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art; artefact; artemia; Artemia trypsin-like proteinase; artemisia; arterenol; arteri-; arteria; arteria acetabuli; arteria alveolaris inferior; arteria alveolaris superior posterior; arteria anastomotica auricularis magna; arteria anastomotica magna; arteria angularis; arteria aorta; arteria appendicularis; arteria arcuata; arteria articularis azygos; arteria ascendens; arteria auditiva interna; arteria auricularis posterior; arteria auricularis profunda; arteria axillaris; arteria basilaris; arteria brachialis; arteria brachialis superficialis; arteria buccalis; arteria bulbi penis; arteria bulbi urethrae; arteria bulbi vaginae; arteria bulbi vestibuli; arteria caecalis anterior; arteria caecalis posterior; arteria calcarina; arteria callosomarginalis; arteria canalis pterygoidei; arteria carotis communis; arteria carotis externa; arteria carotis interna; arteria caudae pancreatis; arteria centralis brevis; arteria centralis longa; arteria centralis retinae; arteria cerebelli inferior anterior; arteria cerebelli inferior posterior; arteria cerebelli superior; arteria cerebri anterior; arteria cerebri media; arteria cerebri posterior; arteria cervicalis ascendens; arteria cervicalis profunda; arteria cervicalis superficialis; arteria cervicovaginalis; arteria choroidea anterior; arteria choroidea posterior; arteria ciliaris anterior; arteria ciliaris posterior brevis; arteria ciliaris posterior longa; arteria circumflexa femoris lateralis; arteria circumflexa femoris medialis; arteria circumflexa humeri anterior; arteria circumflexa humeri posterior; arteria circumflexa iliaca profunda; arteria circumflexa iliaca superficialis; arteria circumflexa scapulae; arteria coeliaca; arteria colica dextra; arteria colica media; arteria colica sinistra; arteria collateralis media; arteria collateralis radialis; arteria collateralis ulnaris inferior; arteria collateralis ulnaris superior; arteria comes nervi phrenici; arteria comitans nervi ischiadici; arteria comitans nervi mediani; arteria communicans anterior; arteria communicans posterior; arteria conjunctivalis anterior; arteria conjunctivalis posterior; arteria coronaria dextra; arteria coronaria sinistra; arteria cremasterica; arteria cystica; arteria deferentialis; arteria digitalis dorsalis; arteria digitalis palmaris communis; arteria digitalis palmaris propria; arteria digitalis plantaris communis; arteria digitalis plantaris propria; arteria dorsalis clitoridis; arteria dorsalis nasi; arteria dorsalis pedis; arteria dorsalis penis; arteria dorsalis scapulae; arteria ductus deferentis; arteriae alveolares superiores anteriores; arteriae alveolaris inferioris; arteriae arcuatae renis; arteriae atriales; arteriae caroticotympanicae arteriae carotidis internae; arteriae centrales anterolaterales; arteriae centrales anteromediales; arteriae centrales posterolaterales; arteriae centrales posteromediales; arteriae gastricae breves; arteriae helicinae penis; arteriae ileales; arteriae insulares; arteriae intercostales posteriores; arteriae interlobares renis; arteriae interlobulares; arteriae intestinales; arteriae jejunales; arteriae labiales anteriores; arteriae lumbales imae; arteriae malleolares posteriores laterales; arteriae malleolares posteriores mediales; arteriae mediastinales anteriores; arteriae nasales posteriores laterales; arteriae nutriciae humeri; arteriae occipitalis; arteriae palpebrales; arteriae parietales; arteriae perforantes; arteria epigastrica inferior; arteria epigastrica superficialis; arteria epigastrica superior; arteria episcleralis; arteriae pontis; arteriae pudendae externae; arteriae renis; arteriae sigmoideae; arteriae suprarenales superiores; arteriae thalamostriatae anterolaterales; arteria ethmoidalis anterior; arteria ethmoidalis posterior; arteriae thymicae; arteriae ventriculares; arteria facialis; arteria femoralis; arteria fibularis; arteria frontalis; arteria frontobasalis lateralis; arteria frontobasalis medialis; arteria gastrica dextra; arteria gastrica sinistra; arteria gastroduodenalis; arteria gastro-omentalis dextra; arteria gastro-omentalis sinistra; arteria genus descendens; arteria genus inferior lateralis; arteria genus inferior medialis; arteria genus media; arteria genus superior lateralis; arteria genus superior medialis; arteria glutea inferior; arteria glutea superior; arteria gyri angularis; arteria hepatica communis; arteria hepatica propria; arteria hyaloidea; arteria hypogastrica; arteria hypophysialis inferior; arteria hypophysialis superior; arteria ileocolica; arteria iliaca communis; arteria iliaca externa; arteria iliaca interna; arteria iliolumbalis; arteria infraorbitalis; arteria intercostalis suprema; arteria interlobulares; arteria interlobulares (hepatis); arteria intermesenterica; arteria interossea anterior; arteria interossea communis; arteria interossea posterior; arteria interossea recurrens; arteria interossea volaris; arteria ischiatica; arterial; arteria labialis inferior; arteria labialis superior; arteria labyrinthi; arteria lacrimalis; arterial arcades; arterial arches of colon; arterial arches of ileum; arterial arches of jejunum; arterial arch of lower eyelid; arterial arch of upper eyelid; arteria laryngea inferior; arteria laryngea superior; arterial blood; arterial blood gas; arterial bulb; arterial canal; arterial capillary; arterial circle of cerebrum; arterial cone; arterial duct; arterial embolism; arterial flap; arterial forceps; arterial grooves; arterial hyperaemia; arterial hypotension; arteria lienalis; arteria ligamenti teretis uteri; arteria lingualis; arterialization; arterialize; arterial ligament; arterial line; arterial murmur; arterial nephrosclerosis; arteria lobi caudati; arterial occlusive diseases; arterial perfusion; arterial plethysmography; arterial sclerosis; arterial segments of kidney; arterial spider; arterial switch operation; arterial tension; arterial thoracic outlet syndrome; arterial transfusion; arteria lumbalis; arteria lusoria; arterial vein; arterial wave; arteria malleolaris anterior lateralis; arteria malleolaris anterior medialis; arteria mammaria interna; arteria masseterica; arteria maxillaris; arteria maxillaris externa; arteria mediana; arteria meningea anterior; arteria meningea media; arteria meningea posterior; arteria mentalis; arteria mesenterica inferior; arteria mesenterica superior; arteria metacarpea dorsalis; arteria metacarpea palmaris; arteria metatarsae; arteria metatarsea dorsalis; arteria metatarsea plantaris; arteria musculophrenica; arteria nasalis posterior septi; arteria nasi externa; arteria nutricia; arteria nutriens fibulae; arteria nutriens tibialis; arteria obturatoria; arteria obturatoria accessoria; arteria occipitalis; arteria occipitalis lateralis; arteria occipitalis medialis; arteria ophthalmica; arteria ovarica; arteria palatina ascendens; arteria palatina descendens; arteria palatina major; arteria palatina minor; arteria pancreatica dorsalis; arteria pancreatica inferior; arteria pancreatica magna; arteria pancreaticoduodenalis inferior; arteria pancreaticoduodenalis superior; arteria paracentralis; arteria parietales anterior; arteria parietales posterior; arteria parieto-occipitalis; arteria pericallosa; arteria pericardiacophrenica; arteria perinealis; arteria peronea; arteria pharyngea ascendens; arteria phrenica inferior; arteria phrenica superior; arteria plantaris lateralis; arteria plantaris medialis; arteria poplitea; arteria precunealis; arteria princeps pollicis; arteria profunda brachii; arteria profunda clitoridis; arteria profunda femoris; arteria profunda linguae; arteria profunda penis; arteria pudenda interna; arteria pulmonalis; arteria pulmonalis dextra; arteria pulmonalis sinistra; arteria radialis; arteria radialis indicis; arteria radicularis magna; arteria ranina; arteriarctia; arteria rectalis inferior; arteria rectalis media; arteria rectalis superior; arteria recurrens; arteria recurrens radialis; arteria recurrens tibialis anterior; arteria recurrens tibialis posterior; arteria recurrens ulnaris; arteria renalis; arteria retinae centralis; arteria retroduodenalis; arteria sacralis lateralis; arteria sacralis mediana; arteria scapularis descendens; arteria scapularis dorsalis; arteria segmenti anterioris inferioris renis; arteria segmenti anterioris superioris renis; arteria segmenti inferioris renis; arteria segmenti posterioris renis; arteria segmenti superioris renis; arteria spermatica interna; arteria sphenopalatina; arteria spinalis anterior; arteria spinalis posterior; arteria splenica; arteria stylomastoidea; arteria subclavia; arteria subcostalis; arteria sublingualis; arteria submentalis; arteria subscapularis; arteria sulci centralis; arteria sulci postcentralis; arteria sulci precentralis; arteria supraduodenalis; arteria supraorbitalis; arteria suprarenalis inferior; arteria suprarenalis media; arteria suprascapularis; arteria supratrochlearis; arteria suralis; arteria tarsea lateralis; arteria tarsea medialis; arteria temporalis anterior; arteria temporalis intermedia; arteria temporalis media; arteria temporalis posterior; arteria temporalis profunda; arteria temporalis superficialis; arteria testicularis; arteria thoracica interna; arteria thoracica lateralis; arteria thoracica superior; arteria thoracoacromialis; arteria thoracodorsalis; arteria thyroidea ima; arteria thyroidea inferior; arteria thyroidea superior; arteria tibialis anterior; arteria tibialis posterior; arteria transversa cervicis; arteria transversa colli; arteria transversa faciei; arteria tympanica anterior; arteria tympanica inferior; arteria tympanica posterior; arteria tympanica superior; arteria ulnaris; arteria umbilicalis; arteria urethralis; arteria uterina; arteria vaginalis; arteria vertebralis; arteria vesicalis inferior; arteria vesicalis superior; arteria vitellina; arteria volaris indicis radialis; arteria zygomatico-orbitalis; arteriectasis; arteriectomy; arteries; arteries of cerebral haemorrhage; arteries of kidney; arteries of penis; arterio-; arterio-arterial fistula; arterioatony; arteriocapillary; arteriocapillary sclerosis; arteriococcygeal gland; arteriogram; arteriographic; arteriography; arteriola; arteriolae rectae; arteriola glomerularis afferens; arteriola glomerularis efferens; arteriola macularis inferior; arteriola macularis superior; arteriola medialis retinae; arteriola nasalis retinae inferior; arteriola nasalis retinae superior; arteriolar; arteriolar nephrosclerosis; arteriolar network; arteriolar sclerosis; arteriola temporalis retinae inferior; arteriola temporalis retinae superior; arteriole; arterioles; arteriolith; arteriolitis; arteriolo-; arteriology; arteriolonecrosis; arteriolonephrosclerosis; arteriolosclerosis; arteriolosclerotic kidney; arteriolovenous; arteriolovenular; arteriolovenular anastomosis; arteriolovenular bridge; arteriomalacia; arteriometer; arteriomotor; arteriomyomatosis; arterionephrosclerosis; arteriopalmus; arteriopathy; arterioplania; arterioplasty; arteriopressor; arteriorrhaphy; arteriorrhexis; arteriosclerosis; arteriosclerosis obliterans; arteriosclerotic; arteriosclerotic aneurysm; arteriosclerotic gangrene; arteriosclerotic kidney; arteriosclerotic psychosis; arteriosclerotic retinopathy; arteriospasm; arteriostenosis; arteriotomy; arteriotony; arteriovenous; arteriovenous anastomosis; arteriovenous aneurysm; arteriovenous carbon dioxide difference; arteriovenous fistula; arteriovenous malformation; arteriovenous oxygen difference; arteriovenous shunt; arteriovenous strabismus syndrome; arteritis; arteritis nodosa; arteritis obliterans; arteritis virus; arterivirus; arterivirus infections;

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