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fistula; fistula auris congenita; fistula bimucosa; fistula colli congenita; fistula knife; fistular; fistularia; fistularioid; fistula test; fistulation; fistulatome; fistulectomy; fistuloenterostomy; fistulotomy; fistulous; fit; FITC; fitch; fitchew; fitness; FIT test; fitweed; fitz; Fitzgerald factor; Fitz-Hugh and Curtis syndrome; Fitz-Hugh, T Jr; FIV; five; five-day fever; five-finger; five-leaf; five-leafed; five-leaved; fiveling; fives; five year survival rate; FIV protease; fièvre boutonneuse; fix; fixation; fixational ocular movement; fixation disparity; fixation nystagmus; fixation, ocular; fixation reaction; fixative; fixatives; fixator; fixator muscle; fixed; fixed alkali; fixed alkaloid; fixed appliance; fixed bridge; fixed contracture; fixed coupling; fixed dressing; fixed drug eruption; fixed idea; fixed macrophage; fixed oil; fixed partial denture; fixed pupil; fixed-rate pacemaker; fixed rate pulse generator; fixed torticollis; fixed virus; fixgig; fixing; fixing eye; fk 33-824; FK506 methyltransferase; FK520 methyltransferase; fla 63; flabellate; flabellinerved; flabellum; flaccid; flaccid ectropion; flaccidity; flaccid membrane; flaccid paralysis; flaccid part of tympanic membrane; Flack, Martin; Flack's node; flag; flagella; flagellant; flagellar; flagellar agglutinin; flagellar antigen; flagellata; flagellate; flagellated; flagellate diarrhoea; flagellation; flagellator; flagelliform; flagellin; flagellin N-methylase; flagellosis; flagellum; flageolet; flag flap; flaggy; flag sign; flagworm; flail; flail chest; flail joint; flake; flam; flamboyer; flame; flame arc; flame emission spectrophotometry; flame figure; flame ionisation detector; flame ionization; flame retardants; flame spots; flaming; flamingo; flammable; flammable anaesthetic; flanel; flange; flange contour; flank; flank bone; flank incision; flanking region; flanking sequence; flank position; flap; flap amputation; flap gate; flapjack; flapless amputation; flap operation; flapper; flapping tremor; flare; flared teeth; flare streaming; flarimeter; flash; flashback; flash blindness; flashboard riser; flash burn; flash dispersal; flasher; flash evaporator; flashing; flashing pain syndrome; flash keratoconjunctivitis; flash method; flash point; flask; flask closure; flasking; flat; flat affect; Flatau, Edward; Flatau-Schilder disease; Flatau's law; flatbill; flat bone; flat chest; flat condyloma; flat feet; flatfish; flatfishes; flat flap; flatfoot; flat hand; flathead; flat papular syphilid; flat pelvis; flat plate; flat revertant; flatter; flat top waves; flatulence; flatulent; flatulent dyspepsia; flatus; flatus enema; flatus vaginalis; flat wart; flatworm; Flaujeac factor; flaunt; flavaniline; flavanone 7-O-beta-glucosyltransferase; flavanone synthetase; flavedo; flavianic acid; flavicomous; flavin; flavin adenine dinucleotide; flavin-containing monooxygenase-3; flavine; flavin-linked dehydrogenase; flavin mononucleotide; flavin mononucleotide reductase; flavin nucleotide; flaviviridae; flaviviridae infections; flavivirus; flavivirus infections; flavobacterium; Flavobacterium aquatile; Flavobacterium breve; Flavobacterium piscicida; flavodoxin; flavoenzyme; flavokinase; flavol; flavone; flavone 7-O-beta-glucosyltransferase; flavonoid 3',5'-hydroxylase; flavonoid 3'-monooxygenase; flavonoids; flavonol; flavonol 2'-O-glucosyltransferase; flavonol 3-O-glucosyltransferase; flavonol 3-sulfotransferase; flavonol 4'-sulfotransferase; flavonol synthase; flavoprotein; flavor; flavoring agents; flavouridin; flavoxate; flavoxate hydrochloride; flavus; flaw; flawter; flax; flax-dresser's disease; flax-plant; flaxseed; flaxseed oil; flaxweed; flay; flayer; flea; fleabane; flea-beetle; flea-bitten kidney; flea-borne typhus; flea-louse; fleam; fleas; fleawort; flecainide; flecainide acetate; Flechsig, Paul; Flechsig's areas; Flechsig's fasciculi; Flechsig's ground bundles; Flechsig's tract; fleck dystrophy of cornea; flecked retina; flecked retina syndrome; fleck retina of Kandori; flection; fleece; fleece worm; fleet; Flegel, H; Flegel's disease; flegmon;

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