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Medical Report Templates

The medical and business report templates listed below are for public use. Regarding the medical report templates, it should be mentioned that there are probably an infinite number of styles of reports depending upon their ultimate use and the personal preference of the dictating physician.

Please Note: These "Templates" must be modified to be used as templates in your particular word-processing program. Please refer to your program's "Help" guide to learn how to do this, rather than e-mailing questions to Medword. Thank you.

Medical Report Templates:

  1. Consultation Report - Template 1
  2. Consultation Report - Template 2
  3. Consultation Report - Template 3
  4. Consultation Report - Template 4
  5. Consultation Report - Template 5
  6. Consultation Letter - Pre-Op Surgical History Format - Template 6
  7. Orthopedic Assessment - Template 7

We would be happy to add to this list any report templates that may be useful to other transcriptionists. Please e-mail it/them to the Medword Webmaster using the form on the Medword page found HERE.

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