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A bony defect is seen at the junction of the manubrium and sternum and although this may represent a metastasis, I am more inclined to suggest that it is a healing undisplaced fracture. The remainder of the sternum is unremarkable.


This examination demonstrates a healing fracture at the junction of the first and second sacral segments. No bone destruction is demonstrated to suggest that this is due to a metastasis. Mild degenerative changes are seen within both sacroiliac joints.

Edited Sample Report


Normal retrograde filling of the colon was observed.

The filled outline was normal and satisfactory evacuation of the enema occurred.

Edited Sample Report


Long-standing and severe degenerative changes are seen at both first metatarsal phalangeal joints which is slightly more pronounced on the left side when compared with the right. Significant spurs are seen extending dorsally from the distal shafts of both first metatarsals. All the regional bones are of normal density and no fracture or dislocation is observed.

Edited Sample Report


An ill-defined 1.0 mm bony fragment is seen on the dorsal aspect of the wrist which could represent a small avulsion fracture from either the capitate or lunate bone. No evidence of any joint disease is seen.

Edited Sample Report


Small patchy areas of pneumonitis are noted within the right middle lobe and the lingula. This is not associated with any pleural effusion or evidence of heart disease. Follow-up films are recommended.

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