arterial flap; arterial forceps; arterial grooves; arterial hyperaemia; arterial hypotension; arteria lienalis; arteria ligamenti teretis uteri; arteria lingualis; arterialization; arterialize; arterial ligament; arterial line; arterial murmur; arterial nephrosclerosis; arteria lobi caudati; arterial occlusive diseases; arterial perfusion; arterial plethysmography; arterial sclerosis; arterial segments of kidney; arterial spider; arterial switch operation; arterial tension; arterial thoracic outlet syndrome; arterial transfusion; arteria lumbalis; arteria lusoria; arterial vein; arterial wave; arteria malleolaris anterior lateralis; arteria malleolaris anterior medialis; arteria mammaria interna; arteria masseterica; arteria maxillaris; arteria maxillaris externa; arteria mediana; arteria meningea anterior; arteria meningea media; arteria meningea posterior; arteria mentalis; arteria mesenterica inferior; arteria mesenterica superior; arteria metacarpea dorsalis; arteria metacarpea palmaris; arteria metatarsae; arteria metatarsea dorsalis; arteria metatarsea plantaris; arteria musculophrenica; arteria nasalis posterior septi; arteria nasi externa; arteria nutricia; arteria nutriens fibulae; arteria nutriens tibialis; arteria obturatoria; arteria obturatoria accessoria; arteria occipitalis; arteria occipitalis lateralis; arteria occipitalis medialis; arteria ophthalmica; arteria ovarica; arteria palatina ascendens; arteria palatina descendens; arteria palatina major; arteria palatina minor; arteria pancreatica dorsalis; arteria pancreatica inferior; arteria pancreatica magna; arteria pancreaticoduodenalis inferior; arteria pancreaticoduodenalis superior; arteria paracentralis; arteria parietales anterior; arteria parietales posterior; arteria parieto-occipitalis; arteria pericallosa; arteria pericardiacophrenica; arteria perinealis; arteria peronea; arteria pharyngea ascendens; arteria phrenica inferior; arteria phrenica superior; arteria plantaris lateralis; arteria plantaris medialis; arteria poplitea; arteria precunealis; arteria princeps pollicis; arteria profunda brachii; arteria profunda clitoridis; arteria profunda femoris; arteria profunda linguae; arteria profunda penis; arteria pudenda interna; arteria pulmonalis; arteria pulmonalis dextra; arteria pulmonalis sinistra; arteria radialis; arteria radialis indicis; arteria radicularis magna; arteria ranina; arteriarctia; arteria rectalis inferior; arteria rectalis media; arteria rectalis superior; arteria recurrens; arteria recurrens radialis; arteria recurrens tibialis anterior; arteria recurrens tibialis posterior; arteria recurrens ulnaris; arteria renalis; arteria retinae centralis; arteria retroduodenalis; arteria sacralis lateralis; arteria sacralis mediana; arteria scapularis descendens; arteria scapularis dorsalis; arteria segmenti anterioris inferioris renis; arteria segmenti anterioris superioris renis; arteria segmenti inferioris renis; arteria segmenti posterioris renis; arteria segmenti superioris renis; arteria spermatica interna; arteria sphenopalatina; arteria spinalis anterior; arteria spinalis posterior; arteria splenica; arteria stylomastoidea; arteria subclavia; arteria subcostalis; arteria sublingualis; arteria submentalis; arteria subscapularis; arteria sulci centralis; arteria sulci postcentralis; arteria sulci precentralis; arteria supraduodenalis; arteria supraorbitalis; arteria suprarenalis inferior; arteria suprarenalis media; arteria suprascapularis; arteria supratrochlearis; arteria suralis; arteria tarsea lateralis; arteria tarsea medialis; arteria temporalis anterior; arteria temporalis intermedia; arteria temporalis media; arteria temporalis posterior; arteria temporalis profunda; arteria temporalis superficialis; arteria testicularis; arteria thoracica interna; arteria thoracica lateralis; arteria thoracica superior; arteria thoracoacromialis; arteria thoracodorsalis; arteria thyroidea ima; arteria thyroidea inferior; arteria thyroidea superior; arteria tibialis anterior; arteria tibialis posterior; arteria transversa cervicis; arteria transversa colli; arteria transversa faciei; arteria tympanica anterior; arteria tympanica inferior; arteria tympanica posterior; arteria tympanica superior; arteria ulnaris; arteria umbilicalis; arteria urethralis; arteria uterina; arteria vaginalis; arteria vertebralis; arteria vesicalis inferior; arteria vesicalis superior; arteria vitellina; arteria volaris indicis radialis; arteria zygomatico-orbitalis; arteriectasis; arteriectomy; arteries; arteries of cerebral haemorrhage; arteries of kidney; arteries of penis; arterio-; arterio-arterial fistula; arterioatony; arteriocapillary; arteriocapillary sclerosis; arteriococcygeal gland; arteriogram; arteriographic; arteriography; arteriola; arteriolae rectae; arteriola glomerularis afferens; arteriola glomerularis efferens; arteriola macularis inferior; arteriola macularis superior; arteriola medialis retinae; arteriola nasalis retinae inferior; arteriola nasalis retinae superior; arteriolar; arteriolar nephrosclerosis; arteriolar network; arteriolar sclerosis; arteriola temporalis retinae inferior; arteriola temporalis retinae superior; arteriole; arterioles; arteriolith; arteriolitis; arteriolo-; arteriology; arteriolonecrosis; arteriolonephrosclerosis; arteriolosclerosis; arteriolosclerotic kidney; arteriolovenous; arteriolovenular; arteriolovenular anastomosis; arteriolovenular bridge; arteriomalacia; arteriometer; arteriomotor; arteriomyomatosis; arterionephrosclerosis; arteriopalmus; arteriopathy; arterioplania; arterioplasty; arteriopressor; arteriorrhaphy; arteriorrhexis; arteriosclerosis; arteriosclerosis obliterans; arteriosclerotic; arteriosclerotic aneurysm; arteriosclerotic gangrene; arteriosclerotic kidney; arteriosclerotic psychosis; arteriosclerotic retinopathy; arteriospasm; arteriostenosis; arteriotomy; arteriotony; arteriovenous; arteriovenous anastomosis; arteriovenous aneurysm; arteriovenous carbon dioxide difference; arteriovenous fistula; arteriovenous malformation; arteriovenous oxygen difference; arteriovenous shunt; arteriovenous strabismus syndrome; arteritis; arteritis nodosa; arteritis obliterans; arteritis virus; arterivirus; arterivirus infections; artery; artery, brachial; artery, carotid; artery needle; artery of adamkiewicz; artery of angular gyrus; artery of anterior inferior segment of kidney; artery of anterior superior segment of kidney; artery of bernasconi and cassinari; artery of bulb of penis; artery of bulb of vestibule; artery of calf; artery of caudate lobe; artery of central sulcus; artery of Drummond; artery of ductus deferens; artery of Heubner; artery of inferior segment of kidney; artery of labyrinth; artery of postcentral sulcus; artery of posterior segment of kidney; artery of precentral sulcus; artery of pterygoid canal; artery of pulp; artery of round ligament of uterus; artery of superior segment of kidney; artery of the pancreatic tail; artery to atrioventricular node; artery to sciatic nerve; artery to the sinuatrial node; artery, vertebral; artesian; arthragra; arthral; arthralgia; arthralgia saturnina; arthralgic; arthrectomy; arthresthesia; arthrifuge; arthritic; arthritic atrophy; arthritic calculus; arthritic general pseudoparalysis; arthritide; arthritides; arthritis; arthritis, adjuvant; arthritis deformans; arthritis, degenerative; arthritis-encephalitis virus, caprine; arthritis, gout; arthritis, gouty; arthritis in children; arthritis, infectious; arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid; arthritis, lyme; arthritis mutilans; arthritis nodosa; arthritis, psoriatic; arthritis, quackery; arthritis, reactive; arthritis, reiter's; arthritis, rheumatoid; arthritis, spondylitis; arthro-; arthrobacter; arthrocele; arthrocentesis; arthrochondritis; arthroclasia; arthroconidium; arthroderm; Arthroderma; arthrodesis; arthrodia; arthrodial; arthrodial articulation; arthrodial cartilage; arthrodial joint; arthrodynia; arthrodynic; arthrodysplasia; arthroendoscopy; arthroereisis; arthrogastra; arthrogenous; arthrogram; arthrography; arthrogryposis; arthrogryposis multiplex congenita; arthrokatadysis; arthrolith; arthrolithiasis; arthrologia; arthrology; arthrolysis; arthromere; arthrometer; arthrometry; arthronosos; arthro-ophthalmopathy; arthropathia; arthropathia psoriatica; arthropathology; arthropathy; arthropathy, neurogenic; arthrophyma; arthroplasty; arthroplasty, replacement; arthroplasty, replacement, hip; arthroplasty, replacement, knee; arthropleura; arthropneumoradiography; arthropod; arthropoda; arthropodiasis; arthropodic; arthropods; arthropod vectors; arthropod venoms; arthropomata; arthropyosis; arthrorisis; arthrosclerosis; arthroscope; arthroscopic knee repair; arthroscopy; arthrosis; arthrospore; arthrosteitis; arthrostomy; arthrostraca; arthrosynovitis; arthrotome; arthrotomy; arthrotropic; arthrotyphoid; arthroxesis; arthrozoic; Arthus, Nicolas; Arthus phenomenon; Arthus reaction; arthus-type reaction's; artiad; artichoke; article; articular; articular branches; articular capsule; articular cartilage; articular cavity; articular circumference of radius; articular circumference of ulna; articular corpuscles; articular crescent; articular crests; articular disc; articular disc of acromioclavicular joint; articular disc of distal radioulnar joint; articular disc of sternoclavicular joint; articular disc of temporomandibular joint; articular disk; articulare; articular eminence of temporal bone; articular facet; articular fossa of temporal bone; articular fracture; articularis cubiti muscle; articularis genu; articular labrum; articular lamella; articular leprosy; articular lip; articular margin; articular meniscus; articular muscle; articular muscle of elbow; articular muscle of knee; articular nerve; articular network; articular pit of head of radius; articular process; articular rheumatism; articular sensibility; articular surface; articular surface of acromion; articular surface of arytenoid cartilage; articular surface of head of fibula; articular surface of head of rib; articular surface of patella; articular surface of temporal bone; articular surface of tubercle of rib; articular tubercle of temporal bone; articular vascular circle; articular vascular network; articular vascular network of elbow; articular vascular network of knee; articulary; articulata; articulate; articulated; articulated skeleton; articulating paper; articulatio; articulatio acromioclavicularis; articulatio atlantoaxialis lateralis; articulatio atlantoaxialis mediana; articulatio atlanto-occipitalis; articulatio bicondylaris; articulatio calcaneocuboidea; articulatio capitis costae; articulatio carpometacarpea pollicis; articulatio cartilaginis; articulatio complexa; articulatio composita; articulatio condylaris; articulatio costochondralis; articulatio costotransversaria; articulatio cotylica; articulatio coxae; articulatio cricoarytenoidea; articulatio cricothyroidea; articulatio cubiti; articulatio cuneonavicularis; articulatio dentoalveolaris; articulatio ellipsoidea; articulatio fibrosa; articulatio genus; articulatio humeri; articulatio humeroradialis; articulatio humeroulnaris; articulatio incudomallearis; articulatio incudostapedia; articulatio lumbosacralis; articulatio mandibularis; articulatio mediocarpea; articulation; articulation disorders; articulationes carpometacarpeae; articulationes cinguli membri inferioris; articulationes cinguli membri superioris; articulationes costovertebrales; articulationes intercarpeae; articulationes interchondrales; articulationes intermetacarpeae; articulationes intermetatarseae; articulationes interphalangeae manus; articulationes interphalangeae pedis; articulationes intertarseae; articulationes manus; articulationes membri inferioris liberi; articulationes membri superioris liberi; articulationes metacarpophalangeae; articulationes metatarsophalangeae; articulationes ossiculorum auditus; articulationes pedis; articulationes sternocostales; articulationes tarsometatarseae; articulationes zygapophyseales; articulation of pisiform bone; articulations of foot; articulations of hand; articulatio ossis pisiformis; articulatio ovoidalis; articulatio plana; articulatio radiocarpea; articulatio radioulnaris distalis; articulatio radioulnaris proximalis; articulatio sacrococcygea; articulatio sacroiliaca; articulatio sellaris; articulatio simplex; articulatio spheroidea; articulatio sternoclavicularis; articulatio subtalaris; articulatio synovialis; articulatio talocalcaneonavicularis; articulatio talocruralis; articulatio tarsi transversa; articulatio temporomandibularis; articulatio tibiofibularis; articulatio trochoidea; articulator; articulatory; articulin; articulostat; articulus; artifact; artifactitious; artifacts; artifactual; artificial; artificial active immunity; artificial anatomy; artificial ankylosis; artificial anus; artificial Carlsbad salt; artificial classification; artificial crown; artificial dentition; artificial eye; artificial fever; artificial heart; artificial heart valve; artificial insemination; artificial intelligence; artificial kidney; artificial Kissingen salt; artificial life; artificial limbs; artificial melanin; artificial neural net; artificial organs; artificial pacemaker; artificial passive immunity; artificial pneumothorax; artificial pupil; artificial respiration; artificial selection; artificial sphincter; artificial stone; artificial tears; artificial ventilation; artificial Vichy salt; artificial wetland; artiodactyla; artiodactyle; artiodactylous; artistic anatomy; artocarpous; artotyrite; art therapy; arum; aruspex; ARV; arvicole; aryan; arycorniculate synchondrosis; aryepiglottic; aryepiglottic fold; aryepiglottic muscle; aryl; arylacetyl-CoA N-acetyltransferase; aryl acylamidase; aryl-alcohol oxidase; arylalkyl acylamidase; arylalkylamine-N-acetyltransferase; aryl-alpha-mannosidase; arylamidase; arylamine n-acetyltransferase; arylamine N-hydroxylase; arylamine synthetase; arylarsonic acid; aryldialkylphosphatase; arylformamidase; aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylases; arylsulfatase; arylsulfatases; arylsulfate sulfotransferase; arylsulfonates; arylsulfonic acids; arylsulfotransferase; aryl sulphatase; arytenoepiglottidean; arytenoid; arytenoidal articular surface of cricoid; arytenoid cartilage; arytenoidectomy; arytenoideus; arytenoid glands; arytenoiditis; arytenoidopexy; arytenoid swelling; as; asafetida; asafoetida; asaphus; asarabacca; asarone; Asarum; Asarum canadense; Asarum europaeum; asbestoid; asbestos; asbestos, amosite; asbestos, amphibole; asbestos bodies; asbestos corn; asbestos, crocidolite; asbestosis; asbestos liner; asbestos lung disease; asbestos, serpentine; asbestos wart; asbolin; ascamycin aminopeptidase; ascariasis; ascariasis infection; ascaricide; ascarid; Ascaridae; Ascaridata; ascaridia; Ascaridia galli; ascaridiasis; ascaridida; Ascarididae; ascaridida infections; Ascarididea; ascaridoidea; ascaridole; Ascaridorida; ascaris; Ascaris equorum; Ascaris lumbricoides; ascaris suum; Ascaroidea; ascaron; Ascarops strongylina; ascend; ascendant; ascendens; ascendent; ascending; ascending anterior branch; ascending aorta; ascending artery; ascending branch; ascending branch of the inferior mesenteric artery; ascending cervical artery; ascending cholangitis; ascending colon; ascending current; ascending degeneration; ascending frontal convolution; ascending frontal gyrus; ascending lumbar vein; ascending myelitis; ascending neuritis; ascending palatine artery; ascending paralysis; ascending parietal convolution; ascending parietal gyrus; ascending part of aorta; ascending part of duodenum; ascending pharyngeal artery; ascending pharyngeal plexus; ascending posterior branch; ascending process; ascending pyelonephritis; ascending tick paralysis; ascension; ascensional; ascensus; ascertainment; ascetic; Aschelminthes; Ascher, Karl; Ascher's aqueous influx phenomenon; Ascher's syndrome; Aschheim, Selmar; Aschheim-Zondek test; Aschner, Bernhard; Aschner-Dagnini reflex; Aschner's phenomenon; Aschner's reflex; Aschoff bodies; Aschoff cell; Aschoff, Karl Ludwig; Aschoff nodules; ascidian; ascidiarium; ascidiform; ascidioidea; ascidiozooid; ascidium; ascigerous; ascites; ascites adiposus; ascites in neonates; ascites tumour; ascitic; ascitic agar; ascitic fluid; ascitic tumour; ascitogenous; asclepiadaceous; asclepias; ascocarp; ascococcus; ascogenous; ascogonium; Ascoli; Ascoli reaction; Ascoli's test; Ascomycetes; ascomycetous; Ascomycota; ascomycotina; ascorbase; ascorbate; ascorbate-cyanide test; ascorbate oxidase; ascorbate peroxidase; ascorbic acid; ascorbic acid deficiency; ascorbyl palmitate; ascospore; ascus; ASD; asecretory; Aselli; Aselli's gland; Aselli's pancreas; asemasia; asepalous; asepsis; aseptate; aseptic; aseptic bursitis; aseptic fever; asepticism; aseptic meningitis; aseptic necrosis; aseptic surgery; aseptic technique; asequence; asexual; asexual dwarfism; asexual generation; asexual reproduction; ASF; ash; Ashby; Ashby method; ashen; ashen tuber; ashen tubercle; ashen wing; Asherman; asherman disease; Asherman's syndrome; ashes; ash-fire; Ashman; Ashman's phenomenon; ashtoreth; ash wednesday; ashweed; ashy dermatosis; asia; asia, central; asialoglycoprotein; asialoglycoprotein receptor; asialoglycoproteins; asian americans; Asian influenza; asiarch; asia, southeastern; Asiatic cholera; Asiatic schistosomiasis; asia, western; asiderotic anaemia; asilus; asiphonate; asiphonida; asitia; ask; Askanazy; Askanazy cell; asker; Ask-Upmark; ask-upmark kidney; Asn; asocial; asoma; asomatous; ASO titre; asp; aspalasoma; aspalathus; asparaginase; asparagine; asparagine-N-glycosyltransferase; asparagine-oxo-acid aminotransferase; asparagine permease; asparagine synthetase; asparaginic acid; asparaginyl; asparagus; asparmide; aspartame; aspartase; aspartate; aspartate 1-decarboxylase; aspartate 4-decarboxylase; aspartate-alpha-decarboxylase; aspartate aminotransferase; aspartate-ammonia ligase; aspartate ammonia-lyase; aspartate carbamoyltransferase; aspartate kinase; aspartate N-acetyltransferase; aspartate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase; aspartate transaminase; aspartate-tRNA ligase; aspartic; aspartic acid; aspartic acid 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase; aspartic proteinases; aspartokinase homoserine dehydrogenase; aspartyl; aspartylglucosylaminase; aspartylglycosamine; aspartylglycosaminidase; aspartylglycosaminuria; aspartyllysine peptidase; aspect; aspect ratio; aspen; asper; asperase; asperges; aspergillic acid; aspergilliform; aspergillin; aspergilloma; aspergillomycosis; aspergillosis; aspergillosis precipitin; aspergillum; Aspergillus; Aspergillus acid proteinase; aspergillus antigen skin test; Aspergillus clavatus; aspergillus flavus; aspergillus fumigatus; Aspergillus fumigatus metalloproteinase; aspergillus nidulans; aspergillus niger; aspergillus nuclease s1; aspergillus ochraceus; aspergillus oryzae; Aspergillus oryzae carboxyl proteinase; Aspergillus terreus; asperifolious; aspermatogenic; aspermatogenic sterility; aspermatous; aspermia; aspermous; aspersion; aspersorium; asperulate; asphenc lens; aspheric; aspheric lens; asphodel; asphygmia; asphyxia; asphyxial; asphyxia livida; asphyxia neonatorum; asphyxiant; asphyxia pallida; asphyxiate; asphyxiating; asphyxiating thoracic chondrodystrophy; asphyxiating thoracic dysplasia; asphyxiation; asphyxy; aspic; Aspiculuris tetraptera; aspidin; aspidinol; aspidium; aspidobranchia; aspidosamine; aspidospermine; aspirate; aspirated; aspirating needle; aspiration; aspiration biopsy; aspiration pneumonia; aspirator; aspiratory; aspire; aspirin; asplenia; asplenia / polysplenia; asplenia syndrome; asplenic; asporogenous; asporous; asporulate; aspulvinone dimethylallyltransferase; asquint; ass; assai; assail; assamar; Assam fever; assapanic; assart; assassin bug; assault; assay; asse; assert; assertive conditioning; assertiveness; assertive training; assessment; Assezat, Jules; Assezat's triangle; assident; assident sign; assident symptom; assimilable; assimilate; assimilation; assimilation pelvis; assimulate; assimulation; assist; assist-control ventilation; assisted cephalic delivery; assisted circulation; assisted mechanical ventilation; assisted reproductive technology; assisted respiration; assisted ventilation; assistive device; assistive movement; Assmann, Herbert; Assmann's tuberculous infiltrate; associable; associate; associated; associated antagonist; associated macrophage; associated movements; association; association areas; association constant; association cortex; association fibres; associationism; association learning; association mechanism; association neurosis; association system; association test; association time; association tract; associative aphasia; associative reaction; associative strength; assoilyie; assortative mating; assortment; assumption; assurance; assure; assurgent; assyriological; assyriologist; AST; astacins; astacus; astarte; astasia; astasia-abasia; astatic; astatine; asteatodes; asteatosis; asteatosis cutis; astel; astemizole; aster; asteraceae; astereognosis; asterias; asteridea; asteridian; asterion; asteriosaponins; asteriotoxins; asteriscus; asterism; asterixis; asternal; asternia; Asterococcus; asteroid; asteroid body; asteroid hyalosis; asterolepis; asterophyllite; asthenia; asthenic; asthenic personality; asthenic personality disorder; asthenopia; asthenopic; asthenospermia; astheny; asthma; asthma crystals; asthma, exercise-induced; asthmatic; asthmatic bronchitis; asthma-weed; asthmogenic; astigmatic; astigmatic dial; astigmatic lens; astigmatism; astigmatism against the rule; astigmatism of oblique pencils; astigmatism with the rule; astigmatometry; astigmia; astomatous; astomia; astomous; Aston, Francis William; astonish; A-strabismus; astraean; astragal; astragalar; astragalectomy; astragalocalcanean; astragalofibular; astragaloid; astragalomancy; astragaloscaphoid; astragalotibial; astragalus; astrakhan; astral; astral fibres; astrapophobia; astriction; astringency; astringent; astringents; astrobiology; astroblast; astroblastoma; astrocele; astrocyte; astrocytes; astrocytoma; astrocytosis; astrocytosis cerebri; astroependymoma; astroglia; astroglia cell; astrogliosis; astrography; astroid; astroite; astrokinetic; astrolabe; astrolithology; astrologer; astrological; astrologize; astrology; astromantic; astrometeorology; astronauts; astronomer; astronomical; astronomize; astronomy; astrophotography; astrophysical; astrophyton; astroscope; astrosphere; astrotactin; astrotheology; astroviridae; astroviridae infections; astrovirus; astroviruses; Astrup, Poul; Astwood, Edwin; Astwood's test; astyllen; astz; asura; asverin; aswail; Asx; asyllabia; asylum; asymbolia; asymmetric; asymmetrical chondrodystrophy; asymmetric centre; asymmetric disulfide; asymmetric motor neuropathy; asymmetry; asymptomatic; asymptomatic coccidioidomycosis; asymptomatic neurosyphilis; asymptote; asymptotic; asynchronous pulse generator; asynclitism; asyndesis; asynechia; asynergia; asynergic; asynergy; asynesia; asystematic; asystole; asystolia; asystolic; At; ata; atacamite; atactic; atactic abasia; atactic agraphia; atactilia; ataractic; ataraxia; ataraxic; ataunto; atavism; atavistic; ataxia; ataxia cordis; ataxiadynamia; ataxiagram; ataxiagraph; ataxiameter; ataxia of calves; ataxia of lambs; ataxiaphasia; ataxia-telangiectasia; ataxia telangiectasia syndrome; ataxic; ataxic abasia; ataxic aphasia; ataxic breathing; ataxic dysarthria; ataxic gait; ataxic paramyotonia; ataxic paraplegia; ataxic tremor; ataxiophemia; ataxiophobia; ataxy; atazir; ATCC; AT content; atebrine hydrochloride; atelectasis; atelectatic; atelectatic rale; ateles; atelia; ateliosis; ateliotic; ateliotic dwarfism; atelopidtoxin; atenolol; at/gc ratio; athalamous; a thalassaemia intermedia; athanor; athecata; athelia; athenaeum; atheological; atheology; atherectomy; atherectomy, coronary; atherine; athermancy; athermanous; athermosystaltic; athermous; athero-; atheroembolism; atherogenesis; atherogenic; atheroma; atheroma embolism; atheromatosis; atheromatous; atheromatous degeneration; atheromatous plaque; atherosclerosis; atherosclerotic; atherosclerotic aneurysm; atherosclerotic plaque; atherosclerotic vascular disease; atherosis; atherothrombosis; atherothrombotic; athetoid; athetosic; athetosis; athlete; athlete's foot; athlete's heart; athletic; athletic heart; athletic injuries; aThr; athrepsia; athrocytosis; athrombia; athymia; athymism; athyrea; athyroidism; athyrosis; athyrotic; AT-I acetyltransferase; AT-II acetyltransferase; ATL; atlanta; atlantad; atlantal; atlantic; atlantic islands; atlantic part of vertebral artery; atlanto-; atlantoaxial; atlantoaxial joint; atlantoaxial subluxation; atlantodidymus; atlantoepistrophic; atlanto-occipital; atlanto-occipital articulation; atlanto-occipital joint; atlanto-occipital membrane; atlanto-odontoid; atlas; atlas fracture; atloaxoid; atlodidymus; atloid; atlo-occipital; atm; atmo; atmological; atmologist; atmology; atmolysis; atmolyzation; atmolyze; atmolyzer; atmometer; atmos; atmosphere; atmosphere absolute; atmospheric; atmospherical; atmospherically; atmospheric pressure; atmospherization; atmospherology; Atmungsferment; ATN; atokous; atom; atomic; atomic absorption spectrophotometry; atomical; atomically; atomic bomb; atomic core; atomic heat; atomician; atomicism; atomicity; atomic mass; atomic mass unit; atomic number; atomic theory; atomic volume; atomic weight; atomiser; atomism; atomist; atomistic; atomistic psychology; atomization; atomize; atomizer; atomology; atomy; at one; atonement; atonia; atonic; atonic bladder; atonic dyspepsia; atonic ectropion; atonic entropion; atonicity; atonic seizure; atonic ulcer; atony; atopen; atopic; atopic allergy; atopic asthma; atopic cataract; atopic dermatitis; atopic eczema; atopic keratoconjunctivitis; atopic reagin; atopognosia; atopy; atovaquone; atoxic; ATP; ATPase; ATP citrate lyase; ATP citrate (pro-3S)-lyase; ATP cobalamin adenoxyltransferase; ATP-corrinoid adenosyltransferase; ATPD; ATP dependent 26S protease; ATP-dependent DNA strand transferase; ATP-diphosphatase; ATP-monophosphatase; ATP phosphoribosyltransferase; ATPS; ATP sulfurylase; ATP synthase; ATP-ubiquitin-dependent proteinase; atrabiliary; atrabiliary capsule; atractosylidic acid; atractylic acid; atractyligenin; atractylin; atractyloside; atracurium; atracurium besylate; atraumatic needle; atraumatic suture; atrazine; atrazine chlorohydrolase; atrepsy; atresia; atresia folliculi; atresia iridis; atresic; atresic teratosis; atretic; atretic corpus luteum; atretic ovarian follicle; atreto-; atretoblepharia; atretocystia; atretogastria; atretopsia; atria; atrial; atrial appendage; atrial arrhythmias; atrial arteries; atrial auricle; atrial auricula; atrial bigeminy; atrial branches; atrial capture beat; atrial chaotic tachycardia; atrial complex; atrial diastole; atrial dipeptidyl carboxyhydrolase; atrial dissociation; atrial echo; atrial extrasystole; atrial fibrillation; atrial flutter; atrial function; atrial function, left; atrial function, right; atrial fusion beat; atrial gallop; atrial granule serine proteinase; atrial myxoma; atrial natriuretic factor; atrial natriuretic peptide; atrial premature complexes; atrial premature contraction; atrial septal defect; atrial septum; atrial sound; atrial synchronous pulse generator; atrial systole; atrial tachycardia; atrial transport function; atrial triggered pulse generator; atrial ventricular canal defect; atrial-well technique; atrichia; atrichosis; atrichous; atrio-; atrioactivase; atriocarotid interval; atriomegaly; atrionector; atriopeptin; atrioseptoplasty; atrioseptostomy; atriosystolic murmur; atriotomy; atrioventricular; atrioventricular band; atrioventricular block; atrioventricular bundle; atrioventricular canal; atrioventricular canal cushions; atrioventricular conduction; atrioventricular conduction abnormalities; atrioventricular connections; atrioventricular dissociation; atrioventricular extrasystole; atrioventricular gradient; atrioventricular groove; atrioventricular interval; atrioventricular junctional bigeminy; atrioventricular junctional rhythm; atrioventricular junctional tachycardia; atrioventricular nodal branch; atrioventricular nodal extrasystole; atrioventricular node; atrioventricular septum; atrioventricular sulcus; atrioventricular valves; atriplicism; atrium; atrium cordis; atrium dextrum cordis; atrium glottidis; atrium meatus medii; atrium of heart; atrium pulmonale; atrium sinistrum cordis; atrocha; Atropa; atrophedema; atrophia; atrophia cutis; atrophia maculosa varioliformis cutis; atrophia pilorum propria; atrophic; atrophic arthritis; atrophic excavation; atrophic gastritis; atrophic glossitis; atrophic heterochromia; atrophic inflammation; atrophic kidney; atrophic pharyngitis; atrophic rhinitis; atrophic rhinitis of swine; atrophic thrombosis; atrophic vaginitis; atrophie blanche; atrophied; atrophoderma; atrophoderma albidum; atrophoderma biotripticum; atrophoderma diffusum; atrophoderma maculatum; atrophoderma neuriticum; atrophoderma of Pasini and Pierini; atrophoderma reticulatum symmetricum faciei; atrophoderma striatum; atrophodermatosis; atrophoderma vermiculatum; atrophy; atropia; atropine; atropine dehydrase; atropine derivatives; atropine methonitrate; atropine methylbromide; atropine sulfate; atropine test; atropinic; atropinism; atropinization; atropism; atropous; atroscine; atrotoxin; atroxase; atrypa; attach; attached cranial section; attached craniotomy; attached gingiva; attachment; attachment apparatus; attachment sites; attack; attack rate; attagen; attain; attainder; attainment area; attaint; attar of rose; attempt; attend; attending; attending physician; attending staff; attending surgeon; attention; attention deficit disorder; attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; attentive; attenuant; attenuate; attenuated; attenuated tuberculosis; attenuated vaccine; attenuated virus; attenuation; attenuation coefficient; attenuation compensation; attenuation factor; attenuator; attic; atticomastoid; atticotomy; attire; attitude; attitude of health personnel; attitude to computers; attitude to death; attitude to health; attitudinal; attitudinal reflexes; attle; atto-; attollens; attollens aurem; attollens oculi; attollent; attorn; attornment; attraction; attraction sphere; attrahens; attrahent; attributable fraction; attributable risk; attrite; attrition; ATT site; at wt; atypia; atypical; atypical absence seizure; atypical achromatopsia; atypical bacterial forms; atypical cell; atypical facial neuralgia; atypical fibroxanthoma; atypical gingivitis; atypical lipoma; atypical measles; atypical melanocytic hyperplasia; atypical mycobacteria; atypical mycobacterial infection; atypical nevi; atypical pneumonia; atypical pseudocholinesterase; atypical trigeminal neuralgia; atypical verrucous endocarditis; atypism; Au; Au antigen; Aub-DuBois table; Aubert, Hermann; Aubert's phenomenon; Aub, Joseph; auchenium; Auchmeromyia; Auchmeromyia luteola; auctorum; auctorum non; audile; audio-; audioanalgesia; audiogenic; audiogenic seizure; audiogram; audiologist; audiology; audiometer; audiometric; audiometrist; audiometry; audiometry, evoked response; audiometry, pure-tone; audiometry, speech; audiovisual; audiovisual aids; audit; audition; auditive; auditory; auditory agnosia; auditory alternans; auditory aphasia; auditory area; auditory brainstem response audiometry; auditory canal; auditory capsule; auditory cortex; auditory diseases, central; auditory evoked potentials; auditory fatigue; auditory field; auditory ganglion; auditory hairs; auditory hallucination; auditory hyperesthesia; auditory lemniscus; auditory localization; auditory nerve; auditory nucleus; auditory oculogyric reflex; auditory organ; auditory ossicles; auditory pathway; auditory perception; auditory perceptual disorders; auditory pits; auditory placodes; auditory process; auditory receptor cells; auditory reflex; auditory striae; auditory strings; auditory teeth; auditory threshold; auditory tract; auditory tube; auditory vertigo; auditory vesicle; auditress; Auenbrugger; Auenbrugger's sign; Auer; Auerbach; Auerbach's ganglia; Auerbach's plexus; Auer bodies; Auer rods; Aufrecht; Aufrecht's sign; augean; Auger; Auger effect; Auger electron; auget; augmentation; augmentation graft; augmentation mammaplasty; augmented histamine test; augmented lead; augmentor fibres; augmentor nerves; augnathus; augur; augurous; august; augustan; augustinian; Aujeszky; Aujeszky's disease; Aujeszky's disease virus; auk; aunt; aur; aura; aural; aural myiasis; aural polyp; aural vertigo; auramine O; auramine O fluorescent stain; auranofin; aurantiaceous; aurantiasis cutis; aurate; aurated; aurelia; aureole; aureolic acid; auri-; auriasis; auric; aurichalceous; aurichalcite; auricle; auricle of atrium; auricle of left atrium; auricle of right atrium; auricula; auricula atrialis; auricula dextra; auricular; auricular appendage; auricular appendix; auricular arc; auricular branch of occipital artery; auricular branch of vagus nerve; auricular canaliculus; auricular cartilage; auricular complex; auriculare; auricular extrasystole; auricular fissure; auricular ganglion; auricularia; auricular index; auricular ligaments; auricular notch; auricular point; auricular reflex; auriculars; auricular standstill; auricular surface of ilium; auricular surface of sacrum; auricular systole; auricular tachycardia; auricular triangle; auricular tubercle; auricular veins; auricula sinistra; auriculated; auriculocranial; auriculo-infraorbital plane; auriculopalpebral reflex; auriculopressor reflex; auriculotemporal; auriculotemporal nerve; auriculotemporal nerve syndrome; auriculoventricular; auriculoventricular groove; auriculoventricular interval; aurid; auriferous; auriform; auriga; aurigraphy; aurin; aurintricarboxylic acid; auris; auriscope; auriscopy; auris externa; auris interna; auris media; aurited; aurocephalous; aurochloride; aurochromoderma; aurochs; aurocyanide; aurodox; auromercaptoacetanilid; aurone; auropalpebral reflex; aurora; aurora kinase; aurosome; aurotherapy; aurothioglucose; aurothioglycanide; aurous; aurovertin; aurovertins; aurum; Aus antigen; auscultate; auscultation; auscultatory; auscultatory alternans; auscultatory gap; auscultatory percussion; auscultatory sound; auspicate; aussage test; Austin Flint; Austin Flint murmur; Austin Flint phenomenon; austral; Australia; Australia antigen; Australian Q fever; Australian X disease; Australian X disease virus; Australian X encephalitis; australize; australoid race; austromancy; aut-; autacoid; autacoids; autacoid substance; autecic; autecology; autemesia; authenticity; authoress; authorise; authoritarianism; authoritarian personality; authority figure; authorship; authotype; autism; autism, infantile; autistic; autistic disorder; autistic parasite; auto-; autoactivation; autoagglutination; autoagglutinin; autoallergic; autoallergization; autoallergy; autoanalysis; autoanalyzer; autoanaphylaxis; autoantibodies; autoantibody; autoanticomplement; autoantigen; autoantigens; autoassay; autoaugmentation; autobiographer; autobiographic; autobiographical; autobiographist; autobiography; autoblast; autocarpian; autocatalysis; autocatalytic; autocatheterization; autocephalous; autochronograph; autochthonous; autochthonous ideas; autochthonous malaria; autochthonous parasite; autocide; autoclasia; autoclave; autocoid; autocracy; autocratrix; autocrine; autocrine communication; autocrine hypothesis; autocrine motility factor; autocystoplasty; autocytolysin; autocytolysis; autocytotoxin; autodermic; autodermic graft; autodidact; autodigestion; autodiploid; autodrainage; autoecholalia; autoecious; autoerotic; autoeroticism; autoerotism; autoerythrocyte sensitization; autoerythrocyte sensitization syndrome; autofecundation; autofluoroscope; autogamous; autogamy; autogeneic graft; autogenesis; autogenetic; autogenic training; autogenous; autogenous control; autogenous keratoplasty; autogenous vaccine; autognosis; autograft; autografting; autogram; autograph; autographal; autographic; autographical; autographism; autography; autohemagglutination; autohemolysin; autohemolysis; autohemolysis test; autohemotransfusion; autohexaploid; autohypnosis; autohypnotic; autohypnotism; autoimmune; autoimmune disease; autoimmune diseases; autoimmune haemolytic anaemia; autoimmune hepatitis; autoimmune thrombocytopenia purpura; autoimmune thyroiditis; autoimmunity; autoimmunization; autoimmunocytopenia; autoinfection; autoinfusion; autoinoculable; autoinoculation; autointoxicant; autointoxication; autoisolysin; autokeratoplasty; autokinesia; autokinetic; autokinetic effect; autolesion; autologous; autologous bone marrow transplant; autologous graft; autologous protein; autologous transplant; autolysate; autolyse; autolysin; autolysis; autolytic; autolytic enzyme; autolyze; automallet; automated differential leukocyte counter; automath; automatic; automatical; automatically; automatic audiometer; automatic audiometry; automatic beat; automatic condenser; automatic contraction; automatic data processing; automatic epilepsy; automatic plugger; automation; automatism; automatograph; automaton; automatous; automixis; automnesia; automobile driver examination; automobile driving; automobiles; automorphic; automorphism; automysophobia; autonomasy; autonomic; autonomic agents; autonomic denervation; autonomic disorder; autonomic epilepsy; autonomic fibres, postganglionic; autonomic fibres, preganglionic; autonomic ganglia; autonomic hyperreflexia; autonomic imbalance; autonomic motor neuron; autonomic motor neurons; autonomic nerve; autonomic nerve block; autonomic nervous system; autonomic nervous system diseases; autonomic neurogenic bladder; autonomic neuropathy; autonomic nuclei; autonomic part; autonomic pathways; autonomic plexuses; autonomotropic; autonomous; autonomously replicating sequence; autonomous psychotherapy; autonomy; auto-oxidation; auto-oxidizable; autoparenchymatous metaplasia; autopathic; autopentaploid; autopepsia; autophagi; autophagia; autophagic; autophagic vacuole; autophagocytosis; autophagolysosome; autophagosome; autophagy; autophilia; autophobia; autophony; autophosphorylation; autophosphorylation-dependent multifunctional protein kinase; autoplast; autoplastic; autoplastic graft; autoplasty; autoploid; autoploidy; autoplugger; autopod; autopodium; autopoisonous; autopolymer; autopolymerization; autopolymer resin; autopolyploid; autopolyploidy; autopsical; autopsorin; autopsy; autoptic; autoptical; autoradiogram; autoradiograph; autoradiography; autoreceptors; autoregulation; autoreinfection; autoreproduction; autorrhaphy; autoscopic phenomenon; autosensitise; autosepticaemia; autoserotherapy; autoserum; autoserum therapy; autosexualism; autosite; autosmia; autosomal; autosomal dominant; autosomal gene; autosomal recessive; autosomatognosis; autosomatognostic; autosome; autostylic; autosuggestibility; autosuggestion; autosynnoia; autosynthesis; autotelic; autotemnous; autotetraploid; autotherapy; autotomy; autotopagnosia; autotoxaemia; autotoxic; autotoxicosis; autotoxin; autotransfusion; autotransplant; autotransplantation; autotriploid; autotroph; autotrophic; autotrophy; autotype; autotypography; autovaccination; autoxidation; autozygous; autumn; autumnal; autumn fever; auxano-; auxanogram; auxanographic; auxanographic method; auxanography; auxanology; auxanometer; auxesis; auxetic growth; auxiliary; auxiliary abutment; auxilin; auxiliomotor; auxilytic; auxin; auxins; auxo-; auxocardia; auxochrome; auxodrome; auxoflore; auxogluc; auxostat; auxotonic; auxotox; auxotroph; auxotrophic; auxotrophic mutant; auxotrophic strains; auxotyping; A-V; avail; available arch length; avalanche conduction; avalvular; A-V anastomosis; avascular; avascularization; avascular necrosis; avascular necrosis staging; avatar; A-V band; A-V block; A-V bundle; A-V canal; A-V conduction; A-V conduction abnormalities; A-V difference; A-V dissociation; Avellis; Avellis' syndrome; avena; avenacinase; avenacosidase; avenge; avenger; avengeress; avenin; avenious; avens; aventurine; avenue; average; average flow rate; average megawatt; average pulse magnitude; avermectin B2 O-methyltransferase; averruncator; aversion therapy; aversive behaviour; aversive conditioning; aversive control; aversive stimulus; aversive therapy; aversive training; aves; A-V extrasystole; aVF; A-V fistula; aviadenovirus; avian; avian achondroplasia; avian adenovirus type 1 proteinase; avian diphtheria; avian encephalomyelitis virus; avian erythroblastosis; avian erythroblastosis virus; avian herpesvirus 1; avian herpesvirus 2; avian infectious encephalomyelitis; avian infectious laryngotracheitis virus; avian influenza; avian influenza virus; avian leukaemia-sarcoma complex; avian leukaemia virus; avian leukosis; avian leukosis-sarcoma virus; avian lymphomatosis virus; avian malaria; avian monocytosis; avian myeloblastosis; avian myeloblastosis virus; avian neurolymphomatosis virus; avian pneumoencephalitis virus; avian reticuloendotheliosis; avian sarcoma; avian sarcoma virus; avian trichomoniasis; avian viral arthritis virus; aviation; aviation medicine; aviation otitis; aviator's disease; aviator's ear; avibirnavirus; avicula; avicularia; aviculture; avidin; avidin-biotin immunofluorescence; avidity; avidity antibody; avifauna; avignon berry; avihepadnavirus; A-V interval; avipoxvirus; avirulent; avision; avitaminosis; avivement; A-V junction; A-V junctional rhythm; A-V junctional tachycardia; aVL; AVM; A-V malformation; A-V node; avocado; avocation; Avogadro; Avogadro's constant; Avogadro's hypothesis; Avogadro's law; Avogadro's number; Avogadro's postulate; avoid; avoidance-avoidance conflict; avoidance conditioning; avoidance learning; avoidance training; avoidant disorder of adolescence; avoidant disorder of childhood; avoidant personality; avoided costs; avoirdupois; avoset; AVP; aVR; A-V shunt; A-V strabismus syndrome; avulsed wound; avulsion; avulsion fracture; A-V valves; AW; awake; awareness; A wave; away; awl; awlwort; awn; awned; awry; ax; axe; Axenfeld, K Theodor; axenic; axenic culture; axerophthol; axes; axial; axial ametropia; axial aneurysm; axial angle; axial cataract; axial current; axial filament; axial hyperopia; axially; axial muscle; axial neuritis; axial pattern flap; axial plane; axial plate; axial point; axial projection; axial section; axial skeleton; axial surface; axial view; axial walls of the pulp chambers; axifugal; axil; axile; axilla; axillars; axillary; axillary anaesthesia; axillary arch; axillary arch muscle; axillary artery; axillary cavity; axillary dissection; axillary fascia; axillary fold; axillary fossa; axillary glands; axillary hair; axillary line; axillary lymph nodes; axillary nerve; axillary nerve injury; axillary neuropathy; axillary node; axillary plexus; axillary region; axillary sheath; axillary space; axillary sweat glands; axillary thermometer; axillary triangle; axillary vein; axilla thermometer; axinite; axinomancy; axio-; axiobuccal; axiobuccogingival; axioincisal; axiolabial; axiolabiolingual; axiolabiolingual plane; axiolingual; axiolinguocervical; axiolinguoclusal; axiolinguogingival; axiom; axiomatic; axiomatical; axiomatically; axiomesial; axiomesiocervical; axiomesiodistal; axiomesiodistal plane; axiomesiogingival; axiomesioincisal; axion; axio-occlusal; axioplasm; axiopodium; axiopulpal; axioversion; axipetal; axiramificate; axis; axis bulbi externus; axis bulbi internus; axis corpuscle; axis, crystallographic; axis cylinder; axis deviation; axis fracture; axis lentis; axis ligament of malleus; axis of lens; axis of symmetry; axis, optic; axis, optical; axis opticus; axis pelvis; axis, principal; axis shift; axis traction; axis-traction forceps; axisymmetry; axletree; axo-; axoaxonic; axoaxonic synapse; axodendritic; axodendritic synapse; axofugal; axograph; axokinin; axolemma; axolotl; axolysis; axon; axonal; axonal degeneration; axonal guidance; axonal polyneuropathy; axonal process; axonal terminal boutons; axonal transport; axon degeneration; axoneme; axon hillock; axonin; axon loss polyneuropathy; axonogenesis; axonography; axonopathy; axonotmesis; axon reflex; axon terminals; axopetal; axoplasm; axoplasmic transport; axopod; axopodium; axosomatic; axosomatic synapse; axostyle; axostyles; axotomy; axstone; axunge; ay-9944; ayahuasca; Ayala; Ayala's index; Ayala's quotient; aye-aye; ayegreen; Ayerza; Ayerza's disease; Ayerza's syndrome; Ayre; Ayre brush; Ayrshire; azacitidine; azacosterol; azacrine; azacyclonol hydrochloride; azaguanine; azaheterocycle N-methyltransferase; azalea; azamethonium bromide; azaperone; azapetine phosphate; azaribine; azarole; azaserine; azaspirodecanedione; azasteroids; azatadine maleate; azathioprine; azauridine; azedarach; azeotrope; azeotropic; azeotropic mixture; azetidinecarboxylic acid; azide; azidothymidine; azimuth; azimuthal; azin dyes; azinphosmethyl; aziridines; azithromycin; azlocillin; azlocillin sodium; azo-; azobenzene; azobilirubin; azocarmine; azocarmine dyes; azocoll proteinase; azo dye; azo dyes; azoic; azo itch; azole; azoleic; azolitmin; azoospermia; azophloxin; azoprotein; Azorean disease; azores; azospirillum; azospirillum brasilense; azosulfamide; azotaemia; azotemia; azotemic; azotemic retinitis; azoth; azothermia; azotic; azotite; azotobacter; azotobacteraceae; azotobacter vinelandii; azotometer; azotous; azoturia; azovan blue; azoxymethane; azoxy procarbazine oxidase; AZT; Aztec ear; aztobacter; aztreonam; azul; AZUR; azure; azure A; azure B; azure C; azure I; azure II; azure lunula of nails; azureous; azuresin; azure stains; azurin; azurine; azurite; azurophil; azurophil granule; azurophilia; azygoesophageal recess; azygogram; azygography; azygos; azygos artery of vagina; azygos continuation; azygos continuation of interrupted ivc; azygos fissure; azygos lobe of lung; azygos pseudo-lobe; azygos vein; azygos vein principle; azygous;



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